Date: December 30th 2009

Location: My House

Event: M10/Zendikar Draft

(For information on specific cards, check here)

Attending: [2] Me and Chris


We drafted with both M10 and Zendikar packs in this order: M10, Zendikar, M10 and lastly another pack of Zendikar.

Game 1

I went first and lead with a Zephyr Sprite. I then have a 2/1 creature out but get stuck on 2 land while Chris has a Viashino Spearhunter. I get a Gorgon Flail down while Chris casts Ignite Orders on my poor birds to kill them all stone dead. I now have just three land to Chris's six, and get a Griffen Sentinel into play.

I have not managed to get rid of the Viashino Spearhunter and finally drop a fourth land to trigger a Steppe Lynx and drop a Windrider Eel.

Chris drops the Kalolion Behemoth (9/9 with shroud) then Panic Attacks ftw.


Game 2

A Zephyr Sprite out again while Chris has an elf. I drop a wall but Chris drops a Bladetusk Boar (3/2 with Intimidate) then a death touch spider. An Ignite order finishes my wall, I draw nothing that can help me and concede the next turn.



Game 3

A Steppe lynx out first for me then sage owl and a wall, while Chris has a death touch spider which stalls the game until I excommunicate a creature of his and attack. Chris decides the not trade with the spider and let's me through for my first real attack of the game.

He brings the creature back into play and searches for land allowing me to Archive trap him for 13 cards. I chump his 7/7 with my owl, then attack with a death touch enabled Steppe Lynx and then transfer it to my wall. Chris attacks with the forest boosted creature and lightning blasts my wall. He drops a spider and a wall of fire and I drop a roil elemental then a land to steal his spider and attack in the air.

The next turn I drop another land, steal another creature and attack in the air ftw.

1 - 2

Game 4

Zephyr out first turn followed by my merfolk then the lynx and sage owl. Chris has no creatures so I am attacking with my little weenies until he drops a Dragon Whelp and I attack with little lads to try and get some damage in. A Burst Lightning kills my Snapping Drake and he swings in the Whelp and lays the Bladetusk Boar.

I get another land fall for the Lynx and swing and also my Wall of faith down. Ignite Order wipes out three of my little lads and I Arrow Volley Trap his lads in return.

I use Kor Sanctifiers to off his enchantment and he sets off a trap that gives him 4 snakes.

He attacks and a Trumpet Blast kills my Kors. I drop a Bird Ally and Chris has a Craw Wurm - the life is tight at this point with me on 12 and Chris on 8. I drop a land to trigger my Windrider Eel to get Chris within Killing distance and he swarms me. I spend a little longer than I normally do to take my turn as I work out what could kill me. Thankfully Chris had none of them and I commit myself, fly in the air with my lads to win.

2 - 2

Game 5


Bears for Chris, Bird for me and Chris Ignites my Kor lads and I drop a Windrider Eel. Chris has Bladetusk Boar and attacking and Chris will not trade my small flierfor his Deathtouch spider while I had the Windrider Eel out.

I glorious charge my lads to kill off some of his attackers and he drops a giant spider. I am stuck on 4 land and he casts a second Ignite to kill off my fliers. Bladetusk Boar whittling me away, and after a few more attacks, he then lightning bolts me to finish me off.

2 - 3

Game 6

Zephyr for me and then Sage Owl to help sort out my one land hand. I am hitting in the air with the little lads then an Ignite Order wipes out all three of them!

We then build up creatures on both sides I gang block his 5/5 losing two of mine Chris drops his snake trap then Ignites my Roil Elemental.

He panic attacks me and attacks with everything to power up his enchantment. I excommunicate the Whelp but dont draw anything and die a turn later.

2 - 4

Game 7

Zephyr again followed by a Sage Owl then Griffen Sentinal. Ponder into more little lads and Chris has nothing but Enchantments. Then he drops a giant spider, which I excommunicate and swing in.

I drop a Kor Sancifier to off one of Chris enchantments but forget they can be sacrificed in response and do have an Archive Trap to catch him to mill 13 cards away.

He ignites and kills my Griffen and then he drops a Craw Wurm. I am stuck on land again, while Chris has 10 of them allowing him to drop a 9/9 Hydra. I drop a Windrider Eel, but Chris's army is juts too much, and although I had 20 life to his 7, he just batters his way through to finish me off.

2 - 5


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