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Chapter Four session notes

Day 3, morning.

Taking Dragon back. The Dragon is put on a door to carry, and Barbarian and Paladin lift it up ready to head out.

Paladin has gone to get a door, and finds the dragon nest, which has some goodies in it. Some coin and a box and a scroll.

Thief checks the traps on the box, and finds it contains 8 beads. Rather than search for more stuff, we head out, and will come back later. Rogue leads, and the dragon bearers follow behind.

We get to the kobold area, they are quite eunthusiatstic to see us and meepo is lapping up the crowd.

Ustral sees us and seems quite impressed with our efforts. She thanks us for the dragon and also for rescuing some of the tribe. We are to get the key, and another item of value.

I ask if they intend harm, but it appears that they worship it. Out of the items, we take an elixer that can heal blindness and deafness. Which is handy.

We take a short rest.

Sadly the beads are not suppository beads of hamster summoning.

We start on back towards the main door that we believe will be unlocked with the key we got from the kobolds.

A stone door with a roaring dragon and the keyhole. Rogue ignores the handy key we have and tries to open it on his own. A good attempt, but it fails. Barbarian hands the key to Paladin, and he opens it with a click.

He pushes open the door, dusty inside. A tinkling noise is heard. There are alcoves with globes on pedistal. One is glowing and that’s were the tinkling is coming from .

While I try and accompy the notes, but am not up top the task, but Bard, with his bagpipes, starts a lovely rendition of when the saints go marching in.

Monk mentions that this is not the way that the children would have gone, but Cleric points out that this may be a shortcut, which is acceptable.

Most of the party have wandered in, while myself and the gnome cleric watch the rear. Bard mentions that the door may close and there is no door handle on the inside, so Rogue uses some pitons to jam it open.

Rogue while searching knocks over one of the non glowing, while Barbarian starts to sweep up.

Rogue moves to the orb, it starts playing a song, and half the party start to walk slowly towards the back wall.

They open the door and Fighter trying to block it and moves into the corridor, and then the crossbow bolts fly into them. Luckily, the ledge legend is not in the corridor. Fighter is hit hard, and drops to the floor, dying.

Those hit, Monk comes out of his stupor, Barbarian runs out of the corridor, and Rogue awakens. Cleric has advanced on the orb to attack it.

Bard uses a slingshot to hit me in the back of the head quite hard, but this brings me out of my trance and I look around as Barbarian is running back in.

Cleric hits the orb and it cracks but the song gets louder and we all get charmed again…..and I walk into the room and get shot. Somehow I survive, while Rogue is shot to pieces at my feet.

I come round, and drag Rogue out, then give him a potion to heal him. Cleric Smashes the orb and thankfully Barbarian snaps out of it. Everyone is wounded and looking at the ominous corridor.

Everyone is looking expectantly at Rogue, who is pretending to be dead. He eventually moves in, but cant see the cause of the trap.

Bard is helping Rogue with the trap detecting,, and they both gingerly step into the corridor, and the help from Bard, along with bardic inspiration, spot the trap. Bard leaves quickly now that his services are no longer required, and leaving Rogue alone, he successfully spots the trap and knows what he needs to do to disarm the trap. He uses pitons and its marked and now usless.

Paladin steps up to the door, goes to open it, and gets chopped up by a sword that swings in the doorway. Rogue again is on hand with his pitons and jams the mechanism so it wont get anyone else.

There is a dragon statue that is 10’ tall at the end of the far end. Marble with red veins. Rogue is time wasting so phil walks up and the dragon statue shimmers a:nd says:

“We come at night without being fethced we dissapear by day without being stolen”. Cleric immediately says stars, and the dragon returns to normal and suddently runes appear on the walls and form an arch way that a door appears in and opens.

David steps up to the archway. The runes read in Draconic about a Dragon Priest being a live or in power, so we suspect undead may be at large inside.

Another corridor is beyond, 6 alcoves with elvish statues, and a green  glow at the end. There is a pit on the floor as well.

Monk goes forward, his candle in hand and wallks uop ignoring the alcoves and walsks up to the pit.

Myself, Barbarian and Bard check over the first and find nothing.

Monk and Fighter are in the pit, and as Monk goes to get out, something appears in the pit and and slashes out at him, he hits hard enough to drop…staright onto the spikes which impale hims on the stakes.

Rogue, is the only one to see the imp, and knocks his bow, only to drop his bow.

Fighter stabilizes the monk, and we are on watch looking out for the imp.

Stone block is magical, and has a lid. Sarcophigus?

Fighter and Monk are climbing up the pit as chris leaps across the pit. Barbarian draws his sword, to see tiles broken across the walls. Torch sconces on walls, one alight with flame. A marble sarcophagus is in the centre 9 feet long. Dragons head on the lid. Iron clasps on the sides.

