[1] The city of the glass pool, where we find out if we have what it takes to storm a city, or die trying. Will the missing casters be here?

Chapter 94 details the beginnings of our attacks on the City. Well, attacks maybe too strong a word, as we actually do nothing much but map out the area, and build a den. But then all conquering heroes have to start somewhere!

Chapter 95 sees the birth of the 'Forgetfull Evil Wandering Mercenaries from the Land of the Never Setting Sun' and our first proper attack on the city itself. We also manage to alert pretty much everyone to our whereabouts within the city, and cause some minor hassle by freeing some nutters. No, I dont mean us.

Chapter 96 continues our fights with the Kua-toa in the paddy fields, and see's their numbers diminish rapidly, while cries of 'he's not a bean!' are heard in a whiney voice shortly before that person is belayed by his own side. And lastly the latest addition to the party, the lumbering earth elemental is once more assigned a menial task - perhaps I can get him to sort out my sock drawer in the house?