The Progress section is the place which contains all of our journals so far too date, and lists areas where battles were fought and won, (the ones where we fought and lost do not make good reading, well, not to us anyway) and all the relevant information specific to certain areas.

The Chapters (or Journals) written by Grassy Knoll, begin with Chapter 15. There was a period of time where the parties exploits where not recorded, which would have contained details regarding our reasons for coming to this area, and our initial investigations into the disappearance of Gilenth, but mostly where we got beaten up all the time by Goblins. The first part of The Evils of Haranshire on the next page covers as much as I can remember.

Players not of this campaign please note, the information contained in these pages contain high spoiler content - unless you are past us, which to be honest, is not that hard :p. If you are not the DM of this campaign, please check with him/her first before reading further. Also, I am a player in the campaign, and not the DM, so can reveal nothing of upcoming events or any conversions used for any Magic Items, Monsters, or additional encounters.

The chapters are listed in more detail in the side panel to the left, with individual links to chapters, and the grouping of chapters by area. Over the next few pages is a condensed synopsis of each of the 'Into The Night Below' Chapters, the sort that you would find on the back of a book, although in my case, the book would be one that was immediatly marked down to a pound, and then later used to prop up tables at a boot fair.

Anyway, on with the story.....