[1] According to the map, this area is 'Many bad things - Perhaps Temple of Juiblex' or in other words, lots of bloody oozes and slimes. Great, I can tell you of one Dwarf who will be going down this area dressed in his pants armed with a spoon.

Chapter 75 covers our travels back from the Gnomes back to the Roper area, and then on towards the Temple of Oozes. Rallets shows us a magical side to him, and we fight a multitude of oozes, jellies and undead, and Salas gets a not so nice little hug from a wurm.

Chapter 76 sees the resurrection of the mighty Barbarian, a fight with a member of the evil party (who was already dead), we reach the ooze temple area where we are entertained by an Isle of Wight and an ooze, and we discover Narnia…….

Into Narnia we go with Chapter 77, and we meet up with a type of creature that goes to number two on our all time top ten enemies, pushing the 'Stairs O'Doom' to number three and just below the Oozes at number one. What pray tell is this new horror? Old Trampy Men.