Date: 14th March

Location: My House

Event: Booster Draft (5 x Shards/Conflux)

Draft Order: SHA > CON > SHA > CON > SHA

Attending: Mike, Chris and I


For information on specific cards, check the lists for the sets here: Shards of Alara, Conflux

We did all the usual for this kind of thing, sat randomly, picked randomly but we could not predict that the card packs themselves would be quite frankly, shite. Our pick was alternative Shards, Conflux, Shards etc and we definitely needed the extra packs as not only was the selection poor, but it was as though we had bought duplicate packs. Packs 1, 2 and 3 all had very similiar cards, and in we even had duplicate rares. That were also rubbish.

The idea was to play free for all matches, the first to 3 wins.

My Deck

Mana sources: 19 (15 basic land, 2 x Oblisks, 2 x Armillary Sphere's. I was playing White and Green mostly, splashing Red, Black and Blue for removal and the Fusion Elementals.

Spells: 9, all removal of sorts including Branching Bolt, O-Ring, Jund and Naya Charms, Path to Exile, Scour Glass and a Celestial Purge.

Creatures: 14, 8 of which were Exalted and 2 large Fusion Elementals.

42 Cards total - this was at the end of the game though as I started the first game with 45 cards. My deck pool started in the Naya camp, quickly converted to Bant and Exalted as the card pool was poor and then when things could get no better I took everything that was good regardless of colour.

The Games

Round 1

Chris off first and straight into a cat and attacking me. I get a wall down to stop from being a target, so Chris switches to spells instead, whacking me with Quench instead. I retaliate back with creatures then off his Rhox when he tries to return the favour.

Chris Quenches me again as I still have no blue, and Mike sneaks in to hit me with a 2/2 flier to which I flash in my cat to block but Mike sacs his Executioners cap to rid my blocker and still punch through.

My Rhox is now an Exalted 6/6 and attacks Mike, but I am so mashed from the attacks and double hits from

the Quenches that a little 2/2 flier from Mike finishes me off.

Mike attacks Chris but walks into a Soulsfire, and Chris starts increasing his life with the little lifegaining artefact. Mike drops a Archdemon of Unix, and a Bloodcultist offs Chris's death touching blocker and next round attacks with a 6/6 flying demon and a 8/8 ooze.

The Ooze is chumped and then Agony warped to kill it, and on Chris's turn, he draws a card and conceeds at 7 life facing a 6/6 demon plus assorted 2/2 zombies.

Chris - 0; Mike - 1; Stuart - 0

After game 1 I took out a few cards: Rhox War Monk, Rockcaster Platoon and Nacatl Outlander. Rhox taken out as I had no blue mana to get consistantly and I was not sure I could cast him properly.

I was already at 45 cards and wanted to trim things down and so the Nactl (needing red) also went. Rockcaster was taken out as 7 mana was expensive, plus I would kill my own creatures - little did I know that my Mark of Justice would be out nearly every game....


Round 2

Mike went first, Chris has an Iguna down and I get an Elf bear and then start droping cheap Exalted creatures. Chris's defense picks up as he gets a Sacellem Archers as defense and another deathtoucher.

I Naya Charm the Archers and attack Chris with my Rhox, and then drop my Asylum of Justice. I get another attack in on Chris and watch while Mike is stuck on 3 swamps and is no threat to anyone.

I O-Ring something of Chris's to slow him down and attack again, while he pings off my smaller creatures to

stop the Exalted count egtting too high. I sac the artefact to draw land and get some islands just before Chris draws and fires off a Quench. Very good timing on my behalf as he draws another Quench.

I am attacking Mike with little creatures just to keep him awake, and after sending my huge trampler at Chris who blocks with everything to make sure he doesnt lose any more life, I sweep the board of everything with 2 toughness and lower (except on my side) with the pyroclasm part of the Charm. Next turn I finish off Chris and Mike with my pair of 8/8 monsters.