Myself and Bard gingerly drop into the pit and climb up, while. Rogue and Cleric leap it, Rogue just making it.

We are all in the room, and something bad is going to happen…

Everyone darts in and breaks a clasp off and back out again….when the last one goes, the green torch goes out……

Fighter Paladin and Barbarian all open the sarphoigus, and suddenly a blinding light erupts and blinds half the party.

Me, Paladin, Fighter and Rogue are ok, while Bard, Barbarian Cleric and Monk are blind.

Paladin and Fighter at the coffin dressed in rotted finery is a troll. Its beady eyes open….
Fighter is ready, but it unmans him, and he misses as the troll gets up.

The troll is shot by Rogue, and I hit it with fire, and that’s when it turns on me. It powers through and takes me out with a single swipe. Paladin hits It in the back. Monk blind backs up and is defensive, while Fighter is slashing it as well.

Bard lets loose with with a Thunderwave spell, hits kon and the troll. Rogue drops his crossbow to draw a rapier, and disengages away, hiding behind.

Cleric gets the potion ready, while Fighter keeps whacking away at the troll. Bard laucnches a wave of thunder again and baslts it away – Fighter is smashed into the wall, knocking him out, while the troll into the pit. It climbs out and attacks phil, downing him instantly.

The troll is looking battered, and Paladin steps up and gives it a solid whack, basically impaling it through the heart. Barbarian’s vision clears, and he runs in to attack…raging,, sadly missing.

Cleric can see again, and drinks a potion of fire breathing, ian comes over to help stabilize me, but it doesn’t work (I have failed two rolls now) the troll turns on rob who has been battering it over and over, and it turns and hits rob so hard that he dies instantly.

Paladin hits again, Barbarian still raging whacks it hard. I then die*. Cleric steps up breaths fire at it. Bard is stabilxed. The troll screams and falls back into the pit and dies.

Searchng of the area, finds coin and scrolls.

Lunchtime now. Everyone is still battered.

Monk, Bard and Rogue have left.

Searching the rest of the toom finds nothing, we move back to the riddle room to seach the statue there.

Oooo the bone scroll case was a plot hook. Dwarvish thingy.

We are heading back to the Dragon area. Pass through the Kobold area first. Ustral gives us a healing kit, and sends the albino off to check to make sure the troll is dead.

Getting back to the area, we find the doors that were once broken are now repaired, I try and open it with a spell, but its locked, and seems to be blocked from behind. The other door seems also to be blocked.

Barbarian starts to hack the door down with his greatsword, and just hacks it down, finding loads of crates, but oil is pslashed on it and I set it on fire. The fire burns away the crates and then as the fire dies down arrows are shot through it.

Barbarian rages and runs in….arrows fly, but he kills one with a strike, closely followed by Fighter who also kills his one. I move up but miss, with the firebolt, and Cleric, jhits one with sacred flame. Two more are there and step up with swords, missing both the half orcs, they run back into the room, and Barbarian follows to attack, and finds more hiding round the corner. There are another 8 goblins, the back four armed with bows.

Fighter runs in and kills another, and I move in but miss. Cleric runs in and caves its skull in with a mace to the face. Barbarian is set upon with arrows as they dart in and out, and he drops even with his rage soaking up most of the damage.

Barbarian surges up, throws a javel into the wall missing the goblin, before running into the dragon room and getting taking out by a pair of goblins in the room. Fighter takes another out, and hits another one, then I cast sleep to take out three of the 4 archers. Cleric uses the Cure scroll to try and revive Barbarian, and succeeds. Barbarian is hit while on the floor, Paladin is shot by the remaining archer, then another warrior steps out, sadly missed by Paladin,.

The goblins are looking a little frighntened now with most of their people down or dead. Barbarain has to draw a hand axe as most of his weapons are on the floor, and hits it.

I move up and eletricute one on the floor, while Cleric helping Barbarian drops his weapon. I wake one of the goblins by electrocuting it, and then a serious of misses from us all and I finally finish off the goblin. Paladin kills the last one, leaving one sleeping that Fighter finishes off. The goblin still stands in the room as Barbarian and Cleric cut him to pieces slowly. Barbarian kills the last one finally.



*3 failed death saves on the trot. 8, 2,6


The Party

Humble Narrator and sorcerer - Solomun "Major" Tunde

Fighter - Abraham "Cut throat" Williams

Barbarian - Kal-El

Paladin - Ser Guildan

Cleric - ST Vincent

Rogue - Fiddler Topov

Bard - Miley Cirus

Monk - Char Siu Bao


and other supporting cast members