Stuart's MTG Page, or more accurately entitled, "Why am I so bad at sealed deck tournaments?" - Read on to see the painful mistakes or just plain bad luck I have....

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Lorwyn Pre-release

Date: 29th Sept

Location: Royal National Hotel

Event: Pre-release

Type: Lorwyn Sealed Deck

Attending: [1] Just little old Me.


I was there nice and early again, at around 8:30am, and then stood for ages in a queue before arriving in Flight 2. I had a brief look through more cards as I waited (things seemed to be much slower in starting this time round), and once more I had brought cards to trade to get more duals and at least one Bird of Paradise.

John Avon was the artist in attendance today, and so I picked up some more unglued lands and got them signed, as well as purchasing one of his exclusive Lorwyn Swamp Japanese prints, and he later drew me an excellent 'scary tree' in a binder I bought to house my rares.


Later I traded some FS rares for a Hallowed Fountain, and stupidily kept onto others waiting for...I dont know, only to go back and find that the only BOP of the new design (I did'nt mind the Rav or Tenth edition version) had been sold. Muppet.

The Deck

When Flight 2 kicks off, and we settle into the huge amount of paperwork that is associated with a Pre-release.

My deck came together with plenty of removal and creature based damage in my chosen colours of Black and Red, including the Goblin Shock, and the excellent Shriekmaws (a Nekratal/Terror utility creature card) and to top it off, Nameless Inversions, a changling removal card. Add to this mana fixing with an on colour (Goblin) dual land, the counter lands and some graveyard retrival, I was very happy with the way it came together.

The Games

Game One

Both games were very good for me - excellent start, with control of my opponents creatures through burn and removal. Shriekmaw and the Changling Berserker came out very often (admitidly I had 2 x Shriekmaw) and I won both games quickly and without taking any damage at all!

Won: 2-0



Game Two

Played the scary bloke who looked like he was on day release from a mental asylum and had brought his own scissors, and he was not happy at all when I kept caning his creatures that came down. When I say all, I meant all except the Blind Giant that could not attack or block unless another Giant was nearby. I even helped him out by pointing out that the Changling that he just played was a giant (shortly before I removed it) and in my mind his sleepy eyed look glanced at his scissors as I won. Game two was just as efficient - Elemental Harbringer into Elemental Mana fixer into 5/3 Haste champion. Game over for the mentalist.....

Won 2-0

Game Three

I basically lost the match as my opponent was playing not one but two black Plainswalkers - the first game was lost as all my own creatures smashing my in the face, and the last game as I desperately tried to keep counters off of it by attacking it as often as I could. Hand destruction through the PW was very effective, and I had to play spells at non-oppurtune times or face losing them. The game that I won, I came out hard and fast, and the PW did see play, but literally just as I was finishing him off. Shame really as I was at the top table for this match...

Lost 2-1

Game Four

Had to play this game rather than drop, as I still could have made the 9 points I needed for 6 booster prize. I played a bloke who was next to me in an earlier match, where he had taunted his opponent with "I have played and beaten my opponent very quickly, my deck is very quick!" before he proceded to beat him very quickly 2-0.

Sadly, I could not beat him, as his deck was just as fast as mine, and some of my removal counted on creatures being non elves, and he played Elves and Kithkin. The game I did win was a perfect start, and by turn four I had a hasted 12/2 Trampler beating him round the head and mopped him up the next round. The last game I nearly had him again with my Nova Chaser (10/2 trampler), but just as I was about to attack him on the next round, he found his second plains, and dropped a 2/2 first striking lifegain, and then picked up the tempo to win. Bugger.

Lost 2-1

Sadly no winnings for my six points, and so I moved on to register for a draft. =(

The rest of the day

Booster Draft One

I played Red/White for Giants and Kithkin, but I wasnt very happy with my cards, although there were a few that gelled nicely. The main ones being Springjack Knight and the Red enchantment that produces 3/1 creatures when you clash.

My opponent however slaughtered me very quickly, and the only time I could really recover was when I was holding a Wild Ricochet and just when I thought I could hold it no longer and cast a creature to defend myself, he casts a Nameless Inversion on it. If I had held off, I could have swung the game by removing both of his bastard creatures....

Game two went just as badly for me. I then started to get even worse if that was possible, drawing nothing but land. My opponent was rushing off to join a 2HG, and rather than drag things out, and seeing as how he was a jolly nice chap, I conceeded. Checking my next few cards, it was definatly the best thing to do, and I moved on to Draft number 2.....


Booster Draft Two

Drafted a very nice Faerie deck in Blue and Black, with nearly every creature a flier. Excellent removal with Shriekmaw, Weed Strangle x 2, Fodder launch, as well as my blue faerie army having flash to enable the excellent Dreamspoiler witches (which I had 2 of) as yet more removal. Add to this my champion faerie (4/4) and the cheap 4/3 Ethereal Whiskergill, AND 2 x Wings of Velis Vel, I was a very happy bunny indeed.

[1] I stormed the first game - well, maybe storm is too strong of a word, perhaps a mild shower, as he strated out with control based merfolk that I could do nothing against until I started drawing the goodies I needed on turn 5 or so.

I then removed the controlling creatures with my Flash and Dreamspoiler combo, and won a few turns later.

[2] He starts straight into control once more, but with the Merfolk lord who could give any of his creatures pro from any colour, I couldnt get rid of anything. Life totals where equal at about 7 each after a few attacks from us both, but I just couldnt finish him off before he did finish me.

[3] I started off excellently, gained life, finished off creatures as soon as he laid them and romped in for the win.

.....and that was all folks! It was pumpkin time for me, and despite winning my first boosters for ages, I could not continue and left for the day.

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