Chapter 66 covers the start of the journey into the lizard area. The map makers of this area must have mispelt this area though, as lizards quite clearly should have been spelt O, O, Z, E, S.

Chapter 67 is where we traverse large caverns, and mostly fall to the bottom of them, we fight another Wurm, and joy of joys, have more gear destroyed by an ooze dropping on us from a great height.

Chapter 68 is our first taste of the lizard area, and one where some party members get bitten, and then spat out again. We gain some new toys to play with, and even gain a pet, but his one doesn't need to be walked as it comes ready cooked.

Chapter 69 covers the next lizard, one who is more powerful than the party can handle, and so much running away is done. Sadly we say goodbye to our latest party member Percy the Pig here as well, cruelly sacrificed by LotD.