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Chapter Two session notes

Day Two continued….

Well it was quiet until the last two remaining members of our party finally catch us up, the Half Elven bagpipe playing Bard Miley Cirus, and the Half-Orc Fighter, Abraham "Cut throat" Williams.  The slight rustling as people dig through the refuse of the rats is drowned out by the dreaded warble of pipes, reaching us long before we catch sight of the pair. Miley comes round the corner first, cheeks puffed and arms cradling the quilted pipes of his granddaddy or something, while Abraham follows behind looks quite skittish. He is constantly looking over his shoulder, and jumping every time the pipes hit high notes. He has not been around Miley as much as I have, so will soon learn to appreciate the shrieking piglet for all its worth.

We bring them both up to speed, telling them that we looking for a baby white dragon stolen by the goblins.

The door in the room we are in is closed and after some investigation from the Barbarian Kal-El find that it’s locked. There are multiple doors open behind us which Miley and Abraham came through, but also where we suspect the rats came from. The Bard and his instrument is quickly put to use, and with some inspiring bagpipe music, Fiddler the Rogue is inspired to open the locked door.

Fiddler steps back so that the Paladin Ser Guildan can open the door wide and as he does so, a bell goes off somewhere deeper into the room. Those peering through the open doorway can see caltrops on the floor with a fire source; a torch perhaps, flickering behind a half wall that runs down one side of the room.  

Ser Guildan steps in followed by Abraham, who immediately steps on a footfall of caltrosp and falls over, crashing to the floor. St Vincent the Cleric casts a spell that sadly misses, and then I miss with a fire bolt. Paladin is shot badly, and Fighter starts dodging.

Bard mocks one, and inspires Paladin, hopefully to the better , Rogue watches the rear. Paladin slowly moves forward and sees another goblin pop up.

Unbelievably, Barbarian pushes me down face forward into the caltrops as he charges into the room to then magnificently leaps over the Fighter to land right in front of the goblins.

Bard abuses another one, and I get up from the floor and cast sleep. Catching the three goblins and Barbarian, paying him back for his earlier transgression with his own face full of caltrops.

While Paladin misses his sleeping target, Barbarian absolutely destroys a goblin with a javel to the head. Fighter, also dispatches his one, lastly Paladin kills the third one.

Paladin sweeps up the corridor and then Bard drops caltrops around the door that leads back the way we come. Both me and Barbarian have brooms and Fighter is in front scouting a head. Paladin lays on hands to stop people being slowed from the caltrops.

We pass training dummies, and more light and signs of life as we continue down the corridors. While Fighter is cautious, Paladin steps out and sees three goblins behind the barricade.. He rushes forward and smacks one dead, before they can react.

Three more have popped up, so five remain.

Paladin kills another. Fighter runs up but misses. Paladin is missed but Fighter is hit. Barbarian runs through the choke point and stands in front of the door. More cusses from Bard to wound the goblin. Fighter moves away  to climb over the balcony left in the space that Rogue created by killing a goblin. Paladin is stabbed and drops, and Fighter is stabbed again, looking in a very bad way.

Cleric heals Paladin nearly to full and I blast one dead with firebolt, and then Barbarian javels another dead.

Its quiet for a second or two, but then lots of the buggers pile in.

Rogue punches one of his feet with an  arrow, Cleric spell is inefficient again, and another goblin stabs Fighter in the face and he drops. I kill another one, then the bard makes another one of them drop with blood pouring from eyes and mouth. Barbarian caltrops the other door in this room.

With Paladin blocking the door the goblins nip in and out and keep attacking him.

Fighter stands up after being healed by Cleric and then uses second wind to feel fully refreshed. I miss, and Bard tells Paladin how wonderful he is.


monk has turned up and we are are all stuck in a massive bundle of people. Fighter kills another with a crossbow.

Barbarian walks through the door a hero, and takes one out, Paladin follows him but doesn’t put it down. Ineffectual Cleric is ineffectual again, and Rogue runs in snipes one dead and comes back out again.

The goblins are running in and out and attacking , there are goblins about but we don’t know where.

Barbarian runs in, and there are two left, Barbarian kills one, and the last one screams and stabs Paladin, dropping him. The goblin runs, straight into the path of myself and Bard lying in wait, but while Bard hits, I miss. The goblin is stabbed through by the monk.

As we all search, paladin walks off towards the door and promptly falls down the pit.

He is down there for a while as the rest of us search the rooms and bodies, but eventually Barbarian uses a dead goblin to find the trap and Rogue jams it open and helps the stricken paladin out.

In the meantime, monk has kicked the door in and apparently there are some kobolds in distress. Three kobolds, tied up with rope, along with something in a cage.

Something larger than a goblin took the dragon – bigger than the two half orcs.

Cleric takes the cage apart to free the gnome, and we take the kobolds back.

The gnome we keep as we rest for lunch, and then we check the door – it’s a little chilly, rebuke the dead open the way.

Monk is at the crossroads, alone with a torch while the gnome cleric is saying that he can open the door, and he does, and the door is chilling and Barbarian steps up to go first.

There are three coffins, and there is a green candle alight, and once we are all there, the paladin picks up a flask, and five skeles pop up out of the altars.

Paladin smashes one with his great club, and fighter hits it, killing it, cleric hits one but its still up. The remaining skeles miss, me and rogue hit one, but he stays up, while monk punches one down.

Two left. Paladin smashes it, and then a few more attacks from fighter and paladin smash down the last.

Suddenly a shrieking ghost rushes and attacks cleric. Monk runs away, and barbarian attacks, slices through it, both fighter and paladin attack but seem to miss.

The Cleric is attacked and tries to sacrificial flame it, but again misses. The Cleric drops quite dead from the deadly attack, as it reaches right inside him. The creature then quickly disappears into the floor before the rest of us can react.

Barbarian picks up the potion and tastes it, fire resistance potion. The fighter picks up the whistle and as we all wait to see if the creature appears, it does, and the attacks begin again – with the Rogue, Bard and me all ready to shoot as it appears.

The whistle is evil?

It’s not long before the creatures has downed the Fighter, while the Paladin is still up and whacking away and the Rogue pops in to fire some sneaky arrows. I am still blasting it with Chill touch, but there is something not right, and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

No ones attacks seem to be doing that much – some wispy smoke around any wound inflicted, and its only after it downs the Barbarian that it turns and flies directly at the Bard – ignoring the rest of us and flying past us all, so it seems the jibes at the ghosts mother bite deep even in the afterlife.

With the ghost basically hitting so hard and taking people out with just one attack, things don’t look good for the Bard, and as he closes his eyes and wonders who will sing at his funeral, he realizes his eyes have been closed to long and opens them to find the creature has thankfully missed.

The creature is standing right next to me and with not many places to run, as the ghost blocks the door, I reach out and touch the ghost with a lighting blast, which thankfully obliterates the creature into tiny wisps of smoke.


Played: 09/09/18



The Party

Humble Narrator and sorcerer - Solomun "Major" Tunde

Fighter - Abraham "Cut throat" Williams

Barbarian - Kal-El

Paladin - Ser Guildan

Cleric - ST Vincent

Rogue - Fiddler Topov

Bard - Miley Cirus

Monk - Char Siu Bao


and other supporting cast members