The Campaign

The following pages detail our version of events from the Dungeons and Dragons campaign called 'Into the Night Below', which we are currently playing in a 3rd edition Forgotten Realms setting. The pages include journals from the Dwarven Cleric known as Grassy Knoll, a Cleric of the God Gorm Gulthyn, who is accompanied on his journey by a party of adventurers on his trek into the Underdark. They are searching for 12 Dwarven acolytes of Gorm Gulthyn's church who disappeared while on pilgrimage, a woman called Jilenth who went missing from the nearby village of Milbourne, and to determine the origin of the evil that has swept the shire.

Latest Updates


June: Eh? Surely not playing this again are we? No. Sadly not, Grassy and friends remain in limbo (or were we dead? ....I dont recall) However, with a possible new campiagn underway, I thought I would perhaps read back on our exploits, but find the oh so clever method of scrolling that I used in a website created more than 12 years ago is a bit crappy in Firefox or Chrome. Plus it predates my learning to use CSS and so the code is bloated and horrible and can be quite easily reduced to load quicker etc.

So, nothing new to add sadly, but if you fancy it, I will be updating the pages so you can actually read them, starting in chronilogical order but starting from Chapter 15 for weird reasons that are explained obviously, but do make the begining of the chapters hard to work out who the hell is who - please stick with it though as it does get better. Who am I kidding, it doesnt really.

If you want details, then backgrounds will go obviously (scaling pictures to all screen sizes and holding in place to float statically while text moves is a ball ache and not one I want to spend time on here) and other pages that seem ok may be skipped - I have after all got at least 100 pages (just chapters) to fix already.

CSS code used to reduce the repetative font instrcutions per line, add colours to links (visited and pre-visited) and add a simple black background. Lastly, remove all the script code that covered the scrolling. This takes an average third off the size - 18k becomes 12k for instance.

So, create a new chapter template that strips out all the extra code and adds chapter before and after links.

Copy the text in code format from the chapter - I cant copy the text only as I cant scroll to copy it all. I paste this in notepad, then Ctrl H to search and replace, adding all the extra code (Font details size, style) to remove and replace with nothing. This gives me the guts of the chapter I just paste into the template. Rename the existing chapter chapterxx_old so I dont lose the original, and then tidy up the copy from notepad - just deleting extra spaces and adding paragraphs as required as the text gets copied in an unformated lump. Easy!

It seems that I had started this process back at the tail end of the campaign - the last few chapters to 139 are kind of using the css script and have the scrolling rubbish removed already, so just need to finish it all off so it can remain undisturbed for another 9 years or so.

Infrequent updates on my progress will of course follow infrequently. Hopefully I will be adding another DnD link here soon, but until then, laters.


15th July: All done! Blimey, that took longer than I thought, but I have done a fair bit....personally, I would grab your hot beverage of choice, grab a comfy chair and read on....

18th June: More updates in the background. Why am I bothering? Because the last chapter is going to take me 10 minutes to do, well my version of 10 minutes which is more like a week or so, and really does not 'end' the campaign in anyway shape or form - its merely a fight that we run away from and then climb some stairs. Not exactly the best way to end 10+ years of gaming is it?

So, updates. I found that I was missing Chapter 118 from my notes, and then realised that 118 was actually another break we had and an attempt to play by email which was something different. There are lots of things we tried that where different to the norm (long sessions etc) or me trying new things (first or third person writing, Robbie writting etc) and it all needs to be shown off, lest it never is returned to again. Think of it as a series recap, or one of them shows that they put on before the final episode of a long running series on TV, or the flashbacks of a crappy reality star that has just won a show for something or other.

17th June: I haven't started on the last chapter yet, simply as I am busy in the background finishing the website off. If I complete the chapter, I will simply leave things half done, and thats not the right way to 'lay to rest' this adventure, as we all throughly enjoyed it. So I am preparing a more fitting send off. Loads of work, adding new pages and updating pages I should have completed long ago. Then and only then, can I say I am done.

11th June: New Chapter up. Chapter 135 details the adventures of some of the party members check out one of the spooky islands, covered in scary Giant heads more like the skulls of torture victims. When we are told of this, Robbie says " sounds like a jolly holiday" to which Hobo says "..more like a holiday of death!" Basically, everyone gets their giblets touched.

10th June: I am half way through Chapter 135, entitled "Hooray, Hooray, it's a holi-holiday....of death!" written in late October 2006.

4th June: Chapter 134 is up.

