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Chapter Five session notes

Day three 2pm

Clearing the goblins, they are searched and then thrown down the pit. We retreat back all the way to the kobolds as we are all battered, depleted of spells.

With barricades torn down and or burnt, as well as their forces depleted we hope that’s enough to give them pause

Bard and Barbarian feed the dragon, but as they open the door, a pile of rats swarm out and Barbarian and Bard are instantly downed. Bard in a bad way, almost dying and while I try to help, Paladin stabilises him though.

The bard levels, while unconscious, and with no spells left, we move the Bard to a safe place and Kal-EL is cradling the stricken Bard, everyone is really battered.

We spend the rest of the day and night by the fire, and wake refreshed.

Frontline Bard, Paladin
Cleric Me
Monk Barbarian

And back we march….cheerio but be back soon….

Back to the initial barricade and caltrop area, and then mimics the Rogue and hides into the shadows and moves ahead of us…..looking back at us and beckoning us and as he peers round the corner, he see’s a wizened woman who slaps him as he shouts ‘bitch’ and he is nearly dead as he gets a whooping upside his head. There was also a larger, much larger goblin behind her.

Bard steps round the corner and thunderwaves the large goblin, and shouts out to us that he has been attacked. The wave blasts the goblin away, giving time for frontline Bard to run away safely.

The rest of us all hear this and as I am first to react, but hold my action. Bard reaches us and gets to safety, and Monk moves forward. Cleric heals Bard, Paladin has run forward, closely followed by the Barbarian and Monk.

Monk is the first round the corner, but does nothing but illuminate the front rank. Paladin moves deeper in, sees the bitch and large goblin, and as Guildan gets close, she grabs his nadges and Paladin drops dead*

Barbarian has run in, and the large goblin, wearing chainmail and wielding sword and it and then Barbarian subsequent attack both miss each other.

I cant get round the corner, so stay on overwatch., while Bard moves round and cast Dissonant whispers on the large goblin, which to the surprise of everyone, including the Bard, falls dead.

Monk up and runs in, patient defence to help him,  but out of the darkness, he is shot twice.

Cleric moves into the corridor of restricted movement, and Barbarian runs in and gets shot by some goblins, and they club

“I cannot see you, but I know you need me and my thoughts are with you, as the sounds of battle are quite terrifying” bardic inspiration from Bard.

Monk punches the big dude, lighting just the first few in his view range, and then the goblins attack Barbarian, who drops. Monk is shot, but still up. The Cleric moves in and heals the barbarian so he stands up and he starts dodging.

I move round the corner and Sleep the back three goblin archers, and Bard mocks the goblin fighting the barbarian,

Rogue arrives.

A goblin runs in and wakes up one of the goblins, and the big goblin smashes mightily into the floor, dying.

Cleric heals the monk, and then barbarian takes out the big goblin, then I sleep the 4 that were up, totalling 6 if anyone is counting.

Monk kills one and punches another, who wakes up, and then backs up and wakes up another.

Cleric sacred flames one of the ones awake, but misses, and barbarian attacks and batters some sleeping goblins, and he says more goblins and a large one is round the corner.

Barbarian backs off, and Rogue appears, running round the corner and shoots a sleeping lad, killing it.

Bard finds that he has to take the cellophane wrapper off his sword to attack the sleeping things.

Cleric wakes up a sleeping goblin with a sacred flame, and Barbarian javels him dead.

Monk finally kills the last sleeping goblin. All is quiet.

Paladin is alive now, but weak.

Monk was waiting for someone to appear, but steps aside as ROGUE moves past him and looks into the corridor, finds nothing.

We move into the large hazy room, with torches that splutter, and we go into the dragon room, to check to make sure that no one is behind us.

We move to the next door, rogue checks the door, and nothing is there, cleric walks off in front and checks but finds nothing corridor continues onwards. Rogue up to check and the gnome lady wizard seems to kill a hobgoblin, and she raises her hands to rogue, who runs away. Wizard lady looks puzzled and wants to talk.

We go back to the dragon room to talk.

Parley, she wants us to leave the goblins alone, she does not want us to kill and wipe out the tribe due to Dern the Hobgoblin chief orders.

She has the information we need about the missing humans, the monk fruit, and after switching to Elvish to discuss things in front of her, we agree,

She says we are quite easy to spot, and we make a lot of noise. Bard says, are you sure that the noise did not make you give up?

She gives us information. Room has a well that they will try and knock you down. Watch out for the well. Chest of treasure is trapped.

Humans are alive, two of them, holy warrior and the girl. Durn killed one of them, the young human.

We move back, there is no retreat, and we have a short rest……

Some of the more interesting party members gain in power, while others glare with undisguised jealousy

We prepare to move on to fight the boss.

You’re a spiteful horrible wood elf, that’s why no one heals you. Bardic advice to the Rogue.

We move on, Rogue up ahead, scouting. Looking for traps as well, he comes back, we go in and paladin kicks the door in and we rush in.

The room is domed, and there is a massive well surrounded by a knee high wall.

It seems we have surprised them. Monk waits, cleric shoots, but misses, Paladin vow of enmity the closest, barbarian waits,

Bard mocks the leader, and then I move up and quickened scorching ray and a firebolt to get the leader, hitting him only once with the ray.

One steps out, and is shot and stabbed, but no one hurts it. It then grapples Paladin to try and drag him off* but fails.

Cleric up and drops his weapon. Barbarian grabs the hobgoblin to try and drag him into the corridor. Rogue aids the barbarian, and the bard mocks the first one

barbarian grapples the hobgoblin and drags him down the corridor. I magic missile him and barbarian javels it in the throat, killing it. Bard casts sleep, sadly not very effective. I wait with firebolt, as I can see nothing,

Hobgoblin steps in, tries to grapple Paladin, but fails, cleric steps up and inflicts critical wounds , missing the hobgoblin and narrowly missing the paladin.

Barbarian raging and frenzying, cuts the hobgoblin in half and moves into the room, spotting the last hobgoblin and the chieftain. Bard runs up to the door, says nope and runs back.

Rogue runs in and hides, while, I run in and scorching ray the chieftain, who catches fire and then promptly falls into the pit. Ooopps.

The last hobgoblin attacks the barbarian, hitting him, and cleric runs in and burns the plant, which writhes in holy flame and dies screaming next to the rogue.

Barbarian absolutely smashes the hobgoblin down. All is quiet.






  • Paladin took 36 damage and died instantly.
  • He was actually dragged off, but Rogue reminded him he had +2, so that was enough to save him.

The Party

Humble Narrator and sorcerer - Solomun "Major" Tunde

Fighter - Abraham "Cut throat" Williams

Barbarian - Kal-El

Paladin - Ser Guildan

Cleric - ST Vincent

Rogue - Fiddler Topov

Bard - Miley Cirus

Monk - Char Siu Bao


and other supporting cast members