[1] Chapter 81 gives us time for more magical items to be created, while lots and lots of travelling causes our normal food intake change from iron rations to the slightly less tasty magical gruel, although Salas eats bugs regardless. Our beasts of burden this chapter are a wraith, and a slightly tougher than normal purple wurm which not surprisingly swallows all of the tasty bearded sweets.

Ooze and wurms are our staple diet for the trip to the Derro, and in Chapter 82, we meet up with the evil party, where they fare slightly better than we do, but I am sure certain people will proclaim that we where in fact superior.

Chapter 83 begins with us discussing the map, something we don't do often enough, there are more examples of Salas's exceptional all round survival skills, fights with Derro, Illithids, and other wandering monsters. Oh and Salas's ‘Leap of the Gods'.

Chapter 84 begins with us falling foul of a trap, then myself and Snagger recreate the part where Jesus and Zacheus meet for the first time, which involves lots of flaming righteous fire obviously. More Derro learn about the spiked club, but unfortunately cannot pass this information back to their children, and Snagger decides to take a quick nap mid battle.