[1] Chapter 55 is the start of the journey to the Quaggoths, where Agador finds the 'one ring' does not quite save him from everything.....

Chapter 56 is where we meet the Quaggoths for the first time, and also another suit of party armour is destroyed by bloody acid creatures, where Chapter 57, surprise surprise, covers another suit of destroyed armour, more Quaggoths, and the Beeltle men first encounters.

Chapter 58 is more fights with the Beetle men, one of whom catches Quinton a rather wicked blow, our first encounter with Catmando, and Salas finds a friend. Chapter 59, penned by the Dancing one introduces us to Max, the latest member of our party, LotD's knack for interrogation, and more fights with the Beatles.

Chapter 60 introduces us to another undead with a panchant for Elven Rogues, we get into a fight with more Quaggoths, and meet once more with the mysterious Catmando. Annoyed at the fact that we have lost 4 suits of armour to Oozes, and we are no where near the place marked 'Danger Oozes'. We leave the area and head back to Milbourne in chapter 61, but obviously this means we encounter what else, but oozes...oh and a wurm that Beard nearly kills on his own in a matter of seconds.