26th May: I mentioned back in March I had some things to finish off, and while all that I was up to was not listed, I have now finished the MTG stuff, and am back to the Night Below. I do want to finish this off and then lay this to rest, hoping that one day, Grassy is dusted off to fight once more. So, soon I will start Chapter 134, dated the 15th October 2006. Hmm, I should remember it like the back of my hand should'nt I?

30th March: Just an update to say nothing really. Check the MTG site - this is the one that I am currently updating, and I hope to soon get back to finishing off my DnD stuff soon.

The following is outstanding:

5th Jan 2009: Posted Chapter 132 up now (that I previously just emailed) and over the chrimble period, I finished off Chapter 133 as well! Look how busy I have been despite being ill! I typed most of it on a Macbook, and looks like I may be able to keep for longer than the school break, which is handy, seeing as how I was unable to use it for 6 days being a wimpering wreck on the setee.

For those that want to know, Chapter 133 was played over 2 years ago, on October 1st 2006. Blimey time flies....

The Web Site

Just a quick introduction to the site itself. On your left, you will see the standard navigation bar, and curiously enough, that's the place where you can navigate the whole site to your hearts content. Scrolling down are explanations for the links that you will find there. The links at the bottom of the page are there to shortcut to sections that are buried within other pages, or to the other sites I have hosted. There you go, the whole thing is nearly as simple as the party this is based upon.


These pages detail our journals, and contain maps given out during the campaign. We are currently in chapter 3 of the Night Below campaign, "The Sunless Sea". Each session we play is written up as a chapter in our campaign, and a synopsis is contained here with links to the journal entry itself. - These pages have high spoiler content, that is assuming you can relate what you are doing in your campaign to our motley crew's antics.

The dates and times that appear in brackets in some of the earlier chapters relate to original dates that they where written, whereas times mentioned are in game times - just to make things complicated. There are no chapters prior to Chapter 15 (an educated guess on how many sessions I reckoned had passed) as I did not start writing them until later into the campaign, a good 6 months or so after we started. The pages under this section are detailed as follows:

Progress: A continuing synopsis of the story to date. A few pages of information that cover the many adventures that we have had over each of the chapters that we have explored so far.

The Evils of Harranshire / Perils of the Underdark / The Sunless Sea: Each of these are links explaining in great detail the things that we have done in each of the areas. Each of these sub-chapters is divided into 8 to 10 area's, and each area has one or more chapters associated with it.


The Players and Characters that make up this motley crew. Each person will hopefully add there own biography, or short background here, and possibly favourite chapter - whether good or bad. The pages show stat block information showing current levels, stats, skills, Magic Items, and each character has an image created by Hero Generator.


Rules related to our campaign. This page details rules from our conversion from 2nd to 3rd edition, any house rules we use, and rules for characters that join our campaign, either due to death or additional people.


Our treasure that we have accumulated and is yet to be divided amongst the party, all lovingly stashed in the best party magical item a party could wish for, even better than a Bag of Holding (or a duvet), as it has cutlery drawers and a bed.

Its a tad out of date, and when I get round to updating the chapters, I will sort out - honest.


A page containing all the D and D links you need for message boards, other people's campaign's, FAQ's and anything else I can think of. Again, not updated as much as I would like for purely time reasons unfortunatly.


And lastly we have the 'Quote of the Chapter'. This handy little feature helps us to remember which party member did something out of the ordinary, made an exceptionally fine comment, or simply earned a 'Mongo Mungy' (a derogatory term used for a fine display of stupidity, or incredulous behavior - the word originates from a campaign from long ago.) As you can see, most of the quotes shown are fine examples of our role playing skills, finely tuned with our detailed knowledge of the game, and mixed up with our own special brand of what we find humorous. Clicking this quote will also take you to the latest batch of chapters written.


Our campaign originally started in mid 1999 as a 2nd edition campaign, but when the new 3rd edition rules came out, we changed over to them, converting our characters (who where approximately 6th level at the time) to the new rules. Chapter 39 is our first test of the new rules, and a grand time is had by all as we struggle with Attacks of Opportunity rules :p. The inital group was made up of 7 long time friends, and we have played D and D in its various guises from when we were teenagers, which for some of us, is a very long time ago.

Each session we play is recorded as a Chapter, and the current Chapter is recorded down to the bottom left of your screen, along with the most recently completed journal entry. The rest of which will be updated as soon as I have time to do so. We play approximately twice a month, for 4 to 5 hrs a session, bar the following longer than normal sessions that can be found here.