Stuart's MTG Page, or more accurately entitled, "Why am I so bad at sealed deck tournaments?" - Read on to see the painful mistakes or just plain bad luck I have....

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Morningtide Pre-release

Date: 19th Jan

Location: Royal National Hotel

Event: Pre-release

Type: Morningtide Sealed Deck

Attending: [3] Me, Chris and Brad

Got here at around 10:30, and the day looked to be a long one, as even at that time, the queue was out the door, and looking pretty stacked up with people. We settled in, had a chance to look at some cards, and readied ourselves for flight 3.

There was some confusion as Flight 4 was announced and we scrambled about thinking we had missed something, but due to the mix-ups that were plaguing the morning, Flight 3 started after 4.

I had taken a large pile of cards with me today to sell and trade for, already checking 'CardGuys' list and getting a rough price, along with cards I thought I wanted for decks. That did not work out well, as there was another artist in residence, Wayne England, and so I bought a suburb sketch and he drew a dragon in my card folder. Mightily chuffed!

- the deck

I had a nice selection of cards, but red and white screamed at me almost immediatly with a nice card selection, heavy burn and fliers. My Black Morningtide cards did not let me down either, and I had a nice few cards (including the Blackguard, yey!) to be able to splash.

I had a +1/+1 counter synergy going on as well, as a Red Elemental could give counters, the Blackguard could give counters, and a white elemental could give every one counters.

This would allow my creatures to ping my opponent, as well as forcing hand discard. Not too shabby at all... :p

- the games

Game One

Played Brad, and almost straight away I had a decent hand that I knew I could win with. A few more turns and the game was going to be mine. Then he dropped his rare Giant that pumped +4/+4 for other Giants! and whacked a Warrior equipment on it.

Thankfully I managed to get a third first stiker down, and combined they could do exactly enough damage to take the Giant down, assuming it did not get any bigger obviously.

Thankfully it did'nt, and as we both frantically drew cards hoping for a top deck in our favour, it went my way, and I swung for lethal damage.

I will add here that I did make a mistake (or was it tactical play? :p) becasue if I dont, Brad will just say I covered it up. I blocked his smaller creature with my Brion, but did not read the card that could then do damage on going to the graveyard, which promptly killed my 4/4 lifegainer. Silly I felt, but I didnt really need him to smash Brad anyway :)

Game two went against Brad from the begining, and he took fast beats from my lads, (again from the first striking changlings) all pumped from an evoked Meadowboon, and just as he started to form a defense, I hit him with a Lash Out and Morsel Theft him for the win.

Won: 2-0

Game Two

Played a bloke called Chris (not our Chris) and things started off well for me. My Zephyr kithkin went in the air, I had Eyeblighted a Goblin, and then he laid down the 4/4 trampling changling, things slowed. When his next creature was Vigour (6/6 Trampler), the game finished not long after that.

Game two went very well. For Chris. Straight into big creatures, my Zepyer would just not take to the skies, and its not long before Vigour comes back into play. I draw my 4th land on the trot and conceded. Doh!

Lost 2-0

Well that was it for me. I dropped from the main Tournament, despite Chris urging me back on, as I wanted the extra cards, and wanted to Draft. If I had won the second game, I would have obviously continued, and I really thought my deck was strong enough to get me further, but bloody hell, a 4/4 and 6/6 trampler? Just bad luck really.

Yes its possible I would have won my next game, but then I would have to play my last game, and that would have meant one less draft than I did :)

I also played Chris a few times during waiting times between drafts with my main deck, and it worked exactly as it should have done, winning 2-0 and 2-1 in best of three matches against him - one of the reasons why he said I should not have dropped!

- the rest of the day

Booster Draft One

Played Black and Blue, Rogues and Merfolk against Ralph. My deck ended up as two seperate ones - I had loads of Merfolk that ended up milling the opponent through kinship tricks, while Goblin Rogues formed the other 'side' of the deck with Stinkdrinker and Blackguard and 4 Fear goblins.

Game one started with my having no black cards, land or spells, and having loads of Kinship Merfolk, that didn't Kinship. I milled 3 cards once from a deck with 12 merfolk and three Ink Dissolver (Merfolk that could mill 3 cards in one Kinship reveal).

He played Treefolk and Elves, quickly chamioned a creature with a massive Treefolk that gave all of his creatures +0/+5 when they are blocked or blocking.

WTF! This left me in a crap position, and with still none of my Fear or flying Rogues to be seen, I was stomped into the ground.

Game two was so different, it really was like playing a different deck. It went something like Turn one Prickly Boggart , turn 2 another Prickly Boggart attack for 1 damage. Turn 3, pick up my second land, attack with two Prickly Boggart's, and drop a prowled Stinkdrinker. Turn 4, drop hasted Goblin, attack with all, and do 13 damage. With 4 life left he mockingly said "...are you allowed to do that? Bloody hell!" and conceded. Pleased does not cover how happy I was with this result :)

Three was a mixture of my 'decks' and I dropped to 6 cards, still didnt really like what I had, dropped to 5 and had worse. Played, but had zero input, no mana, and was smashed - even my opponent was embarrased to beat me in this way.

Onto Booster 2 we go!


Booster Draft Two

Not many notes written, but I had a nice Green deck splashing Black, again through the Kinship mechanic.

With morsel Theft, Pulling Teeth, another Blackguard and Elves nad Trrefolk with Kinship, it went off more times than can be said about my earlier Merfolk Kinship deck.

I won the first game 2-0, and passed onto the next round, where I was beaten 2-1. Picked up some boosters though! :)

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