Stuart's MTG Page, or more accurately entitled, "Why am I so bad at sealed deck tournaments?" - Read on to see the painful mistakes or just plain bad luck I have....

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Planar Choas Pre-release

Date: 20th January

Location: Royal National Hotel (North)

Event: Pre-release

Type: Planar Choas Sealed Deck

Attending: [2] Me & Keith


We got there around 9:15am, and again it was quite empty to start - which of course changed later as by midday it was mobbed. We started in Flight 3, and got our little doggie bag of a Time Spiral Tournament deck and three PC boosters along with the Preview card of Oros the Avenger.



My card pool was a bit rubbish to be honest, with my rares being Greater Gargadon, Guantlets of Power and a couple of the more rubbish Maguses (Magi?).

One thing is obvious in PC, that Green got a whole lot of loving, getting fliers, haste, card drawing, graveyard creature manipulation....jeez! Red also got some fine cards, with spiders, timeshifted Tim's! bounce and fear...

So, I went with the red and green. My black was terrible, and an easy cut, White was next, and not that much harder as I had little rebels nor flying and the only real card was the new Aven Riftwatcher (flying 2/3 with vanishing 3 and gain 2 life when it enters and then leaves play.)

Blue was hard to cut, and I nearly splashed a few cards in. I had Wipe Away, Crookclaw Transmuter, Looter il Kor, Fathom Seer, Shaper Parasite (morph that gives +2/-2 to target) and a timeshifted blue Primal Clay.

I am still working on how best to deal with an average set of cards. I chose Red/Green, as the two average colours had enough of a mana curve to be playable, rather than have a better card pool but spread across three colours, its hard to explain but I know what I mean anyway.

So, R/G. I learnt long ago never to stick anything higher than 6cc in a deck, and I stay religously to this, unless there is another way to cast it or its a bloody huge bomb. I kept my pants Gargadon, as not only could I sack creatures on the way to the graveyard to remove its suspend counters, but I also had the red charm that removes 2 counters from a suspended card, meaning I could use it earlier if I needed to.

So, my deck of averageness was complete, with a decent enough mana curve, the odd flier, fear, direct damage, plenty of mana acceleration with the green charms and a search for tommorrow, and I was set. The closest thing to a 'bomb' that I had was a Timeshifted Pestilence, Pyrohemia, red pump to do 1 damage to everything.



This write-up is written much later than the actual date we played, and where normally I keep my card pool seperated to explain everything, I had such a bad day that I obviously couldnt be bothered to record it all. Sorry!



Game One

Vlad had a Black/Blue/Green eck and a mass of creature token generating creatures. Add to this the morph that adds +2/-2 as well as the Black Thalid, and none of my creatures lasted very long.

The next game went my way, as I pumped out creature after creature spot on the mana curve, and he was dead in 6 or 7 rounds while I had hardly been touched. Go deck!

Game three went pretty much the same as the first, and after mass removal of most of my lads, I couldnt get back into things quick enough and was overrun with tokens.

Lost: 2-1

Game Two

Game one draggggggggggged as he tapped anything and everything I laid out, and although I managed to recycle my pinging goblin (one damage when he comes into play and when he leaves) 4 or 5 times to get him down to 5 life, I just could get past his defenses.

I had a good start, but run straight into a Dead/Gone? that wipes all my lads out. He recovers nicely, I do not, and anything else is tapped to let his attackers through.

Lost: 2-0



No Final is normally played at a Pre-release, due to the Flight system. You are entered into a 32 person event, and 1 or 2 players end with 12 points, and prizes are given (in boosters) to those with 9+ points (winning 3 games.)



Really poor is a good start. The only game I won was when I had the best possible start, bang on the mana curve with quick fliers and red fear. This kind of statement can be said by anyone, you really need to be winning from average hands to do any good.

I do need to check my mulliganing though, and just take the chance and bin to 6 cards - "...If I draw a land of that colour I will be ok" just does not work, and you are left sitting on a hand that you can do nothing for 4 turns if only for the lack of something helpful turning up.

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