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No more news was written this year.


25th June: Back from camping, and although it rained pretty much all the time, I still managed to get burnt.

Anyway, on to the Phils chapter:

Chapter 129 is written by I, Robbie Falcon, in my fair but manly elven hand, and tries to explain to the small children about our tales of Pie, but Moomin feels a good whipping is all the Pie needs. He soon is shown the error of his whipping ways, and once more the party run away, only to end up making sandcastles for the rest of the day on the beach.

16th June: No updates for 4 months? What's the matter with me? On to my excuses....

Laptop: Still the same one, and to be honest, probably the thing holding me back in writting. It makes too much noise, I cant have it on my lap, some of the keys require harder presses than others (adding to my mispelt word count) and I now use it very briefly before turning it off. I am hoping that the Abbey fold on my bank charge court case, and then I will be off to the shops to buy a new one. :p

My Other Websites: I have mostly just been accumulating a massive post count at Brad's site as it makes sense to post stuff rather than email, esecially suff that you can refer back to later. I wish I had thought of dong a forum for this place, but seeing as how I am a mod nazi at Brads, I will just hijack a spot there instead.

I have been updating the Magic Website though, which looks nicer now that I have added more card pics for those who dont remember every single card of every set to know what I am talking about, and my David Gemmell site that also has had a face lift (the most dramatic) and looks rather spify if I do say so myself.

PC: After a £800 ish spending spree that has been dragged out over 6 months I now have a spanking machine of gorgousness, and have been playing many many games, catching up with Oblivion, Rainbow Six Vegas, Ghost Recon, Half Life Episode One... for pics etc, see Brads site, its linked below (Madness). Suffice to say that I am chuffed to bits with my component parts, and viewing games at 1680 x 1050 with 2AA and 8AF at high frame rates is never a chore :p

Click the X-Fire link below to see my current PC spec, as well as recent games played.

LAN session: Thankfully one due soon - how else am I suposed to show off my TFT by hogging all the space?

D&D: I am currently on site at a place where I can write (...er funnily enough on my laptop as I had to bring it with me) and have finished the next chapter!

Chapter 128 see's the party introduce themselves to many many trampling Giants, Illithds and of course Pie. We fight, then run away, funnily enough in exactly the same way we have explored many area's in the past.

....the next chapter should follow quickly after, as Phil wrote it about a year ago, and all I have to do is HTML it. So, read that by Christmas I reckon.

I have been mucking about with more images, and have one that I currently like for our Island adventures, which looks suitably spooky, read them cira xmas 2009. If you are lucky.

TV: Currently watching Dexter (Season 2 in September), which is billiant, and mourning that Greys Anatomy, Lost, Smallville, The Unit etc have all finished for a few months.

Books: Currently reading the Blade Itself by Joe Abacrombie, and half way through the Ceasar Series by Conn Iggulden, and a few books lined up to read (Igguldens last two Ceasar books and the firs Gengis Khan book, Gemmells Shield of Thunder which still lies unread, and the second Abercrombie book, Before they where Hanged?)


22nd Feb: The next chapter is now up...

In chapter 127, we find out who are new friends are, hear the wise words of Robbie Falcon, and meet some new friends. These new friends take a shine to me, and by that I mean they like to stample (yes, this is a word, I have added it to the dictionary to describe 'extreme stamping to the head and chest of a Dwarf') your narrator into the ground.

19th Feb: Updated the Chapterinfo page with the actual info that each of the next lot of chapters contains.

Valentines Day: Updated the Chapterinfo page, as I hated the way it looked and now dont, but can't update it with real information as dispite their being a Compatibility pack for Office 2007, it doesnt work. Well, not with my Beta 2007 edition anyway, so I can only read the chapters on my laptop, which I hardly work at any more as I cant move the bloody thing without it losing power.


30th January: The chapter is done now, see below, and I have been updating my David Gemmell site as I dont like its lay-out, and I have learnt new CSS tricks and a little trick where you click a button and it expands the text so you can scroll past something you have already read. Which I am chuffed with. :p Also, I picked up a few new books to add to my collection as well.

I am getting all excited about the forthcoming LAN session, and my spanky new graphics card, an ASUS 8800GTS which should arrive this week or early next. I have been playing a fair amount of SWAT 4 this week, and showed my sk1lz by getting 96 and 98 points on the last two missions I did (I am on mission 7 or 8 now).

Before I detail the chapter, I do want to add this little nugget from the game, a most certain Mongo Mungy if ever I saw one...

Div asks "What is your armour class please Rob?"

Rob looks down, and for some reason, rolls a dice, getting a 2.

Queue much laughter and pointing from everyone else...

Chapter 126 continues our trip into the Derro place where we were told not to go as they are supposed to be insane, but who is the more insane, the insane people or the people that try and attack them on their home turf? We soon discover that they are tricksy little buggers....

