Date: September 19th

Location: My House

Event: M10 Draft

Attending: [4] Me, Mike, Rob and Keith


For information on specific cards, check the lists for the sets here: M10

As usual we had random seating which ended up as follows: Mike > Rob > Keith > Me. Again random packs were picked based on highest roll first followed by the person sitting next to them until all packs where picked. For this session I also wrote down notes for the first few picks of each booster rather than just the first pick.

My first pick for pack one was the excellent Baneslayer Angel, over a Howling Banshee and a Orcish Artillery. Not a bad start at all for a draft of any shape or kind and is the equivalent of opening a booster to find a £20 note in it! My pick from pack 2 was a Harms way, Pack 3 a Stormfront Pegasus over a Black knight, [4] Tendrils, [5] Centaur Corsair [6] Snapping Drake.

A nice selection of good cards - I did try to stick in white but took some nice cards from other colours 'just in case'. As we run 4 boosters, its much easier to pick good cards from all colours to start and become more focused on the 2nd pack instead.

For pack two my card selection went as follows:

Rhox Pikemaster over Harms Way and Bird of Paradise [2] Razorfoot Griffen over Acidic Slime and various blue counterspells, [3] Veteran Armoursmith over Borderland Ranger, [4] Enourmous baloth over Borderland Ranger.

Yes, you did read that right. I passed a Bird of Paradise for a Pikemaster...probably fresh from my Baneslayer Angel pull, I tried to stay on target come hell or high water. Plus I think I have at last got over my "..I never get a Bird of Paradise's!" phase as I recently have picked up quite a few from boosters. Anyway, I digress. I stayed in White as long as possible, picking up the Baloth as fat or possibly for a second colour.

For pack three, I took the Gargoyle Island over a Divine verdict or Mold Adder, [2] Celestial Purge over a Lightning Bold and a Guard, [3] Soul warden over Assassinate, Pyroclasm or Doom Blade, [4] Undead Slayer over Assassinate, [5] Divine Verdict.

Still kept to White nicely. Looks like I was aiming to play a single coloured deck and well on my way to do so.

The last pack I took Armoured Assession over a foil Cemetery Reaper that I was sorely tempted to whore, [2] Blinding Mage over Soul Warden, [3] Howl of the Night pack over Undead Slayer and Palace Guard, [4] Excommunicate, [5] Blinding Mage.

More info on every one else's decks and card selections can be read here.

Game 1

I drop a Soul Warden which triggers two life very shortly afterwards as Mike lays Elves and Accolyte. A Child of the Night and a Blinding Mage come down for us which is good, but they lay a Tim shortly afterwards.

I counter Keiths Bird of Paradise, while Rob casts Weakness on the Tim as it kills my Soul Warden. I get a Rhox Pikemaster and Rob has his Magebane Armour out. They cast Consume Spirit on Robs Child of Night, so he casts another and equips the artifact, while I add two soldiers to bolster our defenses.

A Fireball from Keith kills my Rhox Pikemaster and the Blinding Mage is finally stopped from doing his job by another Consume Spirit.

A Howling Banshee comes down for us and after this attack we are at 36 life to their 12. A Mold Adder comes down for them and grows with each black spell of Robs, while a Bog Wraith attacks through our Swamps. Our Child of Night has Weakness cast upon it but a Gravedigger brings it back to our side once more.

We attack again to try and bump off some of their creatures while swinging life upwards for us, and they drop fat in the shape of a Craw Wurm and some other smaller creatures to chump block.

Robs Cemetery Creeper is Armoured Assensioned by me, and flying through the air, smashes face FTW.


Game 2

Keith goes down to 6, and when we start, the Soul warden is down straight away. This does not last long as it is Doomblade'd by Mike and we get going again as I put a Veteren Armoursmith and Rob lays a Deadly Recluse.

Centaur Coursar for Keith and Drudge Skeletons for Mike, and we attack after Rob has cast Weakness on the Skeles. A sneaky Giant Growth is used to off the Centaur as it is declared a blocker, and all they do next turn is lay a Whispersilk Cloak with nothing to cast it on.

We soon have more lads to join the fray, with our own Centaur Corsair and a Blinding Mage, and attack with some soldiers.


Mike has two Accolytes out to cause us loss of life, and Keith Lighning Bolts our Centaur. Another Blinding Mage comes down for us and I Robs Gravedigger returns his Centaur. More Soldier attacks, more Accolyte life loss. The Whispersilk Cloak is added to the forest walking Emerald Onyx, while we follow up with the Centaur and a Baneslayer Angel. Keith adds a Giant Spider which is tapped by the Blinding Angel and Assassinated and we swing with the lads.

They chump what they can, we end the turn, and after they look at their cards and dont see what they want, they conceed.


Game 3

Rob goes down to 5 cards, and this is a tense start as we only need this game for a 3-0 victory.

