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Chapter Nine Session notes

Chapter 9 – Two for the beast and one for Monk

Sorceror, Barbarian, Fighter, Paladin, Cleric, Bard, Monk

We head away from the caves and back to Ballsags area to rest for the night.

+38g 64s is our share of the spoils.

I head back to the statues and step into the circle, and speak the Draconic words. For 24hrs I have advantage on stealth.

Despite my disastrous efforts last time, I try again my skills and like a ninja I disappear.

I look into the hole in the wall, but see nothing, and ask Monk to come and look with his candle. He sees nothing, but as we turn to go into the library room, he notices a chest that is illuminated by the candle, and it becomes substantial, revealing a ghostly chest. The chest contains three pouches and three potions and a statuette. Two potions are healing, one is climbing?

Copper, silver, gold and gemstones are in the pouches. The other pouch, magical, contained glittering dust.

Monk tries to take the chest, but it can’t be moved. So Bard has a dump in it. I also do so, as the bard says if we die, we get the last laugh, crapping in his hidey hole. Myself and the Bard then persuade the new caster, Fighter, to also shit in the box. He does not however, despite the silvery words of encouragement – slightly mitigated by my bright red arse squatting over nothing shitting on the feet of a statue.

Cleric and Fighter are in the library and they both find something of note, scroll and a book. Scroll is a Melfs Acid Arrow and the book is Draconic lore.

We open the stone door, led with the dirges of the bagpipes of the bard. Fighter and Paladin lead us down some stairs, all flagstones and proper dungeon 10’ paths. Long paths, still 10’ wide. The two front rankers keep an eye out, and see a wooden door of the left, and the corridor continues off into the darkness. Bard goes to the other door to listen, but hears nothing, and I watch the back.

Fighter opens the door with as little effort as possible, basically taking the door frame out at the same time.

Fungus on the ceiling illuminates a desk, and there are trees and bushes growing out of the earthen floor, in this room, along with another door. Candles on the table.

Monk finds some gold coins in the desks. Barbarian and Bard watching the door, while I watch the other direction, hidden like a ninja. Paladin checks the book, flicking to a new page, and suddenly icy runes flash, bursting into the whole room, even catching even those of us outside. The cleric instantly drops down, dying, and the rest in the room all take a massive cold snap to the face. Even myself and the Bard outside the room in the corridor are hit by the icy blast. *

Paladin heals the cleric, cleric heals himself, we take a short rest. To heal ourselves.

Barbarian has caltrop the other door, and held the door for an hour.

Bard attunes to the hankie, “yoo hoo sailor” will charm a male humanoid. Bard boots the door open in the room, and the majority of the party move into the room. Myself and Barbarian are at the other door


Bowstrings twang as arrows fly at the group that are in the room as they head towards the brambles.

Fighter is first and runs into the brambles, and comes across two goblins, and he cuts one, then second winds another strike into it, cutting it down.

Barbarian rages and attacks the door in front of us, beast mode enabled  to smash it to smithereens, and running into the battle. I start a fire, and the cleric runs in to attack. Hitting it. There are two goblins hiding in the brambles, drop weapons and attack with scimitars, and it seems that there are more bowmen in the background, shooting. It seems that the bowmen are nervous and are missing their targets.

The Monk runs deep into the brambles and spots some more goblins, hitting one, and Paladin tries to clear some brambles and then moves in to hit the goblins. The little bastards are hiding in the brambles.

Fighter cuts down another, and moves up. Barbarian smashes one next to him and as he is raging, the puny brambles do not bother him so he pushes forward.

I burn the one that the barbarian hit and it dies. Cleric moves up to attack as well.


4 goblins in a row, all drop bows, and draw swords. They seem to do far better than the front rank, as two of them hit both the Monk and the Fighter very hard in the nads.

The four goblins run away, but one is caught by the whispers of the bard, who simply falls over dead in the brambles. The brambles continue for ages – this looks like a collapsed cavern area, with a castle or keep covered in brambles within it.

The monk does not want to let his goblin escapes and so runs through the brambles at full speed to punch down one. Fighter moves forward and then casts a firebolt, just as the barbarian runs through the brambles and cuts it in half.

The last one I shoot with a firebolt, and it runs off as the cleric approaches. Monk runs through, but is attacked by bushes, nearly killing him.

He calls out for aid, but destroys both of them. Paladin runs forward is also attacked but kills it before it can attack him. Fighter chases the last goblin, but two more bushes are there blocking the path. Fighter kills one, one left. Barbarian runs after the goblin and absolutely aniliaties it. *


Suddenly the brambles erupt as 12 more of the creatures attack – 3 on each of Monk, Cleric, fighter, barbarian.

I burn one on the monk, and the monk is taken down, but the Cleric heals him. The Monk stands up and kills two of them around him. Barbarian is a frightening presences, and they are wheat beneath his sythe.

