Date: July 11th 2009

Location: Russel Square

Event: Pre-release

Type: M10 Pre-release

Attending: [1] Me


For information on specific cards, check the lists for the sets here: M10

Got here at 8:40am and despite it looking very empty, was put into Flight 2. Yes I know I had mentioned that I would not bother with the Flight this time, but I decided to stick to the Flight / Draft method that I normally use, gain some extra time in which to learn the new rule changes (or reverting back to the rules as written) and to be honest, I dont think we had enough people for a draft anyway.

I did my usual trades before the seating - and said goodbye to Sarkhon Vol (I have another 2 left) plus my three copies of Thought Hemorrage and a few odd lands from Eventide to get £27 + a new binder, which I was very happy with.

My Card Pool

I liked my final deck, but my card pool of rares where you expect to get your bombs was piss poor, except the Stable Stag. I did get a dual land though, which although nice, is rubbish at a Pre-release.

Its all the more gauling when looking over your card pool when the bloke next to you has opened a foil Jace and two Serra Angels! I did get an Overrun though, which to be honest, is better than most rares and is a definite bomb in limited.

Land: 16, Forest and Plains.

Spells: 7 - Overrun, Harms Way, Pacifism, Rampent Growth, Gorgon Flail, Fog and Safe Passage.

Creatures: 17 - Great Stable Stag, Acidic Slime, Enormous Baloth, plus assorted Spiders and little fliers.

I had a few death-touch creatures, as well as the Gorgon Flail to move deathtouch about, 2 fog type effects (and Safe Passage allowed my creatures to still deal their damage!) and a few mana fixers in the Rampent Growth and Borderland Ranger.

Round 1

Game 1

The first game was one of those you feel bad about - my opponent was on one land for 6 turns and I whittled him to death with little bears like the Razorfoot Griffin.

I had an Overrun in my hand, but did not want to show it - as the Dragon from Bone said, "..why show an Ace when a two will do?"

Game 2

Milled to 6 as I knew I had 5 two mana creatures and 5 three mana creatures and I had not drawn any of them. The hand of 6 was no good either, but I risked it rather than go to 5.

Luckily on turn three I drew my Stag to defend against his vampire with lifelink that he had just dropped and we started the damage race - my 3 damage versus the 2 life he gained while attacking into my recently dropped wall.

We traded life little by little - he enchanted one of my creatures to deal me one damage a turn, and I held onto the Acidic Ooze to off his plains should one arrive as I knew he had a Serra Angel (he had discarded it in the previous game). The Ooze had to be played early though to remove Pacifism from my Stag, and he dropped his second Plains to cast a Serra exactly as I thought. With us both at less than 10 life and him just drawing a Terror to get rid of my foil Baloth (7/7 creature) he had the upper hand, until I drew and cast my Overrun ftw.

I was also holding a Harms way and mana to cast it ready, so comfortably went into round 2 with a 2-0 win under my belt.

Round 2

Its now 10:40 and it really is not that full. Flight 3 does not seem to have enough players to get started yet, and apparently the reason why we were in Flight 2 and not flight 1 was something to do with pre-booked flights that did'nt work as expected. So Flight 1 happened after Flight 2 just to confuse things, and I still have not seen a booster draft start yet.


Game 1 & 2

Ooo took a spanking here. He dropped a Royal Assassin pretty much on turn 3 meaning I could not attack through fear of losing my lads. I did manage to Harms Way it and save one of my lads and the table turned in my favour.

I then had the chance to Overrun him for 20 damage at one point, but he Doom Bladed my Baloth, and so I got 10 damage in before he reserrected his Assassin and then dropped a Shivan Dragon down to join it and get the beats in to win the game.

Game Two went the same way as the first, Assassin down within 5 turns, removed all my fat with removal spells and drop Shivan ftw.

I dropped and moved on to the drafts.....

Booster Draft 1

This draft went well for me. Honor of the Pure in Pack 1 Pick 1, and I settled into a comfortable green and white deck with soldiers and fat. I probably made a mistake picking Might of Oaks over an Overrun......ok I did, but Might of Oaks is rare! Rob will agree with me here. Plus, in a proper sense, Oaks only requires 1 Green mana, while Overrun is three, and I was splashing green, so there, I did do it properly, and was not lured by the shiney in any way.


Round 1

I won the first game comfortably, Souls Wardens pumping my life to a high of 28 and I won the game with 26 life.

The second game was not so good, and although I had managed to get some good hits in, he had doom bladed by Oakenformed flier, and then dropped a Seige Gang Commander to pick off my flying birds and Griffins by shooting Goblins at them.

