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Chapter Eight Session notes

Chapter 8 – Rock Lobster

With the rest of the party of scouting, another path, it’s just myself, Bags, Ser Guildan, Char Siu bao and Kal-El. Bags and Car Siu have also improved in experience overnight, so have new skills or spells to show off.

We have not been to a few areas, a collapsed tunnel and a door from the main room. We start of in the collapsed tunnel, and in single file, we move down with the Bard in front, checking ahead, but he seems to be not very quiet about it.

The corridor starts to widen, and there is a worked stone passage that leads off.

Sadly this seems to lead back to the area we started, the other unexplored door.

Some searching, but creatures have passed through, likely bugbears, and heading deeper into the natural corridor.

The bard continues his most excellent scouting abilities, by making even more noise than it was thought possible (natural 1) and after telling us all to be quiet when it was indeed his own bagpipes making the racket, we continue.

A cavern appears to open up ahead, with a dim glow of fire – perhaps a torch or campfire. There is another side passage as well. Bard checking for traps with the Barbarian, but things, according to the Barbarian, don’t look all that brilliant as he backs slowly away (2 and 4 with advantage)

He opens the door and stands there proud of himself.

Faded mosaic tiles are on the walls, and scattered on the floor. Pedestal of a dragon in the room, with a tray in its mouth. With nothing obvious for us to put on the tray, we decide to look to the cavern instead, and check that before returning to this room.

Trying to get the Monk to leave his candle behind so we don’t get spotted turns into an argument and causes the Monk to storm off and into the room on his own.

Lights are coming out of holes in the walls, swiss cheese like, with heat emanating from them – perhaps lava somewhere beneath?

Bard drops a caltrop down the hole, watches it bounce and skitter round the corner and then suddenly a fire creature appears from the hole he is next too. A fight! Bard attacks first, with the classic “…I want to touch your hot willy”

The creature takes offense at this and touches the Bards bottom with pointy burny fingers, and chases his as he runs off. It’s a snake long creature that’s the size of the Barbarian, but could be at least 10 feet long.  More attacks on the Bard, but miss. The light has gone dim in one section, but there are more light areas meaning more creatures….

The Bard inspires himself to do better,  and the Paladin misses his attack. The Monk stabs the creature in the back, and splashes fire back on him. Barbarian attacks with a hand axe and misses. I shoot one on the face with a Ray of Frost and it doesn’t look pleased.

Another beast appears next to Chris, but misses him. Hunters Mark from the Paladin. The Monk hits again with the sword. Gets burnt, and then punches it getting burnt again.

Barbarian rages and runs in and misses, and I shoot it again with a Ray of Frost and then quicken a Magic Missile and it explodes in a firey burst. Huzzah! I then run away into the darker area.

The one that hit Barbarian earlier, strikes again and hits him, then Paladin twats the creature hard, but is burnt in return. Barbarian hits, reckless and does a big hit, again burnt.

I miss, then the creature attacks Barbarian again, more burning. Paladin hits another might strike, but knows that the creature is taking less damage, resistant somehow.

Monk is throwing darts, hits, Barbarian recklessly misses, I shoot it square in the face with a bolt of frost and then hide again behind the Bard. The creature is surrounded by people so cannot come and chase me down, and rounds on the Barbarian. Paladin hits again, another massive hit, but  again is burnt. The Bard slingshots the creature from afar. Monk dart in the eye, drops the creature to the floor….

The party apart from me are all burnt and beaten, the barbarian almost dead on his feet.

We are back in the dragon tray room. Looking at it and around the dragon. The Bard gives the statue a thorough going over and finds nothing. Barbarian searches the walls, finds nothing. Monk puts the candle on the tray, and Barbarian puts a jagged fang on it and nothing happens.

I listen to the Paladin and Bard discuss the tracks and when they ask me to check, I emulate their posture and the words they used to repeat back what they said.

Mage hand from the bard to open the door, and we appear back in Ballsag area, where the two female bugbears are.

We head back to Bellac, meeting Ballsag along the way. Monk asks about the magic apples. Ballsag, basically ignores the monk and moves on, but we don’t know what he was doing in that area.

