Date: 8th October

Location: My House

Event: 4 x Shards Booster draft

Attending: [2] Me and Chris


For information on specific cards, check the lists for the sets here: Shards of Alara

Making this was a little weird, I started by picking the psudo red Bitterblossom, Goblin xxxxxxx, but realise now that the format is too fat to be bothered by 1/1s that dont block. I tried Esper as a shard (black/white/blue) but the packs where very thin on decent cards and in pack two swapped to Red/Green to match the decent white cards I had. Looks like Naya it is then...

I was ok with my final selection, but didnt really think much of the card pool, but thought I had strong chances with 6 pieces of removal, and at least 5 fliers.

Round 1

I started Mana screwed for Red, while Chris starts off with Elf Bears and the Giant Growth Knight, Knight of the Skyward Eye. Thankfully I finally draw a mountain and Skeletonise his Knight. He drops an Exalted Knight, and so I Hellion'd the board.

He recoverd far more quickly, dropped a 5/5 beast and a Exalted Angel, so him attacking with a 7/7 lifegainer was just a tad too much for me. I conseed..

Chris 1 - Stuart 0

Round 2

Elf bear down again early for Chris, with Court Archers down for me. I drop a Welkin to make my Elemental fly with Exalted backup, and his Wizard prevents 2.

My Hellion wipes the board, but he recovers with fat, laying a 5/5 which I remove, and so he lays another, and then the 5/7 rhino that kills fliers. I chump block his fat while hitting in the air for 2, but he then drops a 3/3 flier to stop me.

I topdeck a skeletonise, which is countered, and my next card is the Welkin I needed to win, which is sadly no good without his flier not dead. I finally run out of chump blockers and feel the fat....

Chris 2 - Stuart 0

I drop 3 cards, check my cards once more and find that my own beast was in my sideboard. No wonder I did'nt find it - that and another card are swapped in.

Round 3

Knight of the Skward Eye (or Giant Growth Knight) and Exalted Knight down for Chris, and I O-Ring the GG Knight. I sac my 4/1 Elemental to kill the Exalted Knight and he drops a 3/3 flier.

I manage to burn it, and he just drops fat until I am very dead.

Chris 3 - Stuart 0

Round 4

Elf bear down again, and then I Skeletonise his Ex Knight. I Welkin one of my lads, but he is sitting on open mana so I, so I send in the little skeleton which is duely removed from the game.

We both drop 5/5 beasts, and he drops a 5/7 to make his team stronger. I pump my beast to 7, then Soul Fire his Rhino, then attack and Thunder cycle his 5/5. I drop one of my 5/1 and Breach Bolt his Blue Wizard. I punch through with my beast.

So he topdecks a boomerang, bounces my blocker FTW.

Chris 4 - Stuart 0

Round 5

GG Knight down and the Elf Bear, compared to my Exalted Archers. I burn the GG Knight, and he drops a 5/5. I get my own 5/5 down as well as my 5/6 spider. I swing with the spider which is boomeranged, and he drops more fat.

I get rid of one with 2 burn spells, and my Welkin sends fat in the air to deal 9 damage, 1 short of the win.

He topdecks his Battlegrace Angel, twats me for 6 and gains 6....

I sac my elemental to kill the angel, topdeck an O-Ring to take out his now lone blocker and attack FTW. Huzzah!

Chris 4 - Stuart 1


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