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Date: Feb 4th

Location: My House

Event: 2HG Sealed Draft

Attending: [4] Me, Keith, Chris and Mike

Feb 4th: Me, Mike, Chris and Keith played a long awaited second 2HG game in the Sealed deck format, using 3 TS boosters and 4 PC boosters per team, and letting my daughter Jamie pick the boosters (as usual, someone with no interest AT all can pick the good cards!) ensured we all had a good selection each.

I know that all of us enjoyed the games that followed, and the 2HG format itself, and this time, rather than pick random teams, Chris and Mike offered to take on Myself and Keith. With both me and Keith playing TS drafts and PC drafts recently, we accepted the guantlet laid down by the self titled underdogs.


We accepted, and as we have a greater knowledge of the cards - their strengths and just what cards (other than obvious looking bombs) work well together in a sealed deck enviroment, we quickly broke the cards down into colours, and sorted chaff from wheat by colour.

We had strong black and red, and white and green where not far behind. Blue was lacking for us, with none of the better common fliers, but some nice cards none the less. I noticed that Black and White had a synergy with Rebels, and suggested those for myself, while Green and Red had removal, fat and suspend. Blue had a nice few cards, and I suggested to spash blue, especially as we had the deadly ameaba..

So, nice and easily split, as I always gravitate towards black, and Keith Green, so we settled into our respective colours. My creature curve was good, with 1cc through to 5cc, but mostly 3cc and 4cc.

With our decks done, we added mana, and goldfished a few opening hands. We then double checked each others decks to make sure other cards could not be better used within the decks we had, and then we were both ready. Chris and Mike took a full hour to examine and compile their decks, having seen hardly any cards from either of the two sets.

Keith and I had a nice selection of evasion through fliersor things like red fear; removal through red burn, black removal or counters; life gain through vampric link, creatures; a few suspend lads for early play.. I think we had some very nice decks indeed.


Game One

Once done, we started and began. Mike had already revealed that they had a bomb of their own - none other than the lady in red, Akroma herself. Luckily we had ways to deal with something like that as I knew there are at least 6 (Akroma and 5 dragons) flying 6/6 creatures.

Mike was playing Blue/White/Black (splashing one of them - white?), while Chris played Red & Green.

We quickly found that Mike & Chris had compiled decks with very similar cards, with plenty of removal in red and black and other similar cards.

We had more life giving cards, but they appeared to have more fliers, including 2 of the blue suspend flying 4/4 Epherants, which are one of the best common cards in TS. They also had a pair of red Tims, and Wild pair to help race out more creatures, and quickly got a good start.

After a few turns of give and take and wearing each other down, they stabilized the board on their behalf by locking out some of our ground attacks with a Terifi's moat, and when we didnt get out any fliers to circumvent this, ruled the skies for the win.

Result: 0 - 1

Game Two

This was an excellent game, and both of us had a good start and just as we thought we had pulled ahead, they used half of a split card (Dead/Gone?) to pyroclasm the non fliers away. Thankfully, they then drew no threats to follow this up, and we recovered quicker. We started to get the damage in faster, and they conceeded when they knew they had nothing left to offer.

Result: 1 - 1

Game Three

Keith had a very strong opening hand, where I had a hand ready for the later game (or in laymans terms rubbish and I should have muliganned :p) Our life strated fluctuating as we got a Vampric link on a creature (which didnt last long) and my pair of life giving fliers. We then got the better board position, and started hitting for 10 damage a pop, and they managed a few more little hits before we gained even more life and finished them off.

Result: 2 - 1

Game Four

I think the less said about this game the better. Both Keith and I couldnt have asked for better opening hands, and with a turn one Essence warden, moving up the mana curve by turn four to have an ameoba and a couple of white fliers, we started to whittle them away quickly. A slew of removal from the underdogs slowed us for a while, but as both teams got stronger creature wise, our health rocketed upwards to hit 60 while they went 29, 18, 11 and finally 5 before checking their next cards and conceeding.

Result: 3 - 1.

An excellent match, and we where really pushed for time, else I would have recorded things in a more detailed way. Good fun though!

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