Date: August 2nd 2009

Location: Mikes House

Event: Bitch Fight!

Attending: [3] Me, Mike, Chris


For information on specific cards, check the lists for the sets here: M10


The seating was just who sat where, we were all next to another anyway. A dice was rolled, the winner took the first pack and then it went round with the next person taking a pack until they were all chosen. We then passed left - right - left - right through the four packs.

We deviated from the current rules with regards to sideboards as everyone kept all the cards they drafted and could change around their decks as they wanted.

My Card Pool

I started off first pick first pack with a Fireball - I think my rare was Coat of Arms, and then was passed a nice pack from Mike that had another fireball and the 7/7 Green creature. I took the other Fireball natch.

Mike was not the only one to say that the packs where slightly skewed in favour of red (and also lacking in White,) which was handy for me as people did not realise I was actually playing it. To be honest, I was more concentrating on White with the intent to splash red, but more good red came my way (hello Chandra!) to force me into it as a proper second colour.


I had taken the odd bit of Blue here and there as well, but as I had passed a lot of bounce and counter type spells, it was only ever going to be a splash colour for some fliers I had snagged if the red did not pay off.

Final deck list

Land: 9 Plains; 7 Mountains

Spells: Lightning Bolt; Celestial Purge; Act of Treason; Chandra Nalaar; Planar Cleansing; 2 x Armoured Ascension; 2 x Fireball; 2 x Glorious Charge

Creatures: 2 x Raging Goblin; 2 x Viashino Spearhunter; Wall of Fire; Dragon Whelp; Stone Giant; White Knight; Veteran Swordsmith; Stormfront Pegasus; 2 x Razorfoot Griffin; 2 x Palace Guard; Lightwielder paladin; Grifin Sentinel

More info on every one else's decks and card selections can be read here.

Game 1

We start slow, and I have the only creature down, a wall. Six turns later and we are still all sitting on nothing really, Chris having no creatures at all while myself and Mike are both hiding behind walls. A spider comes down for Mike and I attack Chris for 3 with some little lads I have. They get a few more attacks in before I drop a Whelp and Mike has a flier of his own in the form of a Drake.

My Griffen is Pacified, and Mike Oakenform's his Drake to be a 6/5 flier. I have cast Armour on my guard and Chris drops the Platimum Angel. Mike attacks and Chris bounces my blocker, and then Mike drops a Soul Warden to start gaining life, and then Clones the Platinum Angel.


I recast the Griffin and find myself with too few land, which is not pretty when the board holds not one but two Platinum Angels, especially when Chris Whisper Cloaks his.

Mike attacks and I chump away, then draw another Armoured Assecion to add to my Soldier, making him a 5/4 First Striker. Chris drops an unblockable lad, and Mike attacks me, which I Bolt his attacker on the way in, and then block it with the First Striker to kill it. I Fireball the Spider and the Unblockable creature, the white Tapper is countered by Chris and the Soul Warden Doombladed to help clear the table again.

I 5 point Fireball the Clone, and attack in an effort to rid him of his other fliers, and afterwards, Chris Assassinates my creature and attacks me with the Angel.

I clean the board with a Planar Cleansing and Chris zombifies his Angel, which I Celestial Purge, which is then bounced back to his hand. My Knight is countered, and Mike steals the Angel. Mike attacks Chris and kills off his two blockers and we all have only one creature left as the spells clear, although that one creature is a Platinum Angel.

Mike Pacfies Chris freshly laid blocker and attacks Chris then me. With both me and Chris now at 10 life, I am hit again and then Mike boosts his defense by dropping another Spider and a guard. I draw Land, Land and a Guard, and not the Chandlar I need to off the Angel. I drop to 2 life as Mike drops a 7/7 which is countered by Chris, and knowing my bad position, I attack Mike to try and get his life down for Chris to have a go, hitting him for 6.

Chris Sleeps Mike's lads, but Mike has creatures in hand and a Illusionary Wall and a Seraph Angel are dropped. I attack to get some points in, only doing 1 damage but knowing my time is short, and Mike's next attack hits both of us with exactly the amount of damage required to kill us both.

M1 - C0 - S0

Game 2

Mike has Honor of the Pure out, I have a Soldier and Chris the Unblockable 2/2. Mike drops a Spider and I have a Palace Guard, then drop an Armoured Assecion on it, which is countered as no-one wants a 5/7 flier creature that can block everything.

