The Evils of Harranshire - Part One



'The Evils of Harranshire' starts with that most humblest of beginings, the delivery. A group of Demi-Humans, Elves and Dwarves, where enjoying a drink when someone came into the inn and requested some bodyguards to deliver a chest. The party was formed at this point, and together they took the chest to a place called Haranshire, where they where to deliver the chest to someone called Taustar.

Along the way, the adventurers where ambushed by bandits, but I am unsure whether they where specifically after the chest, or just some easy prey. Either way, they found they had bitten off more than they could chew, and where all killed except one who was captured. The captured bandit was handed to Garolyd of a town called Milbourne, a Ranger and the local Sherrif when we arrived. Once there we find the town in an uproar regarding a missing young girl called Jilenth, who happens to be Taustar's apprentice. We vow to help her finance Andron, despite some of the party taking great pleasure in describing possible misfortunes which may have befallen her.

Along the way we are introduced to Kuiper and Oleanne, more Rangers of the area, track down a mysterious Were bear that stalks the forest, fight some undead in the Halfcut hills, kill some goblins in possession of a Ring that is needed to stop an angry Water Elemental, get tangled up in Giant Killing and to top it all off, work on the barge to pay for our keep.