Stuart's MTG Page, or more accurately entitled, "Why am I so bad at sealed deck tournaments?" - Read on to see the painful mistakes or just plain bad luck I have....

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Home 2HG Sealed Draft [6th]


Date: Sept 15th

Location: Stuarts House

Event: Draft

Type: 2HG

Attending: [4] Me, Mike, Chris & Rob


Sept 15th: We have made a slight change to the way we prepare for a 2HG now, and rather than take 7 (or 8) boosters worth of cards per team and then create two decks, we combined this with a draft, simply because the draft part is very good experience for everyone.

No-one knows which team they will be in until after the draft is completed, and no one communicates as normal for a draft. Seats for the draft are created randomly as before as well.

I am sure there are many reasons why you should not draft for a 2HG, but we have really enjoyed this change, and will continue to do so. It adds a level of experience to the game, exposes everyone to all the card pool (as I am probably the only one that consistantly knows the most about the cards available,) and end decks are more focused, which makes for better games.

Once teams are created, any cards that have been picked up that are not included in your deck, either through rare whoring or hate drafting can be used by your opponent if they are playing those colours. As normal, a team creates 2 decks with a combined total of 90 cards, and any other cards are put into the 'winnings' pile.

After the draft, we did the usual random team pairings, and it turned out to be Me & Rob vs Chris & Mike.


Despite 10th edition being the best so far of the core sets, and the cards within the set being a really good selection of creatures and spells, my first pack seemed to be utter tut. I went with a red tim, and quickly turned into Red/Black as removal and burn came flooding my way. I ended up with approx 9 burn/removal tricks, and was very happy with my deck, which included: Diabolic Tutor, Nekrataal, Whispersilk Cloak, Sudden Impact, Mogg Fanatic, and Underworld Dreams.

I like the analysis that I had done before on previous drafts, to show peoples thinkings in what card rates over another, and so this and info on their decks can be read here.


Game One

Our decks rolled out very nicely to start, with early creatures and an excellent mana curve, complimented with burn and removal from me. Mike was stuck on 2 blue mana and a fistful of cards that just begged to be Sudden Impacted, and so I gracefully gave him what he needed.

Chris held the side up as long as he could, but we rolled over evertything he could muster, and even when Mike started to draw land, it was not enough. They conceded with 14 life, but with only one or two creatures on their side of the table facing Robs army.

Result: 1-0

Game Two

This started pretty much the same as the last, with Mike stuck with having 3 mana this time despite adding more, shuffling for ages and having 19 land. Chris on the other hand has a mana flood, and they hold us off for a few timely rounds with a 2/2 first striker which is enchanted to become 4/4.

This is then met with Spitting Earth (added as winnings from the previous game :p) to their dismay, we then attacked a few more times, and a Lava Axe to their double headed dome finishes the game.

Result: 2-0

Game Three

Sage Owl out again for Mike, and this time his little feathered friend does the business and they follow up with excellent tempo and creature turnout.

Which we of course counter with Rob and I having crap draws and no mana. We graciously concede a turn before they would have smashed us to the ground.

Result: 2-1


Game Four

Mikes bomb in the form of a Royal Assassin comes out very quickly and the game crawls as our creatures build up while they lesuirely start to draw the cards they need. To help their defense Quicksand also comes down, and Robs Shroud beetle is the only thing that can attack.

I finally manage to burn the Assassin with a Spitting Earth, but our follow up attack for lethal damage is Holy Day'd!

We take a pounding through leaving ourselves open, and then Chris starts to lay more fliers, and they continue stronger than us and fly in for the win.

Result: 2-2


Game Five

Down to the wire for this one. We both are off to a good start and plenty of spells fly about - burn, removal, bounce and life totals fluctuate as attacks are made and life gain effects resolve.

Chris and Mike are drawing nothing but land, and as we build up an attacking force, I mention to Rob that maybe we should have attacked...

Then the obvious happens. Mike and Chris start drawing the cards they need, including slapping down Arcanis, and we both start to draw nothing but land.

I dont draw any one of the 6 burn/removal spells I know I still have in my deck, and they gain some more life, add some well timed creatures, and we just cant do the last 7 points of damage that we need.

Result: 2-3


I have started playing just a little too fast for my liking, and mistakes are starting to show. This is a perfect example - I thought about the attack at least one turn too late and miss the oppurtunity for the win. Oh well, roll on the next time.... :p

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