Date: August 29th 2009

Location: Mikes Tent in Eastbourne

Event: 2HG M10

Attending: [4] Me, Mike, Chris and Rob


For information on specific cards, check the lists for the sets here: M10


Camping down in Eastbourne, in Mikes spacious tent, we sat under the luminous glow of a LED camping light on a collapsable table and chair set.

Seating was Rob > Me > Chris > Mike, and off we went with 4 packs of M10.

Then, before everyone had passed one card, Rob ran to help Kat and Chris ran off to see his fishes. Fifteen minutes later, we get to pass the second card........I also get called later in the game by Lee, so just Mike escapes the wrath of the other half.

My Card Pool

Another draft, another Planeswalker. I have been a lucky beggar during drafts for some reason for PW's, and long may it continue, although next time, I would like a White or Green one please :p

With a Serra Angel start in white and then some not bad black creatures and spells, followed by more white removal coming my way, I had the basis of a jolly nice deck within the first two packs and therfore did not have a difficult draft at all.

When finished, we drew random teams, and lo and behold, it was Mike and I once more. A quick move to a room in the tent and whispers over camplight to find that we had both drafted Black and White!


I ended up trying something different by creating a more or less spell only deck - something that would have seen me dead in a normal draft, but with a partner to back me up, was a viable option indeed, especially after pooling our cards.

I ended up with 18 spells and only five creatures. On the other hand, with that many spells I could kill, bounce and obstruct lots and lots of creatures. I had Mind Rots for psudo-removal (killing a creature on the board is more or less the same as making an opponent discard a creature) and I could sit behind Mikes creatures and obstruct as I needed to. 

Final deck list

Land: 5 x Plains; 11 x Swamps

Creatures: 2 x Child of Night; Hypnotic Spectre; 2 x Howling Banshee

Spells: Liliana Vess; Tendrils; Assassinate; 3 x Mind Rot; 2 x Doom Blade; 2 x Weakness; 3 x Excommunicate; Pacifism; 2 x Divine Verdict; 2 x Consume Verdict

Rares picked up along the way: Pithing Needle; Dragonskull Summit; Kalonian Behemoth; Goblin Chieftain

More info on every one else's decks and card selections can be read here.

Game 1

A spider and Flying Men start on their side, against two Child of Night for me and two Soldiers for Mike. Rob counters an Ice Cage cast on the death touch spider and we attack, exchanging creatures with them.

Mike Silences them next turn, and with only Flying Men on their side we attack again. I am still stuck on two mana with a fist full of cards requiring three.

Finally drawing a land, I Excommunicate Robs Air Elemental, Mike casts Armored Ascension on his Soldier and Unsummons Chris's Bramble Creeper. Both the Bramble Creeper and the Air Elemental are re-cast next turn and I Mind Rot Chris for 2 cards.

Rob casts a Sparkmage Apprentice targetting Mikes Illusion flier and getting rid of that, and we take their follow up attack on the chin. I finish things off by dropping a Howling Banshee to win the game as it deals both teams 6 damage.


Game 2

They have a few creatures early, and attack with little lads as we struggle to draw. They Giant Growth an Elf that we have Ice Cage'd to get rid of the enchantment and boost their little lad to get some more digs in.

I drop a Hypnotic Spectre, and Mike has no white mana and a fist full of soldiers. Rob Polymorth's my Hypnotic Spectre, which thankfully does not reveal all my deck as I only have five creatures in it. All of four cards are revealed before a Child of Night appears in the Spectre's place.

I have to Consume Spirit on a little merfolk to stop the little beats that they are getting in on us, and Rob's Sparksmith off's my Child. Mike finally gets a sac land to get some white to lay his first soldier.

I Excomunicate Chris's Bramble Creeper and little attacks have taken us to 20 while we have hardly touched them. A Craw Wurn from Chris is bounced, and Mikes Soul Warden is countered by Rob, but we get a 2/2 FS Griffen down. Merfolk and Bramble for them as well as the Mold Adder which was dangerous for us as we played both Black and Blue. I Pacifiy the Bramble and drop the Howling Banshee.

Craw Wurm back down for Chris, which I Excommunicate, and we attack in the air and Mike drops a Soldier. Rob drops the Phatom Warrior and Act of Treason's one of our lads to swing for 7, quickly followed by a Might of Oaks after we had declared no blockers. This thankfully is Cancelled by Mike as we where on 14 life, and exactly the amount of damage that we would have taken.

Mike puts a Armored Ascension on a Griffen and attacks, and the unblockable swings in for 2 against us, dropping us to 5. Chris then drops a Howl of the Night Pack for a potentially game winning seven Wolves, and with them on 2 life and us on 5 and no way for us to punch through that last few points of damage, I sadly drop another Howling Banshee, which kills us all.


Game 3

Mold Adder down for Chris, followed by another. I Doomblade one which is countered, and Mike Pacifies one. Rob drops the Phathom Warrior, and Chris Oakenform's one of the Adders, which I Assassinate after it takes. Mike drops a Soldier, then when they attack, Chris Might of Oaks an attacker which Mike Unsummons.

I drop a Child of Night and Mike drops another Soldier, followed by Chris droping a 4/4 Trampler which is Ice Cage'd by Mike. We counter a Oakenform on the trampler, and this causes the Ice Cage to 'thaw' and drop off, leaving the 4/4 to attack once more.


I am still on three land and so is Rob, but Rob still manages to steal a soldier with Act of Treason and attack with the Trampler. We trade attacks and I finally get a 4th land, but its another Swamp and with white cards in hand, I can only hope to draw black spells.

A Craw Wurm comes down for Chris, and Rob has a Haste Elemental to join their side and they attack. I cast Tendrils of Corruption on the Wurm for enough damage to kill it, we attack, and a Howling Banshee comes down for the win.

2 - 0


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