Stuart's MTG Page, or more accurately entitled, "Why am I so bad at sealed deck tournaments?" - Read on to see the painful mistakes or just plain bad luck I have....

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Future Sight Pre-release

Date: 21st April

Location: Royal National Hotel (North)

Event: Pre-release

Type: Future Sight Sealed Deck

Attending: [1] Me

I was there nice and early, around 8:30am, and after standing for ages in a queue, got myself into Flight 2. Had a brief look through some cards, but really wanted to trade the rares I had brought with me, including a Red/Black Dual to get more duals. I quickly settled for three duals and offloaded about 8 to 10 rares for them, and walked off happy.

The FS set was looking nice, and although the borders on some of the new cards looked a bit too 'off the wall' (I suppose they are trying to be futuristic...), there were some nice cards to be seen, and I was happy to see black got some specter loving with a 2/3 flier that could Exterpirate!


I had some not bad cards (although once more I had some shite rares) with Doppleganger the only saving grace. I had a lot of flying, and FS had some nice cheap fliers, along with weird morphs that could be morphed without paying the colour of the card (Whip Spine Drake) - who's complaining about a 3/3 flier on turn 4? Especialy when you dont have to pay double blue to play it.

Added to this I had a counter or two, some re-occuring suspend +2/+2 to target creatures, a little removal, and some cheap fat with suspend (Green 5/5 and Blue 4/4 flier) and via the Imperiosaur.



Game One Vs Matt, playing Black, Blue & Red.

I had an excellent start while he was stuck on black mana. He locked down one of my lands with an enchantment that causes loss of 2 life when you tap it, but I simply used the land rather than wait to drop bigger threats while he had nothing. I soon had fliers in the air, and dropped one of the three +2/+2 enchantments I had and was off. The only damage I took was from tapping the land.


The next game went a little better for him, getting a few early creatures out while I simply ramped up mana helped along by my slivers. The poisonous sliver went down, and soon I was getting close to killing him with that until he killed the sliver giving poison. I started Doppleganging my srcy bloke to curve my draw out, and soon I had a few more fliers and Doppleganged them as well to win. After the game I helped him go through his cards, and remove spells and make suggestions - he had 5 creatures and 16 spells!

Won: 2-0

Game Two

I did not record these games, but know from the scores that I won the frst game easily, and he did the same for the second game. The last was very close, and I was top decking furiously as I picked only land and could not do the last 3 damage I needed to win before he killed me. :(

Lost: 2-1

The rest of the day

As usual I was only there for the day until around 5pm, and as I wanted to get as much card games in as possible, I dropped from the main event - otherwise, if I won the next, I would have to wait again to see if I won the next after that to win anything. So in for a booster draft I went.

Booster Draft 1

Green and White where my colours (apart from grabbing a single Whip Drake as it went by), and once again I had tut for my rares that passed through my hands.

I ended up with 4 Virulent slivers, and a few fliers and did what I could. The first match I won 2-0, as my lads piled out in fine tempo in both games, while the second match, I lost 2-1, the last game being very tight as I was clearly winning in the last game, er...until he won obviously.

I won 2 boosters.


I still had my R/B dual, and after hunting around, I found someone to trade it with, who handily had the land I wanted. Woohoo! Got 4 dual lands in the end: 2 x Temple Gardens (G/W) a Hallowed Fountain (U/W) and a Breeding Pool (U/G) a jolly nice days work.

Some one was on the hunt for unopened FS boosters, and a bloke offered me 2 x Exterpirate's for 2 boosters, which I agreed and hunted him down as soon as the first booster draft prizes where in my hand.

I then offloaded 5 FS rares that I had picked up during the day for £5, and then used that £5 for a sketch from an artist in residence, all in all some nice trades :p

I bumped into Matt later (Bloke from game one) and he won another game after following my advice, and thanked me for my help. Which was nice.

Booster Draft 2

This was just too good to be true. I ended up in Black & White with 4 of the Deepcavern Imps opposite, Madness cards to go with them, 4 Whip Drakes, three 2/2 flying flankers.. and a partridge in a pear tree.

Not surprsingly I stomed the first game 2-0, and sadly, as the time was 5:15pm, I had to leave and so dropped, but I reckon I could have got 3 boosters (coming at least 2nd) easily with that deck. Oh well, maybe next time.


This draft was weird though, as one of the kids there was bagged cheating, judges swarmed round and removed him as he was found swapping cards he had through the day into his booster draft WHILE we where drafting the muppet.

New Frames

And although I am not sure about the new frames (some look better than others as the art feels 'cramped'), the full frame art is supurb!

There is one in every colour, and although Black comes last (imho), its tough to rank the others in any order!

I also saw the red one in foil, which looked amazing...

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