The door is locked, and none of us has the strength to batter the door down, then I notice something about the wall, that a tile is odd, and Paladin looks to see that it opens up

Let the sorcerous power dim my spirit.

Well apparently, that makes me stealthy, and I regale them with this information in a long drawn out way as I slowly walk round the statue before I stop talking mid way through the conversation while stopping to hide  (advantage rolls 4 and 7, pathetic)

Barbarian comes and finds me, quite easily somehow.  I try and see if I can help Bard get the same special ninja skills, and walk behind the statue again, (stealth rolls 2,3)

We go back to Ballsag to see if he has taken anything, and after his finders keepers  routine, he admits that amongst some gold there was some potions which turn out to be alchemist fire.

We heads back to the tray statue and think about putting the alchemist fire into the tray, find nothing, and I say that I will check the walls, before stepping behind the tray statue and attempting to hide again (3,7)

We head back to the locked door, gathering tinder and firewood and then set fire to the door, which eventually barbarian kicks in.

The room is full of broken bookcases and scattered books, and as we search about, Barbarian finds a nice scroll, which turns out to be Scorching Ray, which is nice.

The door is stone, and we are not getting through it. We head back to the place where Ballsag said not to go, to look at the bees as big as rats. I stealth, along, hiding in the middle of the pack, one with nature as I am unobserved by all (4,5)

Paladin comes across a stone bridge, slick with wet, that spans a pool of river 15’ -20’ below, there is a body on a ledge below. Monk goes down the rope and checks the body, which is skeletal, covered in leather, and sitting on a pole. Something then slaps him from a rock,

Bard tries something but fails, and I shoot a firebolt at it, and it attacks the Monk again, acid attacks biting badly. Monk punches it, and then hits with another few strikes, all delivered expertly.

Paladin goes down to help, and I shoot the creature, killing it with a firebolt. Huzzah!

Suddenly, the wall behind me lashes out, but misses. Bard is the only one that sees this, and I move back into the tunnel and shoot it, and barbarian hits the creature with his sword, but his sword is covered in acidic goo, damaging it. Its hitting Barbarian hard, and he contemplates leaping off the side, but stays long enough for me to shocking grasp it to death. Paladin and Monk check the pool and skeleton, and not caring what anyone thinks crawl across the slippery bridge on all fours.

Barbarian helps paladin and monk across, and we continue down the corridor, were it widens out. We continue on this path for a good 40 mins, and as Ballsag said, we now enter a huge cavern area, a chittering noise can be heard. There is another corpse, 30 feet of to the left deeper into the cavern.

I get to the corpse, sneaky sneaky, but get a bad feeling, and so start to run. Then something grabs me……

Being grappled, by something that is like half life, a tongue. I panic and let loose with a massive explosion of fire – I checked to see if I could spy what had grabbed me, but could see nothing, so let loose with a scorching ray directly into the tongue or limb that has me grabbed. It frees me and I run away. *

Bard leads us back out again, ready to look for the beast that attacked me, while the corpse is looked at by the Monk. A surprisingly well looked after hankie is found within the folds of the worn cloak.

Back exploring, We hug the wall, continuing onwards and find another exit, and move into that. The connecting corridor is larger and wider and goes into another large cavern.

We back off though, deciding its best to have a short rest to make sure we are not attacked from behind.

Checking the new items, The fishing rod can be used as a 10’ pole and can be used to aid survival checks and the hankie aid charisma checks if waved `round in a foppish manner.


Played 31st June 2019


Phil = Bags

* DM tells me I was a strength roll away from likely death, and seeing as how I am minus 1 to strength checks, it’s a good job I went into panic mode.



The Party

Humble Narrator and sorcerer - Solomun "Major" Tunde

Fighter - Abraham "Cut throat" Williams

Barbarian - Kal-El

Paladin - Ser Guildan

Cleric - ST Vincent

Rogue - Fiddler Topov

Bard - Bags

Monk - Char Siu Bao


and other supporting cast members