Date: 3rd October

Location: My House

Event: 5 x Shards Booster draft

Attending: [2] Me and Rob


For information on specific cards, check the lists for the sets here: Shards of Alara

1. Cruel Ultimatium - life, card and creature loss; life, card and creature gain. :P

2. Tidehollow Sculler - 2/2 and discard for 2

3. Fatestitcher - Untapper Zombie wizard

4. Scourglass - Wrath against non artifacts

5. Mr Vol himself. Fuck yeh!

Round 1

Rob ends up muliganing to 6, while I get a zombie into play for early beats. I manage to get the third colour I need to get a Tower gargoyle down, and I off his red pinger with my Beetle.

He chumps to stay in the game, and then manages to Neutralise my Gargoyle. I bring it back with Sanctum Gargoyle, and soon get the last damage in with my fliers.

Stuart 1 - Rob 0

Round 2

My turn to mulligan to 6, and thankfully this hand has two sac lands to help stabilise me. I have early exalted creatures, and a Exceutioners Capsule as backup, but I miss 2 land drops while Rob starts to retailiate.

My Beetle offs a 3/1, and he drops the 6/4 Artifact creature which I Excommunicate. He plays it again next turn and I topdeck an O-Ring to get rid of it properly.

Two Deathtouchers (that also need to be blocked by 2 creatures) come down for Rob, and my Esper sharded fliers start to mass as we trade life evenly.

I draw nothing but land, and Rob drops the +3/+3 and double strike card on one of his deathtouchers.

I double chump, then finaly draw a mountain to lay Vol who had been in my hand since the start, and boost my fliers to do the damage I need to kill him.

Stuart 2 - Rob 0

Round 3

My Pincer beetle offs Robs 3/1, and I swing with the 3/3 cycling Zombie. He offs my beetle with his own. I attack with my creatures, but miss 2 land drops again and hold 6 blue cards and no blue mana.

He hits me with the doublestrike card, and we both are at 9 life. My exalted trampler comes in and his attack gets a GG off to put me dangerously close to dying.

I Excommunicate his black wizard, he offs my only source of blue mana, more furious battles and cards flash about until I am at 2 life, Rob is at 1, but he does not draw any of his burn to kill me, and my fliers get the beats in to win.

Stuart 3 - Rob 0

Round 4

I have an excellent starting hand, and soon have a Tower gargoyle in the air boosted by Vol. My next attack is foged, and blasts my Rhox as I attack for more damage. The game quickly ends when I steal his 4/4 unblockable and attack FTW.

Stuart 4 - Rob 0


Round 5

We both acclerate well manawise, neither of us missing land drops, while I get my Tower Gargoyle in play, he drops the Red Wizard and a Deathtoucher.

I Charm the Wizard away and Excommunicate the Deathtoucher and swing with the Gargoyle in the air. He Beetles my exalted Squire, but with no air defense, two turns later he is dead.

Stuart 5 - Rob 0


Round 6

Lead out with a few artifact creatures, and I hit all land drops, but with nothing to cast with it all. Rob offs my Deathtouch Owl and I get a Fatestitcher down to start tapping down Robs army. I am still missing a forest though, and holding green cards in hand.

Robs charm incinerates most of my army, and I draw nothing to help, and have to O-Ring a creature just to stay alive, and I cycle my zombie to draw into an Executioners cap to off another of his creatures.


This does not help much, as he simply Beetles my Squire next turn, and have to unearth creatures to try and force him to take damage or trade creatures.

I manage to get him to 2 life, but he draws the Sangrite Surge puts it to his unblockable lad FTW.

Stuart 5 - Rob 1

Round 7

I have an early Executioners capsule, and while he has an unblockable 2/2, I have a Tower Gargoyle hitting for 4 in the air. I drop a Scourglass and then off all his lads, but he recovers well with a few more creatures.

My capsule takes out one of them, Trampling Exalted down to help my Gargoyle do more damage, and soon its all over.

Stuart 6 - Rob 1


Round 8

I start well with Squire followed by card drawing Elf. Rob Beetles my Squire, and I drop another Exalted to do some damage.

He pings my lads, and Vol makes another appearance. I use Vol to steal his pinger to off his own flier and drop Scourglass.

I then clean the whole board except my couple of artefacts, and attack FTW.

Stuart 7 - Rob 1


Robs Picks

Salvage Titan - Nice 6/4 creature with ability to bring him back.

Tortoise Formation - Possibly will help against a final attack

Death Baron - Good abilities while not expensive.

Sangrite Surge - Double strike is always good.

Knight of the White Orchid - Good and will help mana fixing

"Stuarts flying creatures overpowered my deck by always getting through and I did not have enough to get rid of them. Plus having a Plainswalker was a deadly combination..."


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