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Chapter Six session notes

Day Three 4pm ish

We stand above the hole, Guildan looking for his sword he threw down, the rest of us watching the burning hobgoblin chief below.

Purple light faint at the bottom, probably 100 feet deep, inside of the pit is vines, covering the whole of the inside.

Rogue spots and disarms trap on chest, but fails to open it,

The old goblin woman appears, and tells us that Belac is the druid grows mushrooms. Watch out for the hunter, bugbear, balsag. We are advised not to kill the women. Balsag was the one that captured the Dragon.

She invites us to look at her store for any equipment as we have kept our end of the bargin. We walk back through the goblin area, lots of goblins about.

With a nod to the bard, we pull out our instruments and begin to play. Bard excels and begins to play an old Goblin hero song. I am not so good however.

We raid the stores, and as we are taking too long and Guildan wants his weapon, they head off without us. Guildan heads down first followed by Cleric.

He is attacked as he goes down, the little imp thing, they are both on the vines.

Guildan swipes out with a dagger, so the imp attacks the cleric, and swipes, catching him badly. They both climb out.

We finally catch up to them after wondering where they went and we begin to go down again, watching Guildan go down the hole, nothing attacks him as we watch over him.

Chilly and decay, earth and vegetation on the floor. Mushrooms around. The room is about 60’ square. Part of the wall has collapsed to the north and two doors lead from the chamber. There are a few robed figures moving in the area with a wheel barrow. They pay him no attention as he climbs down to the floor.

Bard is struck as the creature appears as he and the rogue climb down the well.

I shoot it with magic missile, then it strikes Bard again, who stumbles, but then expertly manages to keep hold despite being poisoned. Bard hits it with vicious mockery and it pops in oily smoke and disappear.

Cleric climbs up to feed the bard a potion, like a hero, and the bard feels better. They both climb down ok.

Three taken down, boy killed by the chief. Girl and paladin still alive of the three captured.

Gold ring  - Talgins signet ring
Splitmail - has a crest on it – it’s the family crest HuCrill
Vial of antitoxin

As Kale-el is exhausted, he stays at the top of the well, while the rest of us go and sleep in the mushroom patch.

With the bard aclimbing down the well
The creature came a calling
The red devil shoots it clean
But it was my cussing that killed the demon

Diddly diddly diddly dee my cussing that killed the demon.

Sung in a Cornish accent.

Rogue climbs up the wall with the key and with kalel, opens the chest. It contains gold, 2 onyx gems as well.

Me and Fighter on watch, when I am shot from the darkness and downed instantly. Fighter is hit hard. He gets up to move towards me, and then drops as another arrow hits him. He is made of sturdy stock however, and stays conscious, calling out to wake the others.

I manage to wake myself up (20 on a death save) and the arrows stop as the party wakes up. Bard watches out to the opening, and waits for enemies to appear, while rogue is crawling around the floor, before getting up and running.

Paladin heals the fighter, cleric casts light on his crossbow bolt and moves. The fighter moves up to the wall, and is attacked by a plant, which stabs him with some prickly vines. He retaliates and smashes the bush.

I quicken an invisibility and drink a potion to get myself healed a little and move away from the area of bright light.

Fighter is swarmed by the skeleton gardeners that had previously ignored us, all trying to pound him to the ground. The light from the crossbow breaks on the far wall, but he didn’t see anything.

Fighter gets one of the skeletons around him as he is still in a bad way, then I move round to help and from my invisible vantage blast the skeleton to pieces. The cleric fights off a bush, and then the mighty sorcerer, me and the bard, kill off the last two skeletons.

Rogue kills a bush creature, then its all quiet. Its still something around, and we slowly retreat up the vines, and all get some sleep.

Day five

Up and ready, and all climbing down together…… we appear into the room, I am shot and fall to the floor, dying, and Barbarian was shot badly as well. Cleric drops to get to me, bard drops and rogue runs down to the corner quickly followed by the rest of us.

I make the rogue invisible, and he goes in and scouts. Some weapons on a rack, and some bedding,

Rogue exploring with invisibility, he is gone for a long while, through windy single width passages, that take him to another cave that has a natural bridge over black water, with stalagmites from the ceiling. Myself and Fighter search the walls for secret walls, find nothing.

Rogue comes back and then checks the door, and we decide to go through that, leaving the long corridor to be watched by the invisible rogue for the time being.

The corridor shows an open door and more dragon pillars are covered in luminosity fungus, cobble floors and loads of tables, containing bowls and tools. Three doors, all partly open.

Guildan hears snoring, I get the others and we find quite a few rooms that hold goblins. Either sleeping or working on weapons and we are debating whether to murder them all.

Rogue decides to ask if they are part of Grennel’s tribe, and tells them that they should evacuate the area, being diplomatic as I for one am not happy at being shot and left for dying twice in quick succession.

Rogue finishes talking to them, and they wake the sleeping ones,  and all gather together and evacuate the goblins upstairs.

Rogue opens the door that leads to the bugbear women, that has more goblins nearby , more moss, and bas relief carvings on the walls, dragons raining fire on terrified people. More fungus growing, and a table with gardening implement. There is a figure scything grass, which is a bugbear, after some brief words, she is edging away, and runs, we chase after a quick minute debate on the ethicalness of it all.

Fighter pushes one the door, pushing her back. More discussions, Rogue making sure that she survives, she moves to another door and contacts the other female to talk to balsag to get him to stop. They move back to the entrance.

Balsag eventually comes, has four large rats and a large imposing figure, wearing antlers with large horns

More discussions, both Rogue and Barbarian and once an agreement has been made, Bard starts a celebratory bagpipes song.

The trees within the ruined walls are were belac is, the terrain will be hard due to spiky plants.

Moving through, we hit a door that Rogue cannot pick. Everyone steps up to kick at the door, but it falls to little old me to actually boot it through, which helps me to mitigate the anger I feel at being shot.

Bard mentions that5 we could have done things better, and decides he will compose a song, the ballad of the treacherous tiefling

Guildan and Fighter are hit as the skeletons swarm in, and I hit one hard blasting it away as I then step away to let the others pass through. I am angry not stupid I tell bard.

Cleric in and twats one down, Barbarian javels one but misses. The bard and everyone else quickly destroy the skeletons, but the fight is noteworthy for the bards first use of a weapon, a sling, that whistles widely over head.

The rogue opens the door, and sees another room that has a red glow, dragon carved granite blocks, with a red dragon statue. 5 floor dark stone in front of the statue,


Played: 24th March 2019



The Party

Humble Narrator and sorcerer - Solomun "Major" Tunde

Fighter - Abraham "Cut throat" Williams

Barbarian - Kal-El

Paladin - Ser Guildan

Cleric - ST Vincent

Rogue - Fiddler Topov

Bard - Miley Cirus

Monk - Char Siu Bao


and other supporting cast members