Chapter 134 –Birdy Num Num

We finish up the negotiations with the Illithids, who wanted written reassurance that we would not reveal where they resided, and that we would help them storm the city when the time was right. This still does not sit happy with me, but I am alone with my troubles and with no other apparent way of completing my geas quest, I must join with these strange bedfellows. Once everything is all agreed, they then tell us that we should try the area by the docks, as our “..old friends are there.”

Curiously we head onwards while scouting the area and soon arrive near the docks within the huge cavern. Amongst the rocks we can see a few bodies lying scattered on the floor and nothing appears to be moving as we wait a few moments to watch over the scene. From our distance, it looks like one of the figures is a Giant, while two bodies lay near the body of a cave troll.

We prepare ourselves and move forward, and as we close in, we can see that the cave troll is bleeding heavily and is laying awkwardly, covering two large sacks with an arm and one it’s legs. I fall back behind a rock and start to Scry with the Crystal Ball looking for Talstar, and find him easily, although he appears in a tight spot covered in brown cloth of some sort. As he struggles, I notice that one of the sacks starts to move – he is in the sack under the Troll!

We have Talstar! The sack is up ended, and he falls out bound and gagged and blindfolded, his head swaying from left to right as he tries to work out what is happening and whether he is being attacked. His eyes are bright and fearful when we remove the blindfold, and as he blinks away the rubbish that has built up in his eyes, he recognises us, and sighs gratefully before closing his eyes. He is quickly freed from his bonds and we start to get water and food for him.

Looking over the other corpses, one is a husk, and looks like he has been clawed to pieces before it was bleed out. The male wears chainmail and has a steel shield, a mace drawn from sheath but hanging to one side. As I move his arm to examine closer, his hand flops down and a symbol of Cyric rolls from his hand –the evil Cleric from the other party!

As we look about and try and piece together what has happened here, a huge flying creature comes into view, a warning shout from Beard identifying its direction. A large bat type creature with a massive wingspan and powerful arms, roughly 3 times the size of an elf moves quickly into our view from the inland. As It approaches, all can see the abomination, a creature melded or warped in some way with tentacles protruding from its neck, while its intestines hang half out of its bloated stomach.

The creature immediately sets about the group, swooping in to grab me with its large claw hands before stuffing me into the mess of its stomach.

The others react quickly as it attacks, with Agador casting Kiss of the Vampire and reaching out, touching the creature as it passes, before sending a barrage of magic missiles against it. Both attacks seem to have worked, but Agador cries out a warning that the creature is warded in some way.

Beard casts Righteous Might and doubles in size before moving closer, while Robbie fires off an Enervation that actually strikes me. Thankfully I am protected against this type of attack and Robbie’s follow up attack of Lightning Bolt also proves ineffective, as it misses its mark the blast trailing upwards to disappear out of view.
Beard is also grappled on the creatures return swoop and joins me as he is thrust into the open wound that appears to be its stomach. I call upon my God as I Holy Word the creature, gripping the creature from the inside with my gauntleted fist, but there is no effect, despite knowing that my spell has worked truly. Beard from within starts to thresh away, and more or less burrows his way through the creature with his claws, critically hitting with nearly very strike. The creature dies messily, and both myself and beard tumble to the floor covered in a mess that would shame an abattoir herder.

As I cast Heal on myself, Beard warns of another of the creatures flying into view, directly towards us.

Flame based spells from Agador hit it, and then I cast Destruction and then hold a Harm touch spell. The Destruction does not hurt it to its full capacity, but is still bathed in Holy fire and I am gathered once more as I have definitely angered it the most. Agador is scooped up shortly afterwards, and joins me rolling around in its stomach cavity. Beard moves in and claws it as the creature passes while Robbie tries another lightning bolt, failing again.

I continue to anger the beast as I reach out and grab its reproductive organs, a Harm touch to the jollies is always painful not matter what creature you are, and with a loud roar of pain the wings fold around us as it tries to protect its wounded sack. To make sure it does not suicide itself with me in its clutches, I then Dimension Door away to hide behind a rock watching from a distance as it tries to escape out into the expanse of the cavern. Beard shouts out that yet another creature is heading our way, brought by the noise of battle and the painful screeching of the bird creature.

Agador drains the remaining life from the beast and it instantly plummets to the floor with Agador in its clutches, bouncing into rocks before it hits the floor, but giving Agador a semi safe landing as he steps out from within the creature covered in gore.

Beard starts to fire at the creature off into the darkness, and people start to move into positions. Robbie has prepared a sleet storm and a large Cave Troll runs into and past it with fine speed and style and the Sleet Storm instead catches Agador and Beard.  

Although the Troll expertly navigated his way across the ice like Christopher Dean, his still manages to get his jollies touched by Jane Agador Torville gracefully sliding past him the other way. Beard clomps off the icy with usual Dwarven grace and un-slings his bow, while Agador once more slides dextrously up to it and fondles it again before Beard’s shoots it dead with tree trunk sized arrows.

We gather everything together and pile it into the hole and Wind-walk back to the altar area, with Talstar and the other occupant of the second sack, which turns out to be Cranin. While we rest for the night, I Scry the other evil party members and find the Warrior, all beat up and resting in an inn somewhere unfamiliar. Morning comes and I burn the unholy symbol with a Flame Strike, dramatic and over powered yes, but it made me feel good, and we spend the rest of the day putting the Gnome jewellery and items back.

The next day, under an Anti Magic Shell, we interrogate Cranin wanting to know where Count Palfrey is. Crannin tries subtle and not so subtle trickery but we have none of it and he is duly beaten and put back in the sack for later justice.