Stuart's MTG Page, or more accurately entitled, "Why am I so bad at sealed deck tournaments?" - Read on to see the painful mistakes or just plain bad luck I have....

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Home 2HG Sealed Draft [4th]


Date: April 9th, Easter Bank Holiday

Location: Mikes House

Event: Sealed

Type: 2HG

Attending: [4] Me, Mike, Chris & Rob


April 09th: Random teams ended up with myself and Mike versus Chris and Rob, and we started a long three day session with our fourth 2HG sealed game, again using 3 x TS boosters and 4 x PC boosters per team.


Mike played a deck that was Red/White in colour, while I played Black/Blue/Green to take advantage of the Dragon we had, which was pretty much the only good rare card we had, well apart from Timbermare, obviously.


Game One

We started with little creatures, while they lead off with the suspend 'gain 20 life', and soon follow this with a 6/6 Dragon, followed by a Wurm calling - my they have some rares! Thankfully Mike counters the wurm, and we lay our Dragon. Our Dragons duke it out in an attack, and when we first strike it, they do as well, then add another card that gives +1/+1 to save it, killing ours.

The game continues on, and we counter their 20 life when it resolves, but they have other ways to get life, and are soon at 30. We try and 'Sheep' their Dragon, and they Draining Whelk it! Another nice rare for their team, and soon their Dragon is a 12/12 beast.

We chump block as much as possible, but they have a 4/4 Skirk Shaman whittling us away. I pick up land after land, not helping, and with the match taking a good hour and a half, Mike comments that he is impressed that we have survived so long!

Then we top deck the card we need. I play Ana Battlemage with all the kickers, and they had not attacked with their huge 12/12 dragon and therefore take a nice 12 damage from their own lad. Mike drops his Ivory Giant taping all non white, and we get 6 damage through with creatures, and then mike grapeshots them with storm to do the final damage we needed - winnehs!

Result: 1-0

Game Two

They start to get early beats in, and I lay a Circle of Affliction to slow things down a bit. We manage to stabilize and start removing creatures and laying our own to equal the board, and blocking and attacking thins things out on both sides.

They have the Skirk Shaman out again, once more wearing a +2/+2 enchantment, which is greeted finely in the face with a lightning axe. This obviously causes them much distress and they conceed, despite being up in life 22 to our 12.

Result: 2-0

Game Three

Rob starts once more with a suspend 20 life, and we start whacking each other with creatures. Robs Dragon comes down, and immediatly is pongified. My rebels start bringing each other out to play and are removed just as quickly, and then Timbermare comes down to get a few good points of damage in.

Mike has some more lads in the air then the others and we are sneaking a few points here and there to get the beats in. We win this one with superior life, rather than coming from behind, and have 23 life left as we win.

Result: 3-0

As we were there for the whole day, we played another round of 2HG, and random teams ended up with me and Mike again, which played out pretty much the same as last time, same tricks and creatures, and we win again 3-0. As nothing changed, these matches are not counted towards the table rankings. Good games though!

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