Date: 14th Febuary

Location: My House

Event: Booster Draft (2 x Shards, 2 x Conflux)

Draft Order: SHA, SHA, CON, CON

Attending: Chris and I


For information on specific cards, check the lists for the sets here: Shards of Alara, Conflux

Naya/Bant are my Shards today; a Bant Exalted theme combined with the fat and burn of Naya. It was very quick as well with 13 creatures costing 3 mana or less, with 2! Noble Hierachs to ramp my mana up to get Sarken Vol out and defend him with the numerous burn I had. And just to round things off, a Flameblast Dragon to hit in the air and burn as it attacks...not too shabby at all!

My Draft Picks went as follows:

[1] Foil Flameblast Dragon - Huge Bomb, and spangly to boot!

[2] Sarken Vol - Not much to say really, A Planeswalker, on colour who shits Dragons? Sign me up...

[3] Sphinx Summoner - Hate drafted. I had a good idea that Chris was playing these colours and (honestly!) there was nothing to take for me in that pack. I did give him the card afterwards though.

[4] Noble Heirach - My second of the draft and another choice that did not require much thought.

My Deck

The Spells include 2 Ignite Disorders (3 damage spread amongst White/Blue creatures) Sarkhan Vol, 2 x Quenchable Fires, Naturalize, Dark temper and Exploding Borders.

Creatures included 2 x noble Hierachs along with 2 other Exalted creatures, a few bears with protection from black or blue, Bull Ceredon, Rakka Mar and the Flameburst Dragon.

To finish off, 15 basic land and 3 other mana fixers (2 non basic land and 1 Obelisk) to total 42 cards.

The Games

Round 1

I started very quickly, with 3 creatures on turn two helped with a Noble Heirarch. I get a quick few exalted hits in then Chris removes two of my lads including the the Noble.

I then draw a second and hit again but I am stuck on 2 land on turn 4 which is not good. He uses Agony Warp to kill one of my other cretaures but thankfully has nothing to attack with.

This changes when he drops a Magister Sphinx to drop my life to 10 and then starts pinging me with the life loss artifact.

He counters one of my spells that I was going to off his 5/5 with but I have chump blockers to block this while getting through the last bits of damage I need to win.

Result: 1-0


Round 2

Noble out again on turn 1 and Chris enchants it to prevent it attacking. I destroy the enchantment, drop another creature and get some damage in. I get the next land I need and drop a Cliffrunner Behemoth which is quickly removed from the game.

Chris Oblivion Rings my Pro Blue Cat and I respond next turn with a Bull Cerodon. I get a Quenchable Fire in for 3 attack next turn then Quench him again for the win.

Result: 2-0


Round 3

Noble out first to annoy Chris once more but Chris is waiting this time and Beetles it. I miss a land drop and am now holding an Oblisk that I cant cast and sit staring at Sarken in my hand and no way to cast it. On turn 5 I have been chump blocking as much as I can but I still sit on 2 land.

I still have managed to get 4 creatures out though and my pro artifiact cat is exalted and attacking. I then make a stupid mistake after feeling so glad that I had drawn the extra land I needed that I walk into a bad block and lose 2 men in the process.

I finally get Sarken down but he is quickly removed and I follow it with a Bull Cerodon thankfully drawn to stop me from facing death to Chris's 2/1 Shroud attacker that all the removal in my hand cant kill. I manage to stabilize my life at 9 and just as he starts to get his fear attacker to start working on me, I finish him off with burn and an exalted Bull.

Result: 3-0


Round 4

A Noble down on the 2nd turn is Drag Down'ed by Chris and he drops a Pro red 2/2 to get some beats in. I drop an Exalted Archer which gets bounced and Sarkan gets treated with disrespect as well, feeling the sharp end of a Celestial Purge.

I get the land I need to drop a Rakeclaw which is countered and we are both sitting on limited board positions - I have nothing as its all been countered and he has nothing as all he drew was counters.

Soon I get more land and more creatures and Chris has to resort to chump and gang blocking to even things up.

My pro black 2/2 finally starts to get the beats in, and again Chris offs another creature I drop down with an Agony Warp. I Quench him and he drops another 2/2 pro Red. I Quench him again which he cant pay the upkeep for and I get Rakka Mar down to start putting elementals out. Another creature comes down on my side and soon I have an army of 3/1's to overrun his pro red creatures.

Result: 4-0


Round 5

I mulligan to 6 but have a good hand and soon Sarken Vol is down within a few turns....which is O-Ringed natch. I have exalted Archers and a Skyknight versus his Fear/Vigalence lad. Chris Yokes my Archers and I drop a rakeclaw who is bounced next turn.

I Quench him and drop a pro Black and have the land I need to drop the Flameblast Dragon and gang block his creature. He offs another of my creatures and returns the 2/3 Fear to his hand from the graveyard and when played is burned as I send in the Dragon.

With the Dragon in the air and me not in any real

danager I keep burning his creatures to keep his side of the board clear and he doesnt draw anything to get rid of it.

Result: 5-0


Round 6

Noble out for me again very quickly to ramp the mana up and again it soaks up removal, this time in the form of a beetle. The 2/4 Fear bloke is down and gets an attack or two in before I Neutralize it. Chris drops a soldier that brings two 1/1's in with it and then the large artifact creature appears on his side and I am suffering.

I off the beetle but am still stuck on 3 land. Chris counters my little Squire and I still drag out more of my little lads to gang and chump as best they can.

This does not work very well against the Sphinx that

arrives soon after. I am still dropping creatures despite having hardly any mana but I am struggling and when I think that my little tricks could actually get me in front I attack with my army hoping that he will just let things through so that I can Quench him to death. He simply sacs a soldier to fog me and gives me a good kicking in return.

Result: 5-1


Round 7

A very quick game this one - Noble out again, which powers into a 3rd turn Sarkhan. He counters a Rakeclaw and starts to attack Sarkhan to stop him getting to his 'ultimate' but with some exalted down a 3/3 creature is hitting for 7 and I win with 20 life left.

Result 6-1


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