I Bolt Chris's unblockable and swing for a few points, and we all trade a few blows before Chris drops a fat Vampire and the Platinum Angel. Mike Pacifies the Vampire which is countered and I fireball the Angel which is bounced back to his hand. I swing for small change in the air and Mike drops his 7/7, which is Unsummoned when he attacks Chris.


When this is recast, it is Cancelled by Chris. Chris's Vampre is still not flying after 5 or 6 attempts (he needs a black cretaure on top of his library) and doesnt ever get the chance to as I Celetial Purge it from the game.

I drop my Lightwielder Paladin and hit Mike with my Knight, and Mike responds by drawing land. He then Oakenforms his creature, I Fireball Chris's Angel which he Unsummons and Mike Twincasts the Fireball back to my face.

I swing for 11 against Chris leaving him on 2 and Chris assassinates my Paladin before dropping the Angel again. Mike drops a wall, I attack with all and Chris takes the damage as he has the Angel in play and cannot lose, until I Planar Cleanse the board and he dies with -10 or so life.

Mike drops a Guardian Serpah amd I have a Dragon Whelp, and we start to build up lads as a Guard comes down for Mike and a Giant comes down for me. I act of Treason the Angel and throw it at him and attack, which he fogs. I then drop Chandra to burn his Spider and attack. He drops the Gargoyle land and sacs it straight away to get a flier, I get a flier of my own when I drop a Griffen, and when Mike tries to steal my Whelp, I fling it in his face with the Giant instead.

Mike attacks Chandra and I drop another Griffen, burn the Gargoyle and attack, Glorious Charging my lads. Mike Pacifies the Giant, I Armour Assension a Griffen, and Mike has to chump a 10/10 first striker. Drawing nothing in his next draw, its all over.

M1 - C0 - S1

Game 3

Mike starts with a Cat, Chris has an Owl, I have nothing. Mike Oakenforms the Cat to smash me for 5, and I drop a Griffen to attack Chris in the air. Mikes cat is bounced when he attacks Chris, and Chris drops a unblockable and counters my Armoured Assesion.

Mike Pacifies the unblockable, and myself and Mike have missed 3 land drops each while Chris gets stronger with more creatures including another unblockable.

I drop a Spearhunter, and we know that Chris is holding a Deathmark as he tried to off my White Knight.

I attack with some of my lads, Glorious charging into Mike's blockers to kill more of his than mine, and Chris drops the Platinum Angel. I Planar Cleanse the board, and Mike drops two large faties, the 7/7 being countered by Chris. The Craw Wurm is sent my way which I have to chump, but the next turn I take the 6 as I have drawn no answer to his beast.

Chris is sitting behind a Wall of Sleep so the wurm comes my way again, and I die revealing nothing but land I have drawn for the last 2 or 3 turns. Mike has an Illusionary Flier to help him, and a Wall is countered. Chris then DeathMarks the Wurm, Assassinates the flier, and Doomblades the Spider, which Mike twincasts back to the Wall of Sleep.

Mike then Necksnaps an attacker of Chris's, but he bouces it back to his hand and recasts. Mike has no creatures, is hit twice for 4, draws nothing to help, and conceeds.

M1 - C1 - S1

This write-up was a lot shorter at one point- I had lost the piece of paper I wrote the last two games on, and the page originally had these comments by me:

"....which incidently was bright yellow so all the more annoying to lose as it sticks out a mile! I only managed to write the above as I had started writing it already.

I took the bit of paper and my DnD book back to my desk from work and put them in my bag and now the paper is missing. Oh well, if I had to lose one of them, sadly the yellow bit of paper would be first to go - I have 6 chapters and 30 A4 pages of un-published Castle White Rock adventures written down in that.

The rest of this game and the next were just brilliant. Plenty of spell effects, loose alliances that sometimes did not even last a turn before being broken and some nifty tricksy plays meant that I won this game, and Chris wins the last, leaving things a magnificent 1 all yet again. "

Thankfully, I found the sheet a few days later hidden in amongst one of the work folders I was using to monitor the progress of the new PC rollout, so could finish off this epic tale. Huzzah!


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