Stuart's MTG Page, or more accurately entitled, "Why am I so bad at sealed deck tournaments?" - Read on to see the painful mistakes or just plain bad luck I have....

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Shadowmoor Pre-release

Date: 19th April

Location: Royal National Hotel (North)

Event: Pre-release

Type: Sealed Deck

Attending: [2] Me and Chris

Started the day trading quite a few cards:

1 x Countryside Crusher, 2 x Thoughtsieze, 1 x bitterblossom & £7 for a 9 pocket Binder, 2 x Mutavaults, 1 x Bosk (Treefolk land), 12 Black Unglued Swamps and picked up some free Sleeves as well.

- the deck
Nothing specific written here, I know I was quite happy with it, and played on the fact that I had not one but 2 of the Liege (+1 to one colour, +1 to another colour) in Green and White and Blue and White and played cards to that advantage along with the enchantments of that colour.
- the games

Game One

First game was a slow start for me, but I soon had fairie swarm down and attacking in the air. This was soon burnt, and we carried on trading hits until my Thistledown Duo was enchanted with Steel of the Godhead.

He conceeded shortly after.

Game two saw both of us mulligan to 6, but my creatures started coming out better. My opponent then made a mistake with the 4/4 Haste Giant token - he did not attack and it has to be sacrificed at the end of turn.

I massed more creatures, then used Thoughtweft Gambit (tap all opps creatures, untap your own) ftw.

Won: 2-0

Game Two

This game pretty much went as the others above, nice creature advantage, then Tower Above to twat his biggest threat.

The next game was much longer, and really could have gone either way. I slowly puller ahead though, and simply got the extra damage in before he could do the same to me.

Won: 2-0


Game Three

I started off the worst with one of those hands you in hindsight really should have binned. It got worse when my opponent used my own tricks against me with a deck that had many key cards identical to my own, including the Wilt Leaf Liege opposite. He then adds the G/W enchantment to just hammer me, and I chump furoiusly until I run out of creatures.

To top it off, I draw my Thoughtweft Gambit the turn after he gave himself 10 life - I would have won the game otherwise.


I mulligan to 6 on game 2, but we start to trade creatures and I do well to pick things up. He has an annoying life gaining creature and I lose a fattie to a surprise Plumeviel. I Tower his life gainer only to walk into a trick of his own, reducing damage dealt and gaining more life instead. He starts hitting in the air, and I draw nothing to help. Game over man, game over!

Lost: 0 -2

Game Four

I only needed another win for 9pts and the 6 boosters prize, and as the time was not bad (2pm) and I didnt have to get home for anything, so I stayed on....


.....and here my notes end. I know I lost this, and couldnt tell you if it was 2-1 or 2-0. Both Chris and I also played 2 Booster Drafts each, and on the last draft, both got to the next round. By this time it was nearly 6pm, and I had to go, so Chris and I both dropped, but picked up 2 boosters as we left.

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