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28th October: Oops! I had completed Chapter 131, and had not put it up. Sorry! To make up for it, I will try and get 132 done next. You will notice that I have done away with the fancy scrolling for the chapter - I liked it, but Dreamweaver CS3 now run by Adobe does not, and I cannot edit anything I cant see. Thats not the best way of explaining it, as multiple layers are involved, one containing the out side box and a large layer containing the text running behind. For a while now I have struggled with the view as I create the page, and its just easier now to do it as I have done.

So, on to the Chapter. Number 131, played on July the 21st 2006!, and this short phrase from Robbie, sums up things better than I could: "Bless the little gnomes from harm dealt by those who knew no better, and may they sleep better in their beds tonight". Oh, and we may have accidently killed the person we found in the previous chapter.

Oh, and I have added a new quotes page, so you can read all the quotes that flash by on the right hand side of the page without missing any text. Huzzah for mistimed mishaps upon proclaiming that you are superior than another!

19th August: I am still here, but you may want to check my Castle White Rock pages instead. Sadly it seems Into the Night Below is in suspended animation mode, with no time frame at all on its release. I am usual am behind on writting chapters for that campaign, and so although I have the greatest intentions to do so, the remaining 6 chapters of this tale will be pushed to the back...

26th Feb: I have started on the next chapter, no 131, and will do it as quick as I can. You will be pleased to know that I have a oper laptop once more, a supurb Vista based Sony FZ21M, which even has Blu-Ray. On the other hand, I have been spending a huge amount of time at AVForums.com, where you can see me logged on as Theydon Bois mostly hiding in the Computer, LCD and PVR forums boards.

Oh, and on DnD related news, we are to start again! Sadly not the chronicles of the Dwarven Cleric Grassy Knoll and the Night Below, but Tenpast the Human Druid, visiting the White Castle of something or other. Not exactly an aspiring title to start with, but if I paid more attention, I would remember its name. :p

20th Feb: The next Chapter is done, only some 20+ months later than we actually played it....

Chapter 130 describes our heartfelt joy as we find a certain person that has been missing for a jolly long time when Hordex falls through a rabbit hole. Oh, and we anger another Deity.

Oh well, on to the next!

7th February: No updates for 6 months? Such a lot has happened, job change, new TV :p and fucking around with games etc. Mainly the lack of updates has been due to the fact that my laptop finally gave out, and after getting rid of it (and waking my missus up as I was smashing the hard drive up with a hammer at 1 in the morning) I had no laptop to write things on in the middle of the night.

Now I am writing this on one I borrowed from work - only after I formatted the thing after they give me one with ingrained spyware and a broken internal wireless card, but at least I didnt have to pay for it.

I am in the process of finishing Chapter 130 - its done, just needs a few proof readings and edits, and will be updated in the next few days or so. As for the game itself? It loks like we are 'on a break' and have been for the last year. No new chapters have been played in over a year now, and it looks like a combination of monotomy and impossibility of raiding yet another city with even deadlier opponents than the last one has taken its toll....


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