Chris - 0; Mike - 1; Stuart - 1


Round 3

I have a Mark of Asylum down by turn two and not long after have a bear Exalted to attack with. Mike is hitting me in the air with a Kathari and Chris drops a Cliffrunner but thankfully has no white for lifelink.

I drop and sac a Armillary Sphere to get my mana base sorted and walk into a Quench from Chris. Mike Blightning's Chris and Chris responds by pinging Mikes Drake.

Chris attacks me and I block accordingly knowing that I am going to wipe the board again with my Jund Charm, but its Mike who recovers the quickest as he had held

back his little creatures due to Chris's pinger. I chump Chris's Rhox and Chris also unearths his Tim to off a flier of Mikes before Quenching Mike.

I drop a Waveskimmer and lose another creature chumping Chris's Rhox, and Mike reveals Chris's hand to show Chris holding a Path to Exile. With Mike siting on an Executioners capsule as well, it makes it a tough line of defense against me.

I drop a Fusion elemental which is Exiled and I now have to chump block to stay alive and they both send fat in. Mike drops a Blood Tyrant and I attack Chris to get his life down to somewhere near mine. Chris attacks Mike, and one of his larger creatures, a 5/4 cat is offed with the Executioners capsule.

The Vampire does its job and then attacking with it kills Chris, and my only real hope was to top deck my own Path to Exile, which I dont.

Chris - 0; Mike - 2; Stuart - 1

Added Scourglass after game three - I had a few bits of removal but this was a nice clean sweep in all its Wrath of God type goodness.


Round 4

Mike starts with a Pro Green cat, and me and Chris have nothing, only soon to both draw green creatures. Soon we have a three way battle going on and with less creatures am glad to start dropping plenty of defense.

Mike Blightnings Chris, and Chris Exiles the pro green cat that is still alive. Watching their board positions grow, I look at a hand with two fusion elementals and need only a swamp or black mana source to cast and decide to blow up the board during my go.

They are both impressed at my comeback, and look on

confusingly as I draw and pass the turn - the rest of my hand is removal. I draw and pass on the next turn as well, while the both look confused and drop creatures. I draw a swamp next turn, remove Mikes Death Toucher and lay my Elemental, and Chris decides to attack Mike rather than an 8/8.

Mike then drops the Vampire once more but I Exile that and drop another 8/8. Mike and Chris get a few more little creatures out which all walk into my Jund Charm leaving nothing behind in the ruins other than two 8/8 elementals ready to stomp face. Which they do.

Chris - 0; Mike - 2; Stuart - 2


Round 5

Both Chris and Mike want me to point out that Mark of Asylum was down for me again, right at the begining, and so once more I sit behind the ability to not have any of my creatures pinged or burnt.

Chris starts on Mike as soon as he can, then quickly beats him round the head with a Quench that is going the full distance.

I am sitting on bugger all and need a swamp for an elemental, and sort of sit behind my Scourglass once more.

Mike 'at last!' gets the Island he was looking for and after I am attacked, I wrath the board, and again do not draw the Swamp I need. Chris recovers the best dropping two creatures and I get a Waveskimmer down and Naya Charm Chris's reach creature and swing, and Chris enarths a Tim and attacks me.

We are all on roughly the same life, each hovering around 10 and I Oblivion Ring Mikes enchantment. Chris hits Mike and gains life through his artefact and I drop my ambusher and branching bolt his creatures.

Mike is now sitting with no defenses and on Chris's turn and much to my dismay proceeds to burn and remove all my blockers to allow an even choice for Chris to take. He chooses to attack me and then drop a Godsire, I draw nothing and then recieve a Soulsfire to the head killing me.

Mike bounces the Godsire, but Chris gets a token, a few more tricks take place and Mike drags it out a little longer with a death toucher, but ultimately Godsire returns once more and a few 8/8's = winnah!

Chris - 1; Mike - 2; Stuart - 2

No winner overall, but some bloody good games.

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