Long Sessions

This page details the longer sessions that we have played over the years - not so much what happened (thats what a chapter is for), but the where's and why's etc. Not the best of descriptions, so just read below to see what I mean...

October 2005: [Covers Chapters 119 and 120] Just returned from a weekend down at Folkestone, and the start of another mammoth DnD session. At least 20 hrs of gaming over the 2 days, and a Magic booster draft thrown in for good measure - although this did cause some people a few short nights sleep (finishing at 530am and back up at 10am) - I am glad I took the day off, I can handle the short nights, but only for a day or so, then this old man needs his kip!

Once more a terrific session, where we went into a brand new area, a new chapter in the Night Below saga, and we got to meet new and exciting creatures - except the Purple wurm, the Ropers, the Trolls, the Spectres, the tarbaby....hmm, ok, that leaves a Basilisk and some scary rocks, which actually did the most damage to the party.

As for the weekend itself, 10 blokes drinking beer and eating crap all weekend caused the house to be able to power half of Folkestone with the amount of natural gases being emitted, and there where many kebabs and (rank looking) pizza consumed. Also, the amount of cussing to each other was at an all time high, and although largely attributed to "..all you down one side," - but I am sure one of those suspects could have done quite well all by himself. I cannot imagine what it would be like if this level of abuse was taken out on strangers....

I took my laptop for the first time, and that went down well I thought - an Excel spreadsheet allowed me to put all my many interchangable stats down as well as keeping track of saves and even xp. I also wrote notes directly into a Word document, and I think it will be a lot easier to convert into a chapter, hopefully cutting down the amount of typing. It also came in handy to play Robotron 2084 as well as some well old pikey games that I have never heard of, nor wish to play ever again, like Gypsy Juggler and some other title that should never be played by another living soul.

And lastly, we come to the saying, or phrase of the weekend, from none other than the Bard himself, Mr Robbie Falcon. When a few people where taken down again in a fight, he called out "..you are Wall One you are!" After a few curious glances, he reminded us of David Gemmells Legend, in which all the useless ones in the battle die first - and this phrase was repeated at every opportunity when someone took a good caning. Bloody genius.

2003: A weekend in December was also used to play D & D in Folkestone at Rallets Mum's house, covering two rather large Chapters (numbers 90 and 91), which lasted a combined play total of 24hrs. This was the blog from December 10th:

Will be starting the write ups of the next few chapters, 88 onwards, but a quick mention on the spectacular weekend down in Folkestone. Big thanks to Rallets parents, who put up with having their house taken over by 7 blokes whom had reverted back to the age of 17, with shouting, bad language, laughter and more bad language emanating from their front room, and that was just Beard.

Lots of things where accomplished - a couple of people leveled, some got really close to leveling, played Mario Double Kart, one person delevelled, we freed some slaves, and finished by ridding ourselves of a major nuisance. A quality weekend it has to be said, Oh, and last but by no means least, the birth of Robbie's shopping alta ego. When asked to describe the person he changed into via a spell, he rattled off 'bearded handsome fellow, travel weary, well to do, looks like he knows how to strike a bargain, and doesn't take no lip from children.' how much more info could you give? Hats off to Robbie for that one.

Chapter 54 which was late nighter lasting around 10 hrs, ending at 230am the following morning with a knackered DM.