With life equal at 9 all, he simply over whelmed me with creatures.

I had a terrible third game, off to a not bad start, but then I draw 5 land on the trot while he draws removal and threats. A Nightmare comes into the 'battlefield' and stomps quite expertly across my head until I am dead.

Lost 2-1

Booster Draft 2

My first pick of pack one was a foil Elf Lord, and then a Harms Way, then nothing more from green and white. Cut from both colours quite well, I started to see some nice black removal and creatures, so took them, just in time to be passed a Nightmare in Pack 2. I was still dithering slightly with a little green, a little black and a little white when I opened a Baneslayer Angel on Pack 3. Which was nicely accompanied by more white Griffins and a little more black to help fill out my deck.

Land: 17

Spells: 9 - Including 2 x Weakness, Harms way and Gorgon Flail

Creatures: 14 Including a Nightmare and a Baneslayer Angel, a few white fliers, 2 x Soul Wardens and a Blinking Mage.

Round 1

I manage to lose 2-0 with this deck somehow, despite it being not that bad at all. My Baneslayer dropped perfectly on turn 5 was Pacified as soon as it dropped - I had no way to remove it and my life went 20 to 0 very quickly.

Game 2 dragged as I took myself to 30 life more than once while my opponent sat behind a Royal Assassin (yay!, another opponent with one!) I could nt even draw a weakness to kill it and died horribly.

Sold/traded the Foil Elf for £3 and a Captain of the Watch.

Booster Draft 3

This draft process went more or less the same as Draft 2. I started with a Rhox Pikemaster as my first pick (3/3 with First strike), followed it with a Harms Way then a mish mash of green and white creatures.

Occassionly I dropped into Blue to cover myself just in case as I was not sure what direction I wanted. Pack two showed me an Ant Queen, and then I shamelessly snaffled two money rares - Silence and a R/B land that sold for £4ea and paid for my Subway on the way home. In the last pack I opened a Serra Angel and a few more soldiers to help my pack. I was now firmly (and thankfully) in white with a nice selection of green.

Land: 17 - 7 x Forest, 10 x Plains

Spells: 7 - 2 x Glorious Charge, Entangling Vines, Harms Way, Safe Passage, Lifelink, Solemn Offering.

Creatures: 17 - A nice mixture including Ant Queen, Serra Angel and the excellent Awakener Druid.

Round 1

Played someone that I know is good and that can have an effect on you straight away, so its nice to get a good start. Which I did.

Soul Warden came down very early, and when Ant Queen came down to help pump out blockers and gain life. A Harms way pinged back to kill off another of his creatures and I hit 30 life and stayed there.


The second game was a lot closer, and my gain life while dropping Ants out of the Queens bottom saved me. I gained 10 life and ended the very close game on 10 life. Soul Warden ftw!

Round 2

Another nice 2-0 win for me, quick creatures, fliers and bears and the first game is won as I double cast Glorious charge attack and stomp home.

The second game stalled a lot longer, and with a little 1 damage flier which I then lifelinked, I started to broaden the gap in life totals. In very small steps. As his life slowly dribbled away he remarked "..I'm going to be killed by one of the first creatures on the board aint I?" and he was.

Bring on the final!

Round 3

The first game was very frustrating - we both had Soul Wardens out and both of us had life in the high 20's and then I drew nothing but land while his creature count swelled. Rather than drag out the game (after he offed my Soul Warden with a Tim) I looked at his creatures, my lack of them and after drawing my 6th? land on the trot, I conceeded at 23 life.

I stormed a win for the next game, Ant Queen crapping out little insects, a million life later all my fliers swarming over, I win with more than 30 life, took only one damage, and settle into the last game.

Game three was just annoying. A judge came and asked him to hurry up as he had a 2HG game starting. My opp said can we have a few minutes as this is the final, and I never drag games anyway, so it didnt bother me too much.

.....and then it was game over - he destoyed me in a few turns and ended on 21 life. Bollox.

Another second place for me and three boosters to add to my winnings of the year. I left now, and surprisingly I did not open my winnings straight away, and did not until I got all the way home.

Now some of this was to do with the fact that it was raining and while on the bus after I had finished my afore mentioned Subway, a bevy of lovely young ladies all got on the packed bus and surrounded my seat. So the last thing I wanted to do was ruin the natural street cred that lierally oozes from me by opening my boosters and saying "...this is rubbish, I have got this unicorn already!". Quite.


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