22nd January: Chapter nearly done, went to Planar Chaos Pre-release and played like a cock and have started running again. My new route is longer than the old one I did, at around 2km instead of 1, and like an old man I jogged round, slowing to a walk in some places. Not sure how often I want to do it, but I will try and stick to this.....

Oh, and reading Raymond E Feist's Conclave series, just about to finish book 2. Both books in the series have been very good, and I have devoured them in an effort to find out how or when Talon of the Silver Hawk will avenge his tribe.

9th January: My new phone was delivered today, and Orange really made no effort in putting up a fight...I rang up, said that I was due an upgrade, they agreed, asked if I had a phone in mind, I said yes, they say it will be £100 for that one. I take a sharp intake of breath, gearing up for my "...if I went to another provider, they would give it to me free, blah blah, poor customer service, blah blah..." - I bearly made it half way through that sentence, as as soon as I indicated I possibly was going to leave, it was like a bell going off. She said, "I'll just transfer you to disconections," where a bloke asks me my current package, then more or less doubles the minutes while staying the same monthly price and saying the phone will be free, and will be with me the next day.

The only catch? 18 month contract instead of 12, which most companies are working to anyway. And lo and behold, it turns up as promised, and I spend time setting up my music and finding out whether anyone at Sony has actually tried to use the phone as a walkman during its testing. They have, its much better designed than the W800i I had, and, best of all, they upped the memory card to 1Gb. Which is nice.

Web updates to my Magic website has been keeping me busy during the last few lunchtimes, and with the release of Planar Choas, the subset of Time Spiral being pre-released in the next 8 days or so, I am spending a lot of time reading the spoiler sites and Forums. And guess what that means? :p Also, to co-incide with the new series of 24 that has started, I am catching up with the previous series, dating back to series 3. I have contemplated asking for special time off from work to 'live' 24, but I am having a hard time in trying to convince my peers that it is 'sort of like maternity leave'.

4th January: Loads of minor changes and amendments around the site, and expect the background images to change as I flit from one mood to another. I have started chapter 126 as well, honest!

I have now finished all the images in the First section (The Evils of Harranshire), and changed all the pictures I didnt like. I had a few that still tiled to anyone looking full screen on a resolution higher than 1024 x 768 (which is everyone with a 17" or 19" TFT) and feel mightily chuffed with myself. I have made many changes to the oldnews section (all minute and again of no interest to anyone but me), just to make things look how I want them, and I think I have finally settled on the backdrop to the main pages, a nice and simple design.

3rd January: Well, a big happy new year to you all, and what better way to start a new year than to read one of my fine chapters! But in the immortal (paraphrased) words of Chris Tarrant, "..but I dont want to give you that.." how about no chapters, as I have spent all crimble playing Rainbow Six: vegas, Far Cry and Super Mario Bros on the DS. Sorry about that.

I have been double checking back through my news posts, and it seems I managed 10 Chapters in 2005, from 105 to 114. This year I finished 115 to 125, 11 chapters, and seeing as how one of those took me about three months, I think thats not quite as bad as I thought I had done, and so I am clapping myself on the back as per Trev and Simon right now.

I am sure there is loads of stuff I am supposed to add here that I normally would spout on about, but just cant think of it all to be honest, so as usual add one of my classic rants about anything in particular, mixed with spontanous thoughts about trival items, add a few lies about how quickly the next chapter will be posted, and you should get the picture. I would tune in in a few days or so, as I am due another upgrade on my phone from Orange, and they are bound to piss me off. Oh, and my daughters rabbit Snuggles died a week before christmas, which was sad.

On the PC side of things, I mentioned back in July that I would probably be upgrading my system at Christmas to a high end Athlon x2 CPU. I also said that my upgrade path was planned properly, and that it would last longer than my older machine (in the same way a brush that has had its handle and bristles changed) - tsk, how wrong I was....

I have knocked that on the head now, and have decided on the new Intel Core 2 CPU's, which will last me ages... (please do not send emails saying I told you so when 6 months later AMD release AM3 chips or something simalar :p). Saving my pennies, I reckon around March I will be running a E6600 on a P5 Asus Deluxe board, which is nice. Brads board has more musings on this though.

I will be updating a few more things - not sure if I mentioned it or not, but I removed the 'scary whale' from the Sunless Sea posts, as well as updating the pictures to ones that I like a lot better. The Derro picture is now the main Progress page back drop as well as it is my current fave, and I may also change the pictures in the other progress pages from the green churchyard picture, which to be honest has no real baring on the adventure at all.

The Derro picture was actually a picture of a real cave, taken from inside looking out onto some grass and the daylight showing through. I flipped it left to right, then upside down, then greyscaled it. Now it looks like it dissapears off into the distance, going downwards, where its lit - possibly from the runed corridor....

Anywho, toodle-loo for know, and I will blog something more soon..


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