Date: September 18th

Location: Mikes House

Event: M10 Draft

Attending: [2] Me & Mike


For information on specific cards, check the lists for the sets here: M10

Both myself and Mike where far too excited about the upcoming game this Saturday, despite the fact that the numbers had whittled down to 4 from the much wanted three way 2HG we all want to play - so we just had to set up a quick match the night before.

I tried something different as I wrote down a few of my picks and what I picked it over - I am writing this a month after the game, so forgive me if I ramble into hindsight over what I was actually thinking at the time!

My first pick for pack one was the huge Shivan Dragon, over an Awakener Druid and Mind Control. [2] Took White Knight over Unsummon. [3] Stampeding Rhino and [4] I took the white flying Griffen Sentinal.

So it looks like I was Red, White and Green after the first four picks!

For pack two, Pyroclasm was my first pick over Pacifism, Manabarbs and Borderland Ranger [2] Pacifism over Stone Giant, [3] Armoursmith over Borderland Ranger amd [4] Pegasus over Stone Giant.

Looks like I was still trying to work out White over Green as a second colour to Red - or seeing as how I didnt have a huge amount of Red, possibly keeping Green/White as my colours. The first few packs had no Fireballs or Lightning Bolts or any of the real Red staples, and to be honest, imho, you really need the big guns to force Red in a draft.

Pack three now, and picking Overrun over Underworld Dreams and Prodigal Sorceror, [2] U/B Land over Orchish Artillery*, [3] Prodigal Sorceror and [4] Stampeding Rhino over Orchish Artillery.

* We both wanted the land, but as it was nothing at all to do with the deck and all about trade or money value, we settled on a gentlemanly way to do it - we picked a card that we needed and the land and got our opponent to choose a random card. Mike did this first and he kept whatever the land was up against, and when I did the same, he picked the land for me, so I kept it.

This pack also seemed to confirm Red and Green - I had been picking up more of the Green creatures to help make the deck, as well as Overrun and a Tim to help my side. I still did have a few white fliers and nice creatures - it looks like once more its down to the wire to decide my colours.

Pack four was an easy Planar Cleansing over a Stone Giant and lots of Black cards. [2] Runeclaw Bear over Terramorphic Expanse, Nightmare and lots of good black, [3] Stone Giant, [4] Rise from the Grave and [5] Deathmark.

Each of our pack four boosters didnt help me at all and I dont think it did Mike a huge amount of favours either. I took staple black cards rather than rubbish on colour ones incase there was any way I could make something out of it.

[These notes continue after the Game Write-up and every one else's card selections and comments can be read here.]

Final Deck List

Land (17)

10 x Mountain, 6 x Forest, 1 x Terramorphic Expanse

Spells (6)

Kindled Fury, Pryroclasm, Overrun, Trumpet Blast, Rampant Growth, Sesmic Strike

Creatures (17)

Shivan Dragon, Capricious Efreet, Sparkmage Apprentice, Borderland Ranger, Runeclaw bear, Wall of Fire, Goblin Artillery, Lightning Elemental, Prodigal Pyromancer, 2 x Stone Giant, Jackal Familiar, 2 x Stampeding Rhino, Mist Leopard, 2 x Raging Goblin.

Game 1

We both mulligan again as a freebie, and when happy with our new hand of seven cards, I drop a Raging Goblin. I swing and then drop a Sparksmage Apprentice to off Mikes Elvish Visionary that he had just cast. I drop a Runeclaw Bear but still only have 2 land on turn 4.

Mike on the other hand has 4 land and no creatures, so I continue to swing with my little lads until I walk into a Divine verdict which offs my bear. Mike drops an Emerald Onyx and I finally get a third land to use the Borderland Ranger that has been sitting useless in my hand to grab land 4.



Mike attaches an Armoured Assecion to the Emerald Onyx to make it a 5/6 unblockable creature, and when he attacks, its Giant Growth'd to hit me for 8. I do not draw anything to get rid of it, and when he swings again, he Might of Oaks it FTW.


Game 2

Mike starts with a Silvercoat Lion and I sit behind a Wall of Fire. Then an Awakener Druid comes down and I get a Goblin Artillery down. He attacks with the Tree awakened by the Druid and Excommunicates my Wall. I use the Artillery on the Druid, Mike pacifies the Wall of Fire when I recast it and swings with one Silvercoat Lion and casts another to join it.

A Stone Giant comes down for team Stuart, Mike attacks again and I Orchish Artillery one of the attackers only to have Mike Giant Growth his lad to save it, forcing me to throw my Stone Giant in front of it to block. The other lion that gets through is boosted with a Might of Oaks, and Mike wins with 20 life left.



Game 3

I mulliagn down to 5 cards as I have either no land or too much, and thankfully start with a Raging Goblin versus Mikes nothing to get a few beats in. I dont draw the forest I need to be able to drop a bear until a couple of rounds later. On queue Mike gets an Awakener Druid down with its tree friend ready to punch face then an Emerald Onyx to join it.

I Rampant Growth to 5 mana and Mike swings with the team, Giant Growthing one that gets through. A Stampeding Rhino comes down for me, and I attack back with some bears.

I am one out for casting the Shivan Dragon I have had in my hand for ages, and Mike Pacifies my Rhino. Thankfully I get the sixth land I need and drop the Shivam Dragon, but its just too late, as Mike Might of Oaks the Forestwalker FTW, when I could have won with the Dragon in the air next turn.

3 - 0

Game 4

I manage to deal myself a hand of 6 land a creature that costs 5, and muligan to a slightly, but only just, better hand of 6. This doesnt help when Mikes first creature is an Awakener Druid, but I draw a Wall of Fire and can cast it to hide behind. Mike has one of his Emerald Onyx's, and I get a Stampeding Rhino, but once more the Onyx is enchanted with Armoured Assension.

A Capricious Efreet for comes down on my side while Mike attacks and the unblocked forestwalker is double Giant Growthed to do maximum damage. My Efreet targets a few of his permanents and thankfully offs the Emerald Onyx.

I drop a Shivan Dragon and swing for 10, and Mike top decks a Excommunicate to return the Shivan to my hand, and swings with 3 little creatures to kill me off.

4 - 0

Game 5

A Jackal Familiar starts out for me, and the next turn I get two Raging Goblins down and are swing for 4 on the second turn. Mike drops nothing and I get to hit him twice more. Mike drops an Emerald Onyx but leaves it back to block my next attack, targeting the Jackal, which I Kindled Fury to kill his Emerald Onyx.

Mike gets a Stampeding Rhino down, and I swing with team shit again, my lads dwindling as they are blocked. I get a Sparkmage down and ping Mike, who is now down to 2, and I dont see an immediate way to get that last bit of damage down. I am still at 20 however, and so have time.


Until I draw nothing for two rounds, while Mike drops a Pacifism on my Jackal, an Awakener Druid and another Emerald Onyx. I am stuck with Green cards in hand and no Forests, and chump blocking against large creatures, only to have Mike cast Overrun, dealing 21 damage in one hit, one more than the life I had.

5 - 0

So as you can see, I didnt make very much of my card selection at all.

To sum up - and this is Mike agreeing with me, not just me making any kind of excuses, we had 8 packs with hardly any direct damage, minimal removal and a complete lack of common and uncommon fliers. To top if off, black was pretty much undraftable as all the packs had hardly any black staples at all or only had 1 card in it until we opened the last packs which then had some really really good black in it. Its weird how a draft can completely change by the order of the packs drafted....

Dont worry Mike, I will get you next time.....


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