Stuart's MTG Page, or more accurately entitled, "Why am I so bad at sealed deck tournaments?" - Read on to see the painful mistakes or just plain bad luck I have....

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2HG Booster Draft - Player Comments

This page details the pick list from the 2HG Booster Draft that happened in September 2007. Hopefully it will show how we are thinking as a player, choosing cards intelligently, and how a first pick from a pack can lead you to the eventual colours of your deck. Or it will simply show us to be the rare whores that we really are :p

We used different coloured sleeves to remember which of the cards selected where the first picks of the packs (rather than writing things down during the draft), then once the draft had finished, wrote them down.

First Pack Second Pack Third Pack

Did any of the cards above end up in your deck? All of them did. I did wonder about Underworld dreams and its heavy black commitment, but I never had it as a dead card in my hand, and I was playing slightly more black than red.

What colours did you play? Red (damage and creatures) Black (Removal and creatures)

Favourite card and why? Mogg Fanatic. He was always an early appearance in my hand, pinged when required, and I always managed to get him back again with my one graveyard returning card. He appeared in probably 4 if not all of the games.

Hindsight: See the write-up.

Rare-Whored anything nice? Green/White Pain land which Rob used during the game, and a Traumatize, which I got so over excited about, I forgot I was not playing Blue and went to put it in another deck before I was told (quite rightly) that if it isnt in my deck, its potential winnings. Both cards I took had no real effect on my deck in my opinion, but as I lost...who knows?

First Pack Second Pack Third Pack

Did any of the cards above end up in your deck? The two white cards did, I took the Cephalid so that no one else would use it against me.

What colours did you play? White and Green

Favourite card and why? Samite Healer - especially in the last game, he saved us at least 10 points of damage.

Hindsight: "Not sure I could have done anymore... "

First Pack Second Pack Third Pack

Did any of the cards above end up in your deck? The Assassin and Persuasion. Chris (my teammate) used the Angel.

What colours did you play? Black and Blue

Favourite card and why? Arcanis the Omnipotent - what is there not to like about drawing 3 cards?

Hindsight: "We are the Dogs Bollox, thats why we won."

First Pack Second Pack Third Pack

Did any of the cards above end up in your deck? All three. Forbidding Watchtower had the most impact, simply as it came out at the exact time we needed a good blocker as they had a Rootwalla to be a 4/4 threat every turn and the soldier could block it with no problems. The Angel I saw only once!

What colours did you play? White, Green & Red.

Favourite card and why? Civic Wayfinder. Came out in a lot of games, always helped me thin my land from my library and get land I needed. Combined with Treetop bracers (which always seemed to be the next card after Wayfinder) I could block their fliers and have him offensive when needed.

Hindsight: "It was a very good 2HG, just a bit frustrating at times for both teams due to wierd draw phases where one side would draw well while the other drew land. The game really could have gone either way."

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