Yet more come – they are piling in. Again swarming those deeper in. Bard realizing that his spells relay too much on the creature having ears, slingshots a creature dead. I burn another on the cleric, and the cleric defends himself as two are still on him.

Barbarian urges us to push forward, killing another. We start thinning them out, and soon its all quiet.

Monk suggests to clear the brambles while the cleric does a ritual heal on the rest of the party. Myself and my new apprentice Fighter, burn a 10’ wide path all the way to the keep.

A skeletal white huge tree is in a courtyard up ahead, and there are some figures ahead.

A wall clearing about 20 feet high. Plants around and suspicious bushes. Beneath the fungal light is an evil looking tree. Little bushes are visible. Heavily armed man, female robed and middle aged man. The younger two are bark skinned and have black eyes.

“Stop! You know what you do. “

Paladin and Cleric recognize Sharwin, and the paladin Sar Brathad. The Cleric and the paladin try to talk, but it seems the girl is under the control of the tree and as the monk asks about apples, I shoot fire at the evil tree.

Bard steps up and shatters the area, catching the three and the tree. Cleric steps up and casts spiritual weapon on the druid, but misses.

Belarc steps behind the tree paladin and using a twig from his pocket, earthen roots erupt from the ground and capture myself and the Monk. The monk breaks free of his rooty grasp, and fighter casts chromatic orb which just as its about to hit, is deflected at the last moment by the tree paladin.

Bard is attacked by the little bushes, and then I sing “I want to break free” (3) and actually break free of my roots surprising myself. I would have been happy casting magic missile from my entrapment, but I was round a corner.

Barbarian chucks a hand axe at the bush, but misses, and bard Thunderwaves four of the twig creatures to bits, before running off screaming and hiding behind the wall.

Scroll of guiding bolt from the cleric, but misses sadly. Paladin up and hits the Druid who has moved forwards, and divine smites him as well, smashing him with divine fury. Harry potter magic missiles the druid, but he still stands.

Two trees try to get the paladin, but the cleric drops one, and the tree twigs the paladin in the back.

“I unleash firey hell” as I firebolt the druid then quickened scorching ray to finish, which is almost entirely splash damage, as I miss with two if the three rays and fire from the bolt was minimal - but the druid drops so I celebrate like I killed him all myself then run off to hide behind the wall with the bard. Suddenly from the water behind the tree, a massive frog appears heading straight for the Paladin.

The tree paladin and the paladin fight, and the tree paladin does a dirty trick and smashes the paladins sword. Barbarian runs up and javels the tree paladin.

Bard dissonant whispers the frog, but fails. Cleric spell hits but is weak, and monk runs from the side to flurry the paladin in the back. Knocking him prone. Fighter runs up and batters him while he is down.

Tree paladin attacks paladin, I pop up burn the frog a little and pop back. The mage woman moves up to shoot me with a frost bolt and I respond with a “booyakasha bitch!” and hellish rebuke her. She saves thankfully, as we are supposed to keep her alive, although they forget to mention that bit as she is technically a tree zombie mage. There was some discussion about who we are supposed to keep alive, and it turns out the paladin was a family friend and protector of the brother and sister, but the fact that he has no reward money tied to him makes most of the people shrug their shoulders when it comes to discussing whether to keep him alive. Using the Paladin as a yardstick of what to do in this tricky social interactions is useless as he is crying with impotent rage about his broken sword.  

The frog grabs and bites the monk, the barbarian is frenzied, eyes mad, and puts the argument about the paladin to rest by simply charging in and chops the head of the tree paladin off to the gasps from the paladin and cleric, and then runs forward and chops the frog as well. Bard moves towards the female mage, tries to magically whisper her, and when this fails, calls her a slut.

Paladin drops his shield and broken sword and pulls out a club runs forward and smashes the woman to the floor.

Fighter chops down the frog. And then two for the beast and one for Monk as I fire magic missile into the twig monster and one accidently into the monk, knocking him down unconscious.

Kill tree
Find that the Monk doesn’t actually need apples for anything other than making a pie
Give restorative apple to lady so she doesn’t die, as apparently, killing the tree will kill her.
Search everywhere multiple times
Go back to town




Speed = 0, dis on dex, dis on attacks, advantage to be attacked.


* Cleric took 33 damage, the rest in the room took 16 damage.

* (natural 20, 6d6 damage)

(3) I sung this out loud



The Party

Humble Narrator and sorcerer - Solomun "Major" Tunde

Fighter - Abraham "Cut throat" Williams

Barbarian - Kal-El

Paladin - Ser Guildan

Cleric - ST Vincent

Rogue - Fiddler Topov

Bard - Bags

Monk - Char Siu Bao


and other supporting cast members