Chapter 51 is the start of the journey towards the Grell. It takes many days, and we are attacked by all sorts of creatures from the depths of the Underdark, including more Giants that give us a toshing. Chapter 52 is our first encounter with the Grell, who attack us over the razor rock with many tenticles and weapons of electricity, and we are intriduced to the Heathen, a new member of our party.

In chapter 53, we have our first taste of the Grell leader, and we have battles with more Grell and also an Eel, which takes a liking to young Beard. Chapter 54 sees us shuffle back to the Grells in the darkness and fight in a tiny corridor with all the Grell, and much magic is woven. The fighting accumalates with attacks against the Grell leader, with Salas showing some fine martial skills with a spear. A highly powerful ring is found and tested in unusual ways, 'fools of a took' get us in trouble with a feared enemy of the Dwarves, and we meet up with the last of the Grell in a climatic battle.