We originally started as 2nd edition AD and D characters using the Forgotten Realms rules, then switched to 3rd edition when that was released. As more of the rule books have been released, we have incorporated them into our 'house rules'. A summary of those house rules follows:

Character Advancement

Character Levels - Levels require training of one day/total character Level, and 100gp per total character Level. The training can be bypassed by paying double the cost in gp, but only if going up levels in an existing class.

E.g.: 8th Level Warrior going to 9th level can take 9 days training, and 900gp, or pay 1800gp (which is sacrificed to your deity) to gain this new level. If the Warrior wishes to take a new class, either normal or prestige, he must find someone to train him to do so, and pay the 900gp and train for 9 days.

Prestiege Classes - A person progressing into a new character class, Prestige or otherwise, requires training as listed above. In rare cases, the DM may allow Divine Intervension in the form of a Geas to level without training.

E.g.: 8th Level Grassy Knoll advances to 9th level, but decides to switch to a Divine Disciple. He needs to find a Divine Caster who has this prestige class to learn from. He will need to pay 900gp to this trainer, and it will take 9 days.

Character Training - Characters can learn classes from one another, e.g. Beard can be taught the Arcane art of the Wizard by Agador. This does not apply to Prestige classes, they are nearly always taught by NPC's or via Divine intervension.

Hitpoints - Hitpoints for new levels are allowed to be rolled again if a roll of '1' is made.

Character Creation

Character Creation - Rolled with 4d6 discarding the lowest number for each ability score, and the scores can be put in any chosen ability. The original characters also had some leniency with regard to juggling stats (lowering one to raise another), which are not available to any new characters, but possibly to completely new players. As a rough guide, all of the characters between 8th and 11th level have a stat total average of 89.

New Characters Level - A new character will join the party at approx. 2 levels lower than the average party member, which as of October 2004 is 9th level. No prestige classes are allowed currently on a new character that joins, regardless of whether he/she qualifies for it. This is based on the DM's judgment, and can be altered as he sees fit.

Character Races - All the normal races, plus some of the Forgotten Realms races that have level adjustments of +1, but all need to be confirmed by the DM.

Character Possession - New character wealth is judged by the DM and not by the wealth according to the DM's guide - which basically means bugger all. Recent examples have been basic camping equipment with no magic items, one case of what the character was wearing at the time he was kidnapped (while asleep) ie nothing but his jimjams, and most recently a pubic wig.

Character Alignment - No evil characters are allowed in this campaign.

Prestige Classes/Feats - Currently no restrictions, as long as the prestige classes come from the core rule books and the class books that are being used. This list currently contains DM's Guide, Players Handbook, Forgotten Realms Core book, Magic of Fearun, Sword and Fist, Song and Silence, Defenders of the Faith, Masters of the Wild, Tomb and Blood, and any future WotC releases. For Non core rulebooks restrictions, please see below.

Core Rule Book Modifications

Player Death - Death as mentioned in the Players Handbook causes the loss of a level. An exception to this is if the player was very close to leveling, ie within one or two thousand, then the DM has decided that the player will go back to the begining of the level instead.

Players Handbook [Spells] - The following spells have been amended slightly. [Rev] indicates the spell has been amended or interpretated by the DM as indicated, while [As 3.5] means the spell is to be treated exactly as indicated in the 3.5 edition rule book.

- Heal/Harm - [As 3.5] Max of 10hps/level, Will save for half damage

- Hold Person - [As 3.5] Saving throw every round allowed.

- Wind Walk - [Rev] A person under the Wind Walk spell becomes more like Gaseous form rather than anything else, but cannot change their shape or size, meaning that a door or narrow gap can still stop you from travelling through or under it.

[Combat] - A Natural one is always a fumble during combat, but not when determining criticals after rolling a threat. A fumble always results in the weapon being dropped, except in the instance of the weapon being either natural, or fixed to the armour (such as a spiked gauntlet).

