Date: 15th Febuary

Location: My House

Event: Booster Draft (4 x Conflux)

Draft Order: CON, CON, CON, CON

Attending: Chris and I


For information on specific cards, check the lists for the sets here: Conflux

I had been to Brighton today and picked up a few packs but mostly went to pick up a Fat Pack or three. Chris asked me to get one for him as well and seeing as how I quite expertly managed to not open some of the boosters, when I saw him later we decided to use them in a draft.

My Deck

A trim 40 cards including 4 mana fixers (including an Exotic Orchard) and the excellent Armillary Sphere.

Spells: Nearly all following a Bant path once more, I also picked up a few choice red pieces of burn. I ended up with 2 Path to Exiles, 1 x Unsummon, 3 x Might of Alara and a Filigree Fracture.

Creatures: 6 Exalted as they did so well for me last time, meaning I snapped up as many as I was passed, taking them over other (potentially better) creatures. Those 6 broke down as 2 x Rhox Bodyguards (Exalted and 3 life gain), 2 x Frontline Sage (Draw a card), a Aven Squire and a Giltspire Avenger.

A few more bears with pro black and pro blue and fat with Wild Leotau, Cliffrunner Behemoth and the excellent Meglonoth all topped off my deck. Understandably I was very happoy with how the cards fell for me.

The Games

Round 1

Chris enchants my forest with Roots to ping me when I use it and I drop an Exalted Assassin. He has a 2/2 FS Knight and follows it with the 1/6 life gain wall which I Exile as quick as I can.

He drops the (mythic rare!) Mirror Soldier with thankfully no blue to trigger it and I am attacking with Wild Leotau backed with Exalted. We swap a few creatures but soon the Leotau is Exalted 3 times to smash through any chumps and get in the damage to win.

Result: 1-0


Round 2

Again Chris starts off with Corrupted Roots and I am struggling and have to 'waste' an Exile on a 2/2 Flier to slow the amount of damage I am taking.

I get to sac a sphere to get 2 much needed land and start to have more room to cast spells such as a second Exile on his Wall. The board goes this way and that and soon we are each left with assorted 2/2 with pro [colour]. I finally get some fat and drop a Meglonoth and when I attack its let through and gets Might of Alara'd for the win.

Result: 2-0


Round 3

Chris has a very bad start, mulliguning down to 4 before stopping either by finally getting at least one land or simply not wanting to go to 3. I take full advantage dropping an Exalted Sage and then a Cliffrunner on turn 4.

A Megalonoth dropped on the 6th or 7th turn is removed by Chris but I am gaining life with each Cliffrunner attack and when I destroy his only flying blocker its all over.

Result: 3-0


Round 4

An Exalted Bird starts on my side facing a 2/2 FS Knight for Chris. I drop the Cliffrunner and he drops a Deathtouch bird to threaten the block after finaly getting a Swamp but I am ready and Exile it.

He Roots my Plains and I keep on attacking with the Cliffrunner soon hitting over 30 life. He tries to gangblock, but I have a Might of Alara to remove the blockers with no loss to myself.


I later forget to use my Aerie Mystics properly and the Cliffrunner gets bounced, but Megalonoth joins the fray and with my huge lads all attacking I get through and win with 40 life left.

Result: 4-0


Round 5

Chris Roots me again and I have no defense as Chris whittles away with small creatures. I drop Wild Leotau to help slow down the attacks, but I have taken 4 damage from the Roots already and have now tied up a forest for the Leotau.

I get an Exalted Sage down to help boost the Leotau and also cycle through my cards in the hope to draw something useful. Chris drops the -1/-0 enchantment to reduce some of the damage.

He drops a Jellyfish and I have a Cliffrunner and soon after a few digs at each other we are both at 10 life. I Exile his Serra Angel'd Jellyfish and drop a white bird to give lifelink to the Cliffrunner which he gangblocks as much as he can. I increase my life total past 20 again and he soon runs out of creatures.

Result: 5-0


Round 6

I lead with a Exalted Bird again and he drops a 2/2 artefact bird which I Filagree. I drop a Rhox (Exalted Trampler) which he Yokes as well as casting Roots once more on my land.

I drop Meglanoth and Chris responds with Wretched Banquet to kill my Bird which triggers the Yoke killing the Rhox as well. I handily draw another Rhox and lay it and he has an Exalted Bird and a Fear artifact to attack with.


The Meglanoth was bounced so I recast it, and when I attack later, Chris gang blocks it and then casts the +1/+2 to all creatures to boost his lads. I have not one, not two, but 3 Might of Alara's in hand, can cast them all, and do so meaning my now 13/13 trampler is able to wipe his side and gets a good hit in. He loses the next turn.

Result: 6-0


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