Date: July 18th 2009

Location: My House

Event: 2HG Draft

Attending: [4] Me, Mike, Chris, Keith


For information on specific cards, check the lists for the sets here: M10


The seating, determined randomly was Mike > Keith > Stuart > Chris. For packs 2 and 4, the order was reversed. Chris won the dice roll and picked the first pack and then each person in turn took one until all were chosen.

We deviated from the current rules with regards to sideboards, and everyone kept all the cards they drafted.


The teams were randomly generated (after the draft had completed) were myself and Mike, with the other team being Chris and Keith.

My Card Pool

I settled into Green stariaght away, but my next two picks where red - Tim and a Pyroclasm. When my original pack came back with the same green cards I had left, and through the rest of the first pack I had nothing but Green.

Pack two started with the Armour, but then I was passed the excellent Sleep, and I grabbed a blue creature or two if I saw one better than some of the small weedy green creatures appearing.

With two packs down, I had seen no real green fat at all - no (common) 6/4 Craw Wurm, no (uncommon) 7/7 Baloth...the largest creature was the 4/4 Rhino!

The next pack was quite amusing, as Chris had said just before we opened them about the lack of foils and maybe we would open a rare, and when I opened my pack, I actually did have a foil rare. I laughed and said I have one, and Keith then said he had too!

Bird of Paradise was for me though over the Foil and then Keith gave me an early christmas present by passing me Jace. You cant pass a Planeswalker, even if its not your colour - it could be your teammates for instance. Keith had taken the foil Magebane Armour, and I gratefully took the Planeswalker, and borrowed it to Mike for his deck. My foil rare the Elvish Archdruid went all the way round and back again to me, and a Wolf Pack was taken quickly to boost my army. More and more green came my way, but apart from the Rhino, all had the power of a bear (2).

I rare whored Honor of the Pure out of the last pack, which honestly had nothing good for me - the only green creature in it was the 0/3 wall for 5 mana. My only excuse was that in case my teammate was playing white then this would be very good for him.

Land: 15 - 15 x forest

Spells: 10 - Whispersilk Cloak, Gorgon Flail, Magebane Armour, Windstorm, Fog, Howl of the Night Pack, 2 x Giant Growth, 2 x Entangling Vines

Creatures: 17 - 3 x Stamping Rhino, 3 x Giant Spider, 3 x Centaur Couser, Acidic Slime, Protoean Hydra, 2 x Borderland ranger, Birds of Paradise, Deadly Recluse, Runeclaw bear

More info on every one else's decks and card selections can be read here.

Game 1

The game starts with Chris dropping an Ornithopter and a Zephyr while we have a Sage Owl. Chris adds more to his fliers while Keith builds up a couple of Soldiers and once I have enough mana, I Windstorm the fliers dead.

I drop an Elvish Piper and Mike Lightning Bolts a Soldier, and takes control of the other one and we attack. The Piper does not last long at all and is Domm Bladed by Chris, while Keith Magebanes one of the Soldiers and Chris removes another creature of ours with a pacifism on Mikes Drake.

I am dropping little bears to chump and then finally get my fifth land and soon drop a 6/6 Protean Hydra.

The growing soldier gets large and then equipt with a Whisper Cloak to attack avoiding my chump blockers and I do the same the next round with my own on the Hydra. We are slighty ahead of them in life, having 15 to their 13, and we have a plan to remove the unblockable which they need 3 rounds to kill us in, while we only needed two.

Just as we think we have them, with only one creature that can get through and them only doing 6 damage when we have 8 life, they Trumpet Blast their soldier to punch for 8.

0 - 1

After seeing Keiths mass of artifacts, I droped the Elvish Piper (I didnt have anything bigger to cast really, so 4 mana for a 1/1 was a waste and a Giant Growth and swapped in 2 x Naturalise.

