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Chapter Seven Session notes

Chapter 7 – this is the end, my dear old friend the end.

Outside the room. Everyone is here.

Dragon carved granite blocks make up the room. The dragon statue eyes sockets are empty, but a red glow light the room.

Scout goes in, and dances, then starts to check the area, while Cleric detects magic. The rogue notices that the light is dimmer, and quickly runs back to us, still outside.

Monk walks in, and its getting darker and darker, and even blindsight is affected. He goes further and it is really dark.

Magic emanates from the dark circle before the statue.

We all go in, the darkness is oppressive, and whispers start. Around the circle, 4 hazy figures. We get closer, it continues to get darker, the figures look like statues, and facing away from us. we cannot see the statue, but can see the eyes.

It is now totally dark beyond the range of the monks candle, even to those of us with darkvision. The monk checks for traps, the door is locked, and the rogue steps up to frighten the monk before attempting to open the door.

We are all cramped into an area around the Monk, and then the shadows attack…I am missed, and barbarian hit. Bard casts faire fire, and blasts the area with luminous blue outlined, targeting the barbarian, but getting others instead. Sadly no creatures where illuminated .

A creature is momentarily revealed* Cleric heals the barbarian. Fighter hits the creature, and then strikes again. I hit the creature with Chill touch, but its still up, and I have no were else to run, so stay were I am, trying not to look like a target.

Rogue trying to open lock, but its not working, Barbarain wakes up and crashes into the shadow he cant see and is pulled up short. The Cleric turns undead and the shadow screams.

The fight is not going well as no one can see, the creature has been taken hits and is still up.

The Bard careless whispers into the creature and it screams more, but then disappears.

Fighter is attacked badly, cleric casts a spell to know the location of the undead, and its currently behind barbarian. Fighter strikes back at the creature, and I move away to get closer to the light.

Rogue runs into the door, and then disappears, barbarian runs off down the corridor, probably into the frightened shadow.

Cleric heals me as I am the only one around, and so reluctantly heals me. I notice this, but bask in the healing regardless. Monk moves up and lights the area, and attacks, but misses. Fighter hits it once as the creature moves away,

The creature circles round and attacks me from behind, thankfully the healing from last round means I am still standing, but very very weak.

Cleric, casts hunters mark, doing extra damage, and can see the creature with his previous cleric intuitions. He steps up and twats it hard, but its still near me .

Fighter runs towards the cleric, attacks the area, and hits the cleric while swinging widely to get the creature. I hit with a Chill touch again, and then the Rogue shoots and hits with a sneak attack, but the thing still stands!

Barbarian moves out into the other room, leaving us all, and the cleric randomly heals a person in front of them, which happens to be me.

Monk runs back to me and ligts us all up, but still cannot see the creature. Monk stands in the circle while trying to light the shadow, and the statues turn into Dragonkin, who have sludge coming from their hands, The bard, careless whispers the creature, and then moves off “…just checking on the barbarian!”

The shadow strikes the fighter, who drops to the floor nearly dying, but staggers up with orcish vigor. The Cleric hits the creature now its in the light, and finally the creature is dead.

Guildan stays still, fighter leaves, I disengage and quicken a Scorching ray but only hit once.

Monk is hit once, and then the paladin is struck badly. Another strikes the cleric, the rogue moves away and shoots one in the back, then hides, cleric casts spiritual weapon and hits the one nearest the paladin. The monk hits the same one.

Bard leaves, cleric drops his weapon, I miss poorly and scamper off into the darkness.

Monk is hit and suddenly turned into a statue. A creature appears in silhouette near the rogue, so he sneaks off with the rest of us.

The paladin and the monk are left, with the cleric a short way away, and behold the rays of Jesus, as sacred flame for once works as intended.

Monk drops his weapon and flails away, and he is then petrified in a weird position. Paladin starts to run, and I am gone, joining the other area that is better lit.

One of the creatures appears next to the Cleric, silhouetted in the light and is struck with a spiritual hammer

Soon both the cleric and paladin have left the area and are back in the dimly lit area of the fungus.

We mourn the loss of the monk* and rest the night, and hearing the cumbyahs from the rest of  is reunited with us.

Next day

We are going back. All turtled up and ready for action. Room is empty,  room is darker, statues start to slowly fade into view.

We carry on turtling into the room, and my plan to keep me safe has me up against the wall and in the prime position. Then the shadow attacks, but thankfully misses the bard.

Fighter attacks and hits, and the creature attacks the bard, hitting him.

The creature moves, and is revealed by the paladin skill, but he moves it away before he gets a chance. The monk moves towards the last known position, and then the paladin moves up and whacks it again. I was waiting with a scorching ray and hit with all three bolts, and hurt it badly.

Things are that bad, that the bard draws a dagger, barbarian walks round with a javelin ready, and the monk moves away from the party.

The rogue moves in the darkness and is struck, I back off and ready an action, cleric doesn’t smash the door down, then fighter steps up and he doesn’t crash into it,

Cleric has the candle and heads towards it, but it moves away. Bard takes the candle, and still sees nothing. The barbarian then takes the candle to move forward, and as he moves into the area, he illuminates the shadow, meaning myself and the bard finish off the shadow with burning and cries of your mum.

The cleric heals the party members that were injured.

Monk, fighter, paladin went to pull over the first statue, and then begin to animate……

Bard is the quickest, and lights up all the four statues like a boss. Monk disengages, and drops the candle, and fighter attacks. The cleric picks up the candle and casts a spiritual weapon to whack it.

Rogue misses. I unleash a scorching ray and explode it in a fiery mess. Paladin hits, but then the cleric is struck and freezes in place, fighter is hit as well, but does not freeze up. The paladin is missed.

The bard careless whispers one, and it moves away from him, and as it moves away, and the paladin whacks it, killing it.

Monk moves in and punches it repeatedly, until it explodes into dust. The other statue is in the darkness, until the fighter takes the candle and reveals its whereabouts. The Cleric solidifies, and becomes a statue.

Let the sorcerer power darken my spirit. Written in draconic. Around the raised platform.

Fighter, paladin and barbarian drag the cleric back to the bottom of the vine area and paladin climbs up to ask for help from the goblin  lady above. She says if it was the dragon statue, then all would be fine the next day.

We rest.


  • Hellish rebuked, but my card says I could hit anything, but its actually says you have to see.
  • Monk loses his chance.

Played 19th may 2019




The Party

Humble Narrator and sorcerer - Solomun "Major" Tunde

Fighter - Abraham "Cut throat" Williams

Barbarian - Kal-El

Paladin - Ser Guildan

Cleric - ST Vincent

Rogue - Fiddler Topov

Bard - Bags

Monk - Char Siu Bao


and other supporting cast members