Hero XP

Welcome to our Hero XP page. This shows you the total of 'Hero' points that have been awarded to the characters starting from Chapter 66 when it was implemented. Of course, our definition of 'Hero' needs some explanation as most of the time it has nothing to do with Hero's, and their great deeds, and all to do with a classic moment, funny comment, or shameful display of enjoyment at others misfortune.

A Hero point is a 50xp bonus awarded to a member of the party by the rest of the party, and cannot be awarded to yourself, no matter if you 'saved the day' or not. The scores below are done to Chapter 115, but do not include 4 chapters where I had not written down everyone elses points, only my own.

Hero Points
Greatest Moment
x 20
4 in Chapter 66, for his point blank fireball tactics and saving Rallets from possibly being killed by the winged creatures. Another 4 was awarded in Chapter 107 for tryin to stop the Illithid Priest from leaving, causing his death.
x 63

4 in Chapter 87, for his fine plan involving Etherealness and the Portable Hole to bypass the barricades undetected, or to get in amongst the Derro casters. 4 in Chapter 89 for killing the casters, leading the plan, and his amazingly stubborn Obscuring Mist. And another 4 in Chapter 91 for yet more bearded plans. A spectacular 5 in Chapter 99 for his Wall of Stone which definatly helped saved the party from another barrage of spells.

x 48
3 in Chapter 82, for standing upto the evil party and healing the party despite knowing the wurm would get him. And a spiffing 6 in Chapter 105 for the plan of freeing the slaves.
x 6

He gets his first 3 points for nearly killing himself in an embarrasing fishy moment in chapter 112, then another 3 in chapter 113 for putting the killing blow in on one of the Dukes.

x 3
And he's off!
x 10
3 in Chapter 81, like Max below, for hitting something properly, and 4 in Chapter 95 for his Bluffing skills around the City - well rewarded for his good job.
x 29
3 in Chapter 80, for his selfless act of making a brooch for Agador and killing a wurm. And 3 in Chapter 88 for the exceedingly well timed Sleet Storm. And a magnificent 4 in Chapter 104 for closing a door! A flurry of 3 points for Robbie in Chapters 107, 110, and 112 for Surviving, saving Agador, and for shooting an Illithid.
  The Dead  
x 6 2 in Chapter 85, for finally managing to hit something consistantly. And 2 in Chapter 88 for again hitting something else (I see a trend here) and his mime interpretations.
x 16 4 in Chapter 68, for his splendid antics in trying to intimadate a lizard with a scary dance.