Stuart's MTG Page, or more accurately entitled, "Why am I so bad at sealed deck tournaments?" - Read on to see the painful mistakes or just plain bad luck I have....

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Date: February 2nd

Location: Stuart's House

Event: Draft

Type: 2HG

Attending: [4] Me, Mike, Chris & Rob


We tried something new again this time, this time having the 2HG a booster draft with 5! boosters. We kept the 5 common cards as a sideboard, and we upped the losers winnings to equal the winners, so each team got 3 rare/uncommon and 7 commons to add to their original sideboard.

The first two boosters were Lorwyn, and the last three Morningtide.

Random seating for this session ended up as follows: Chris > Mike > Rob > Stuart

- the design

Again I started off with no real direction, and with the taunts of Mike and Chris saying "...can you play Magic without playing Black or Blue?" ringing in my ears, I tried to evaluate the cards by the colours. I was trying to metagame and take into consideration exactly what I could end up with - 2 Lorwyn boosters and 3 Morningtide can give you a massive selection of final decks, and with more of the set with the least cards, I tried to plan for picking up cards I wanted in the last three packs, rather than be a slave to a design based on the first two.

Good in theory, but shite in practice, and I ended up with 5 colours within the first 5 picks! Blue seemed to be coming around quite often, and I knew merfolk had an excellent kinship mill in MT, so started picking them up. Trouble is, lots of black kept coming, and when the Wort Boggart Auntie came round a second time, and I had already bagged a Nameless Inversion, I knew I had to pick up this combo.

I still was undecided into pack three, and by this time had started taking all the Changlings I could to help Wort or potential Prowl enablers or Merfolk from the later packs. Blue then dried up, and I finally settled into Red and Black, possibly splashing some of the blue cards I had picked up along the way.


The teams randomly generated were myself and Chris, and Rob and Mike.

I ended up with 8 or so changlings, War Spike's, Moonglove's, Skeletal, and topped with a Taurean Mauler, and removal through Lash Out, Nameless Inversion , Weed Strangle and Violet Pall. Creatures included Wort, and Prowl enablers Oona Blackguard, and 3 Stinkdrinkers! To top it all off, Chris lent me his Chandra Planswalker - my only problem with the deck was at 45 cards I could'nt think what to cut...

More info on every one else's decks and card selections can be read here.

- the games


We lost 3 - 2? As I am writting this some time later, I quite expertly lost all the notes. Brilliant.

[Added] Mike seems to remember that this was Robs first win, but the match was very close, and according to him was 3-2.


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