Chapter 40 - "Snagger found!"

After the battle, we move further into the cavenous room to explore the area, and as we do, hear lots of wailing and screaming. Hearing a rush of movement, defiantly Orcish in nature, we move back to a more defensive position, and are greeted by the sight of a horde of angry female Orcs, all crying for our blood.

The fight is a mess, as the women unarmed where of no real effort, and although female of my hated enemy, I took no pleasure in what could only be described as slaughter. The women seem to never end, and we are threatened through sheer weight of numbers, so they are killed (or perhaps culled is a more appropriate phrase?). Agador, fighting near the middle is suddenly attacked from behind. He turns to see an old Orc female crone, ready to strike him again. Within the females, a few large Orcs appear, two warriors, and a shaman or two it seems, all urging the females forward to their deaths. The old hag is finally cut down by Agador, but not before he was struck badly by her spells.

With the hag down, the female stop their attacks upon us, and turn to flee, with more cut down as they run past the rest of the party. With the way clear, we concentrate on the remaining warriors and the Chieftain. Who has just arrived on the scene. The warrior is immediately held by a spell from myself, and Salas, at the front near the chieftain, is blessed with a silence spell from Beard, keeping the Cheiftain from spellcasting.

The warrior does nothing apart from give me an evil stare as I bless him with my holy symbol then remove him from this plane to meet his maker, his head bouncing from the floor. Salas decides to emulate the warriors of old, and leapt at the Cheiftain, grappling him to the floor, alternating between punching the bewildered chieftain and smashing him in the face with his sickle. The last remaining unapproached Orc, one who was surrounded by many images of himself, see's the mad sickle wielding Elf drop his Cheiftain, and decides to retreat, but Beard catches up with him with the aid of his magical boots.

Beards first attack removes one of the images, and I run up to help, smashing the real Orc in the leg. Beard, with the 'telepathic Dwarf link' follows this up by smashing the real Orc twice more, the last hammer strike crushing his ribcage killing him. All of the Orcs now lie dead except the Cheiftain, who is woken to answer our questions. He utters angry noises, and refuses to speak, but tries to utter a spell of some kind and gets killed for his troubles. The rest of the cave is explored, and a Dwarf named Snagger is discovered, who is actually Grizzlers nephew.

Snagger leads us to Talstar and Magrik, and we find all their gear piled around them, which they quickly retrieve. Magrik opens a chest for us, but gets blasted by a spell, taking one of the other Elves position in the 'stupid' queue. Thankfully he escapes harm, and he finds that the chest is packed with gems and coin, with a few little items as well. Agador does the honours over the next day, while we rest, and all is quiet until later that evening, when some figures appear from an unchecked side corridor. Female gnomes, slightly pale of face move into view, and the lead figure utters the words "…..we need to talk….."