We have a nice few starting rounds though with Elvish Visionary, Black Knight and Stormfront Pegasus and they have a few creatures including the Centaur Corsar. Mike casts Sign in Blood on himself to draw cards while Rob gets the third land he needs to cast his own Centaur.

I bounce their Centaur and counter it on its recast, while Mike drops a Vampire Nocturnus with black showing to boost it.

They attack, and guessing they have a Giant Growth gang block accordingly, losing a few lads along the way but getting rid of the daddy Vampire.

I drop a Rhox Pikemaster which is shortly Doomblade'd, and another Centaur is down for Keith. After a small attack from them we have a Razorfoot Griffen and Child of the Night but both are blasted to pieces as they are Fireballed by Keith.

They try a Consume Spirit on my Stormfront Pegasus which we Ginat Growth to keep alive, and they Weakness our Black Knight and Mike Mind Rots me for the two cards in my hand which are both thankfully Plains.

I trigger the Gargoyle Castle bringing a Gargoyle into play, but Rob and I are on the back foot here, as they Panic attack some our creatures, hit us with a massive attack for 13 and then drop a Howling Banshee to finish us off.

2 - 1

Game 4

Accoylate for Rob and a Bird of Paradise for Keith, which I Ice Cage. They free the bird by casting Giant Groth on it, and we cast Weakness on it to remove the mana giving flier.

Mike has a Drudge Skeleton while I have a Palace Guard, a Borderland ranger comes down for Keith and a Mist Leopard for us.

I counter a Swamp walker and drop a Stormfront Pegasus. A Blinding Mage also joins our side but is no match for their next drop when a Garruk joins their team. Rob has cast Lurking Predators so we get a free Child of Night when Mike uses his Sign in Blood on Keith, while Keiths Shivan Dragon gets us a Gravedigger which digs up another creature.

Their SparkMage Apprentice kills our Child of Night, which triggers a free Howling Banshee. Now which idiot thought that the Lurking Predator was not worth-while putting in the original deck? Oh, thats right, it was me. Doh! With three free creatures coming in on our team, we had a much better board position than before, especially when I Celestial Purge their Shivan Dragon.

I make a huge mistage here as I should have tapped the Deadly Recluse with the Blinding Mage and attacked in the air to take Garruk down a notch, instead groaning loudly and angrily at my mistake afterwards. Keith drops an Elvish Visionary to draw a card and then they use Garruks Overrun ability. We lose a lot of our lads here as we try and take out their creatures while taking more damage because of it. A Giant Growth from them earns us an Enormous Baloth which was very handy, and our next attack kills Garruk to stop them mana accelerating and getting back to the Overrun position.

They drop a Tim, which reveals a Tendrils which we keep, but we do not get to draw it as with an attack from them, they get a little damage through to be able to allow Mike to Consume Spirit us for the win.

2 - 2

Game 5

I swapped out a huge amount of cards here to try and make a difference. Should I have run this deck to start with is another matter

Out: Plains, terramorphic Expanse, Wall of faith, 2 x Negate, 2 x Essence Scatter

In: 2 x Island, 2 x illusionary Servant, Flashfreeze, Sage Owl, Snapping Drake.

Mold Adder and Accolye for them, Blinding Mage and Child of Night for us. A Sparkmage kils our Child of the Night and a Deathmark kills the Blinding mage, while we lay a Undead Slayer and the Magebane Armour.

The Slayer is Fireballed and they drop a Dread Warlock. I am missing an Island and also a land drop while Rob drops a Borderland Ranger and a Cemetery Reaper. I get my Island and get out a Sage Owl to ensure land next, while 'Team Mythic' lay a Vampire Nocturnus (flying and boosted) and the Red Planeswalker Chandra.

The Owl is Doombladed, Chadra pings us, and I counter their Emerald Onyx.

Their fresh skeleton is caught by Weakness and a few nifty spells go off as I Excommunicate the Vampire Lord and Unsummon the increasingly large Mold Adder. They chump some of our attacks, and then explode Chandra against Rob and his team leaving us with pretty much bugger all.

We are on the backfoot now and drop some blockers that are little more than speed bumps to try and draw something that we need. Keith Panic Attacks our lads which sadly also kills my Illusionary Servant, and with the Vampire Lord in the air once more we are hit for nearly double digits and then Howling Banshee comes down to finish us off once more.

2 - 3

My mistake in Game 4 was a costly one as it definatly made a huge difference to that game and I really think without the loss of our lads and the damage dealt, we would have won 3-1.....oh well maybe next Rob eh?

We also made comments on the games predicted outcome after the teams were drawn - I cant tell you Robs, as it read more like a football score for the premier division as he seemed to think we played best of 3 per game.

Mike : Lose 3-1

Keith: Win 3-1

Me: Win 3-1 sadly no one predicted correctly and yes I am aware that my mistake would have meant that we all would have predicted correctly. Oh well!


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