Stuart's MTG Page, or more accurately entitled, "Why am I so bad at sealed deck tournaments?" - Read on to see the painful mistakes or just plain bad luck I have....

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Home 2HG Sealed Draft [3rd]

Date: Feb 11th

Location: My House

Event: 2HG Sealed Draft

Attending: [4] Me, Rob, Chris and Mike

Feb 11th: Random teams ended up with myself and Chris versus Mike and Rob. A quick run up to Forbidden Planet that morning to get the cards, and we settled in for our third 2HG game, again using 3 x TS boosters and 4 x PC boosters per team.

Things went a little quicker this time to arrange decks compared to last week, and we also had the advantage of not being on such a tight time constraint as well.


Chris selected the colours he wanted to play first, picking Red and White, while I looked over the others. I knew straight away I had a very good selection of cards in Green and Black, but sadly Blue was poor as a full colour, having only a few (very) playable cards.

We had Pongify, and the Avenger, and I glanced at Veiling Oddity and pretty much laid it to one side until Mike asked me to confirm what the card did. Saying it out loud suddenly made the lightbulb in my head go 'bing' and I knew I would splash blue.

I went up to 46 cards in the end, as 2HG games last longer, plus I wasnt entirely sure what cards I was going to cut. I had a good mix of evasive creatures, with flying, landwalk, unblockability, then good vanishing and suspend cards as well as flash tricks. Not bad at all methinks...


Game One

Started off ok, but they started to pull ahead damage wise. They quickly turned the black 3/1 into a 6/1, which I had three of but had seen none yet, but I managed to flash my Bear in to chump block and remove it. They then drop the 1/1 black creature that gives out first strike as well as being a madness outlet, which proved to be very annoying as we could not safely block things without losing them.

Then the Blue Serra comes out, and we start to hemmorage damage, especially when they prevent an attack for 9 with a white charm.

We have a trick up our sleeve though, and with the red spell remove 2 counters from the blue creature that gives all creatures unblockability, and then Tromp the Domains a total of 34 unblockable damage coming their way. Mike also has a trick up his sleeve as he casts a cantrip that -3/-0 to one our creatures, then draws a card. Which of course is another white charm, preventing all damage.......Man what a good top deck!

We lose shortly afterwards. To be honest, even if we had dealt 34 damage, they would have killed us in the air before we could have got the last 4, but still a good win for them!

Result: 0-1

Game Two

The elephants are out again, and start the attack, while their black Thallid is saved as we try and kill it with our shadow lad that can re-direct damage. They quickly get the Blue Serra and Torchling out, while I am stuck with the wrong type of mana to be able to cast my Dragon, which sits in my hand for ages.

With a sizeable army, they attack with everything, and I Sudden Spoiling the whole lot, meaning that we kill all of their 0/2 lads without any losses, much to their annoyance.

Lots of Combat and Flash based tricks on both sides make this a very good match indeed, and when we recover our poor attacking army with a stormed Goblin Warrens for 10, we start to whittle them down with Goblins and pings. They come back with a Trample attack that takes a huge chunk of our life, but its all over as we attack and knock them to zero. Huzzah for Sudden Spoiling!

Result: 1-1

Game Three

Everyone gets a good start, with suspend creatures appearing very quickly, and then the other team make a mistake as they block a first striker by mistake and lose a nice creature (Torchling?) and we remove other creatures to start hitting for a few damage a round.

Rob then is stuck on one black mana for three or four rounds, and then Veiling Oddity comes down once more on our side. I have a Tromp ready, we wait a few rounds to remove the counters and attack for 54 damage!


Conversation as follows:

Mike: How many Tromps have you got?

Me: One

Mike: How many Veiling Oddities?

Me: One

Mike: Fucking hell!

Result: 2-1

Game Four

Not many notes here, but we started ever so slowly, and they started to hit us hard. Very hard. We went 40, 28, back up to 36 before hitting 28 again, 12, then dead, while we had hit them only twice to get them down to 35. Game over man! Game over!

Result: 2-2

Game Five

Ooooo, down to the wire for this. We get a blinding start, with a 5/5 suspend bloke and 3/1 forest walker to start laying down the beats. We follow up with a creature that can tap other creatures and they are sitting on land with nothing but chump blockers. We continue to remove their creatures as they lay them, but we soon run out of removal and they stabilize quickly.

I then get the fourth forest I need, drop Timbermare and Groundbreaker together, and attack for 11, and within 3 more rounds we build up our forces and tromp for the win.

Result: 3-2

Although its not mentioned in the game notes, Pongify (how many have you got? Answer; one, response; fucking hell!) came out in every game and always annoyed them. Well Mike really, as it was always one of his I monkified, much to mine and Chris's delight. A blinding card as its an instant, and can remove something unblockable coming your way, and even turn one of our own creatures into a Monkey if needs be.

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