Game 2

All bar Keith take a free mulligan. I start well with a BOP into a Centaur while Keith has a Soldier and Chris 2 x Ornithopters. Keith drops a White Knight, his Soldier is Bolted by Mike and the Knight gets all Icy in a Cage.

After a few little attacks by us, and a Sage Owl helping order Mikes cards while a Deadly Recluse from me helps keep any lads at bay. Mike then casts Sleep and we swing for 11, and the lads drop a couple of creatures to get some wide awake blockers into play.

Only to be Panic Attacked, meaning we swing ftw, with a clean 30 life still intact.

1 - 1

Game 3

Keith Mulligans, and a Soul Warden is out early for Chris. I drop a deadly recluse which is Bolted, but Mike unsummons the little deathtoucher. We then drop the Deadly once more and finally a Tim, as there total has gone past 40!

The Soul Warden is duely timmed, Mike unsummons a large attacking soldier while I chump another. When another attack is planed, we assign a first striker and ping it, but the first striker is unsummoned.

Keith now has four soldiers down and we build up armies on either side. My Whisper Cloak is destoyed by Keith, and Chris boosts his side with more flying Drakes.

They then drop Chandra and quickly starting pinging to build to the ultimate. I draw the last land I need to drop a pack of wolves with Howl of the Night Pack, and when we are about to attack, Silence us to stop the possible Sleep that could be cast. We ping and Bolt Chandra down to 4, and keith drops another Magebane Armour.

Mike casts the Sleep he had ready and we swing for 22 and also kill off Chandra. They still have 18 life left from the Soul Warden early, but they have no creatures to cast, and with seven angry wolves, some centaurs and a furious Sage Owl versus a mass of sleeping Drakes and Soldiers, there is no contest.


Game 4

Both me and keith Mulligan, and while I go to 6, Keith goes to 5, and I dont think he was happy still. Chris starts with a Soul Warden again, but is burned to a crisp with a Bolt before any life is gained.

The first Soldier comes down for Keith, but we drop a Wall of Fire to hide behind. I finally draw something other than land while Chris whittles away at our life with little men. Keith drops a Ball Lightning while I drop an Acidic Slime to off Keiths only plains to stop the Soldier flow.

Mike Ice Cages his only Soldier in play, and when he drops a 4/4 Elemental, its Cancelled by Chris. My Centaur is bolted by Chris and in an attack, my poor Rhino is smashed in the face as a small 2/1 creature

suddenly is empowered with Rightousness. Drastic measures cause Keith to Fireball his own creature to remove the Ice Cage, while I draw and off all the fliers with a Windstorm.

I have another pack of seven wolves down, and on the next turn, Mike steals a Soldier and we attack. Mike Sage Owl has told him wonderful things, and when they drop a Palace guard to keep away the wolves from the door, Mike casts Jace, plays his ability, draws the Unsummon he knew was next, bounces the Guard and the Wolves tear them to pieces. Huzzah!

3 - 1

Game 5

Despite the fact that myself and Mike had already won, we felt like another game. We were going to change sides, or at least pick randomly again, but someone (Mike?) pointed out that the decks had been created together after the draft process, which could make things a bit skewed. So we stuck to the same teams for another go.

And we won. This went the same as before - build up to a Night Pack which was Trumpet Blasted to get 50 damage in one strike. There was no sleep this time, just cleared the board with fancy blocking and a Pyroclasm. Huzzah!

4 - 1

Other Comments

Fuck me did we have some nice rares overall. I bought a Fat Pack, and 11 boosters from what looked like a freshly opened box of boosters. I personally opened 2 of the boosters that I got from the box on the way home, and 1 pack from the Fat pack. I opened a Royal Assassin, Haunting Echoes, Warp World and a Foil Honor of the Pure.

From the other 16 packs, we ended up with 4 Mythics including three different Planes Walkers and a nice collection of other assorted Rares including Birds of Paradise, Silence, Honor of the Pure, and 2 x Elvish Pipers. We got another two foil rares (Magebane Armour and Elvish Druid) as well - not bad at all.


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