- A Natural 20 is also a hit, regardless of AC, but this rule DOES NOT apply to someone with 100% cover. A roll of 20 in this instance does not indicate a threatened critical.

- Drawing a weapon is a free action (if your BAB is +1 or higher) but only when moving as a Standard action, and not when taking a 5' step. This means you cannot move 5', draw a weapon and get a Full Attack round.

[Armour Hit Points] - Implemented from chapter 65 onwards. We have used the recent Sage Advice with regards to Armour Hit points. Armour has 10 hps per AC, and a Hardness of 10 for metal armour, and 5 for non metal.

E.g.: A chain Shirt would have a hardness of 10, and 50 hps. Magical armour adds one hardness and toughness per +1, so the above chain shirt, if +2, would have 12 Hardness and 52 hit points.

Apparently Hitpoints where not included in 3rd edition rules as the writers did not want armour to be sundered, but this left questions as to regards whether a suit of armour would survive a critical failure saving roll against a fireball or lightning bolt for example. With a campaign that has oozes as every other encounter, these rules are greatly needed.

If a suit of armour is damaged, its effective AC is reduced by the amount of damage it has taken divided by 10, rounded up.

E.g.: If a Full suit of Plate, at AC8, 10 Hardness and 80hps takes 55 damage, 10 damage is ignored by the Hardness of the armour, and the remaining 45 damage gets through. The Full Plate now has 35 (80 - 45) hps left and its AC is reduced by 45/10 = 4.5, rounded up to 5. The armour now only provides a bonus of 3 AC instead of its original 8, still has a hardness of 10, but only 35hps. Another attack like that and the armour is destroyed.

Magical armour that has been damaged in any way has been allowed to be repaired by using one 'special' sheet of metal (for simplicities sake) that we purchased from the Smithy at Palfrey's keep along with a single casting of the Fabricate spell.

Dungeon Masters Guide [Items] - Intelligence based items DO NOT give skill points retroactively, nor are they considered when going up in levels.

Defenders of the Faith [Armour] - Most of the armour from this book has been deemed 'broken' by our DM (Haste, Ethereal, etc.) and so are not allowed to be made by any of our craftsmen. Other armours that are not named above need to be confirmed by the DM (that originate in this book) before they can be made.

Character Class Adjustments

Beastmaster - When this class reaches the level to get the Druid Wildshape ability, it does not have the restrictions of uses per day. This could mean that a Beastmaster can shape change at will back and forth between Human and Beast form, gaining hitpoints as though it had rested all day. The DM has limited the amount of times the Beastmaster can gain hitpoints in this way to an amount of times per Beastmaster level (i.e 3rd level = 3 times.) The Beastmaster may still change forms as many times as he wishes.

Non Core Rulebooks

Book of Vile Darkness / Book of Exalted Deeds - Vile Darkness is a book being used by our DM, and Exalted Deeds apparently will be released to us to use soon, possibly as treasure in some way.

Monte Cook - None currently used, but see as Exalted Deeds.

Dragon / Netbooks - No dragon issues or Net books containing feats/prestige classes are currently permitted, unless specifically allowed by the DM.

Hero XP

'Hero' XP - Implemented from Chapter 66 onwards. Every chapter a character gets to allocate 50 experience points as a bonus to anyone they deem fit. There MUST be a reason of some kind, either Roleplaying or downright silliness, but points awarded to bolster XP to someone just about to level will have the points removed from them, and possible other repercussions based on the DM's judgment. For the Hero XP 'scoreboard', click here.

Conversion Rules

Conversion from 2nd to 3rd - We used the instructions as given, but multi classed characters (5 people out of 7 in our campaign) where given an additional level in there secondary class. i.e. a 4/4 Wizard fighter in 2nd edition equaled a 4/1 in 3rd edition, so these rules would have made that character a 4/2 Wizard/Fighter.