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Chapter Three session notes

Still day Two.

We pick up the barbarian and cleric, and fighter, and look about. The Cleric and fighter are both back on their feet with the aid of their potions.

The candle is still on the table, looking ominous.

The whistle says night caller in dwarvish, carved from transparent crystal in the shape of a dragon.

Fighter is the only one that knows anything about this whistle apparently, evil dwarves made them, and that they give some kind of power over the undead.

Monk tried to look at the whistle and accidently burns himself, while me and rob look through the sarcophagi. The first three are empty,

We get to the last one, that is still covered. F Ighter, Paladin and Varbarian take the lid off, and find a dead elf skeleton in purple robes. Fighter looks inside, but sees nothing.

We move back to the corridor that had six open doors, where we think the rats came from. The door is stuck but open, but there is something shiney inside. Coins. The coin here is more than we have seen in our lifetime. The next door also has coin and gems, but less than the first.

There is a big hole in the floor ahead, an open trap or natural hole, we don’t know. The next two doors are empty sadly. The room behind the pit has a fountain and another pit, but darkness covers it. The last two rooms contain one nest with more coin.

The gnome met the people that we are looking for, they were all in the location but were taken by the person known as Belac.

We use dead rats to replace the Rogue, throwing them in likely places that we think may be trapped. The fountain is another Dragon statue.

I look at the pit uncomfortably and Cleric says that he can touch me with guidance to help me cross. Touch me I say, and I step across.

All of us get across the first one, and are in the room looking at the second pit.

The dragon statue says Let there be death, and although we know this, the Monk steps up with his potion and I say the words, which then causes the room to fill with deadly black smoke. The monk takes a face full and drops and even those that duck out the way look ill. The cleric also dropped to the floor. I help Monk up with his potion, paladin helping cleric.

While we are all coughing and spluttering, the rats come…..

Barbarian javeling from the side, hits a rat even though suffering from the sickness, absolutely smashes it, the rat and javelin falling in the pit. Myself and fighter don’t do as well sadly, as we miss. Paladin hits, and kills it. Huzzah!

The room contains more rubble. Barbarian down the pit, I drag the cleric, and then suddenly, more rats appear, three led by a horrible looking one,

We are surprised obviously, but they miss thankfully. We start combat, I hit mine, but don’t kill it, and move back to get cover. Barbarian runs out of the pit and takes a look at the situation and runs back.

Monk is still ill, but uses inspiration and kills the one I hit. He then gets confused amd tries to attack Paladin.

Paladin is hit by a rat, but still up. Fighter attacks the big rat, hitting it, I am inspired, and also hit the big rat, Barbarian leaps the pit, and throws a javel at the big rat as he lands, critically javels the big rat in the head. Huzzah for all!.

Monkey punches to the rat in front of the paladin, means the monk kills the penultimate rat. Fighter hits the last rat, and then the ledge legend himself, kills it.

Searching the rats nest we find a human in studed leather armour with items, and more gold, and handily some potions to get the cleric up.

We rest, and some of us grow stronger come the morn, including me.

Day three

The candle is a candle, and the whistle can animate dead in darkness, once every 7 days.

Cleric fills our waterskins with magic water, and we are prepared for the day ahead. Whos up next, and who wants to be touched. – I am being touched and have rope wrapped round me and step across with ease. With us all across, we move back into the rooms that are yet to be explored.

Paladin comes across the door which is locked, which proves to be no problem for him as he kicks it off its hinges. Caltrops are spread across the floor, and up steps the cleaning crew to take charge. Myself and Barbarian get the brooms out, and start sweeping the caltrops….and that’s when the goblin archers appear from the barricade and shot me in the eye.

I am down and dying, and barbarian is wounded as well. Barbarian javels, but misses, and then moves towards the barricade.

The goblins drop their crossbows to attack barbarian with scimatars, while the back two throw clay vials, one misses the barbarian, the other hits the paladin square in the chest and washes him in fire.

Cleric does wonderful work and gets me up, just in time for me to stand and make the back rank fall asleep. Fighter slowly makes his way up and shots one with a crossbow, wounding it. Barabarian steps up and cuts in in half, and that’s when the last goblin shrieks and runs off.

Monk chases the goblin, while fighter and barbarian  kill the sleeping goblins. The monk steps forward with its wee willie winkie candle and is shot with arrows before returning back the corner with two arrows sticking out of him. Candle down, proper grown up torch on, monk can see again.

The rest of us all carry on sweeping the caltrops out of the way, and the paladin heals the barbarian a little so that the caltrops don’t effect his movement anymore.

Monk does heroic thing HITYAY – runs round the corner, gets hit by an arrow, but carries on. He see’s three with crossbows and another three behind with fire pots and two hit him, and he is on fire. And runs at them, and punches one.

Cleric does an awesome heal that catches us, and we start to move in to follow up on the monks solo charge.

Fighter gets in and chops a head off, and then they are all attacking rob, and then the fire consumes the monk who drops to the floor.

I put out some of the fire on Monk, and Paladin heals the fighter who was on his last legs. Fighter kills another one, and then makes the bad decision to back out of the combat and gets cut down. Barabarian chops another down.

Cleric puts out the monk, and paladin heals the fighter again. I then cast sleep and put the three last goblins down. Cleric stabilizes the monk, and the orcs kill the sleepers.

We get gnome boy to heal barbarian, and all is quiet at the moment.  


Guildan  - Paladin
Vincent – Cleric
Abrahma Cut throat Williams – Fighter
Kal-el – Barbarian
Solomon Major Tundy – Sorceror

Paladin kicks door down, finds a store room, barrels and crates. Another
Closed door, no problem for Guildan though.

It’s a long corridor, with lots of pillars carved with dragons. There are at least five doors that we can see from torches on the pillars, and the room is full of a green haze that makes the torches flicker.

We get meepo to get a torch  and as he suffers no ill effects, we move into the room. The first door is unlocked but closed, so I open it with Thaamaturgy. The room beyond looks to have been smashed up. A metal spike with a broken chain – perhaps something that was chained escaped.

Meepo says its close and we hear noises, oooo a dragon….a white dragon. Kalkrix is its name and Guildan calls out that it will not hurt it.

Some discussions, but its going one way, and the dragon attacks after chris says shall we attack it

Meepo is crying out don’t hurt her, and Barbarian runs at the dragon and grapples it, but ends in a tussle and the dragon shrugs him off.

It rears back and launches a ferious cold attack that takes out paladin and hurts the barbarian and cleric. Thankfully the Fighter and myself were outside of the blast. I use my potion on paladin, and get him up and they pile in and batter the dragon. Cleric blesses the party

It moves into position to breath again catching them all bar the cleric  drop to the floor. With it rearing up ready to attack, I then cast sleep and drop it….

Some quick healing and then the ropes come up and it gets wrapped up. Its mouth is not closed however and it bites keith.

They lay into it, and soon the beast lays subdued.


The Party

Humble Narrator and sorcerer - Solomun "Major" Tunde

Fighter - Abraham "Cut throat" Williams

Barbarian - Kal-El

Paladin - Ser Guildan

Cleric - ST Vincent

Rogue - Fiddler Topov

Bard - Miley Cirus

Monk - Char Siu Bao


and other supporting cast members