This page covers any important gaming Links for the 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons game, including links for the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

Latest Links

August 04 : Wizards have updated the look of their site, and jolly spiffy it looks too. Just a quick reminder that there is another Sepulchrave II post, entitled The Mesalliance, which is upto Part Two now, and I am in the process of making it a readable book at the moment. Another link recomended by Sepulchrave is Sins of our Fathers by Destan. The link is to part II of the tale, but at the bottom of the first post is 3 word docs (if you have an EN World account that is) to download and catch up on the story. As usual, I have dled it, and bound it for easy reading.

06/03/04: Added a link to the new Gamestoppers pages of this website. These have been copied directly from the Wizards of the coast site found here. I have added them as I like the story based explanation of the rules, and have converted the first two of 10, each of them explaining a different rule. The next set of links added are again pages from the Wizards site, to a section called 'Rules of the Game' where they try to clarify yet more rule issues like stacking and flanking. They will be based on the 3.5 edition rules that we are not using, but I belive they should all be backwardsly compatible for us as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Official 3rd & 3.5 Edition FAQ's. (Updated Feb 2004) This page contains all the PDF files you need for Players Handbook, DM's Guide, Monster manuals and the Class books (Defenders of the Faith etc). It answers all types of questions, whether class or skill based, and explains things that should have been explained better in the books in the first place.

WotC FAQ - A message board based list of the FAQ's. Covers more specific sections than those above, and more current, as I believe questions are asked here, and then when a definative ruling is made, added to the downloadable PDF based FAQ's above.

D&D v.3.5 Accessory Update Booklet - this link will allow you to download a booklet which "..provides you with a summary of the changes to the core rulebooks and the information you need to bring the Monster Manual II, Fiend Folio, Deities and Demigods, Epic Level Handbook, and the Manual of the Planes fully up to v.3.5 of the game."

Dungeons & Dragons Websites

- A link to the best D and D Portal, detailing new books, and the latest Dungeons and Dragons news.

Enworld's Message board - Here you will find all kinds of message boards, the most relevant one being D&D Rules, which covers lots of questions regarding classes, skills, and feats, to suggestions for future characters, or career paths for you to try. It also contains a link to the System Reference Documents (SRD) which list all the main rules from the PHB and DMG - handy if you do not own any of the books themselves. Story Hour is another link for you to check if you have had enough of my ramblings, but be warned, some of these stories go on and on, and you will need many many hours to wade through even one of them.

- A link to the main site of the now owners of Dungeons and Dragons. From here you can download web enhancements and additional encounters, check FAQ's, read encounters that contain ambigous rules (such as Grappling, Attacks of Oppurtunities etc) view their picture galleries, and read interviews with the people behind the game.

Wizards of the Coast Message Boards - As the Enworld boards with regards to content, but you occasionally get the book writers themselves clarifying rules, as well as more specific boards, such as the Players Handbook containing (Classes, Races, Feats, Spells and Magic Items, and Whats a Player to do?) and Dungeon Masters Guide, containing information on Prestiege Classes and how to stop munchkins.

Wizards of the Coast Minitures - Yes, more collecting of sorts, especially as they appear to be wrapped so you dont know which ones you are getting, but it may help Dave to have more monsters other than the heroquest same ogres over and over again :p The miniture information can be found here (giving quanity and content, while the rarity list is here) while below are links to the pictures of the minitures themselves:

PC Types - Assortment of classes and characters from the Players Handbook, Magical Monsters - a Mind Flayer, and see if you can spot the 'Lord Beard' miniture. More Monsters - Kua-toa and trolls amongst others, Iconics - The characters from PH, Tordek and Jokham etc. Beasties - Umber Hulks and Owl Bears, Humans and More - Some random humans, Orcs, Etc - Orcs, Goblins and Ogres, and Undead - which is exactly what it says it is.

- Another website portal for D & D that has forums, reviews of new products and a version of 'Sage Advice' written in a style of a grumpy Dwarf Thief.

This is one of the homes of the online comic called 'Big Stick' which is very funny if you have'nt already read them all from Rallets and myself bombarding you with links to them.

- Another D & D website for 3rd edition, which seems to be more player contribution lead than the others. Spells, items (both magical and non magical), prestiege classes (Renamed from Third Edition.Net)

Some of the magical items are a tad powerful, like the 200gp ring that has a one shot curelight wouds that automatically stabalizes you (but then apparently can be recharged) but they may give you ideas for items that you would like to be made. Big Stick can also be found here (I dont think they are the same as the ones on 3rd

Character Sheets

Ema's character sheets - In my opinion they are the most detailed character sheets, having spells from all the books as they are released (including a synopsis of each spell), and plenty of room for the breakdown of stat bonuses, skill checks etc. I use the Forgotten Realms Character Sheet, which is currently at version 1.80, and includes all the latest books, including Unapproachable East and Savage Species.

There are newer versions of the character Sheets, but they are for 3.5 Edition. If you need a 3rd edition version, I have the pdf available. This website includes Character sheets for non Forgotten Realms characters as well as Epic Leveled characters, and the sheets are available in colour and in Black and White.

Story Hours

Sepulchrave Story Hours - Dave recomended these, said that they where very very good stories, and well written - is he trying to tell me something? Anyway, I read them, and they are extremely well written, and well worth the time to read through - he definatly should be writting professionally....

The story starts with 'Lady Despina's Virtue' (Pt1, Pt2), and continues with the following: 'The Heretic of Wyre' (Pt1, Pt2), 'The Rape of Morne', and 'Sonelion' (Pt1, Pt2). I have these printed off and bound if you need to borrow them without reading all the excess comments, and want to just be involved in the engrossing storyline.

The Selgaunt Campaign - This is not on the ENworld Storyboards, but its a good website and a nice story as well. It is found on here, and the following is a short description from their site.

This Welcome to the Selgaunt Campaign website! This ongoing 3.5e D&D campaign is set in a modified version of the Forgotten Realms, and the player characters are all Harpers based in the city of Selgaunt (on the eastern coast of Sembia).