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Limited Rating: 1616 [Oct 2nd 2009]


Jan 30th: We went to the WorldWake Pre-release, and like Left for Dead's Survival mode, one of the team got points and 6 boosters in the main Flight, which everyone claims as a win for the team. I intend to finish off Chapter 11 of Castle White Rock, and write this up next.

Jan 26th: I have been checking all the pre-release ebay auctions, and bought a few sets of 4, I think £30ish in total, and most of this was on the Mythic Angels that are selling for around £10ea already (meaning I effectively paid for 2 and got 4).

Jan 22nd: With worldWake just around the corner (8 days and counting) I have been updating Brads madness website with the cards spoiled by Wizards themselves. Dave Kendal will be the artist in residence - I have a scary clown drawing from him that is jolly nice

Jan 1st: A new year, and a clean slate for all the pairings and tables. All scores are reset to zero once more. Good luck to all that play!


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Magic Spend

2010 Total - £20.00

Price increase again for Worldwake - At the Pre-release the Drafts are £12.50 (up from £12) and the Main Event £21.00 (up from £20).

July: £x0.00

  • £x0.00 - M11 Pre-release (Main event)

Feb to June: £20.00

  • £20.00? - A few boosters or so? I dont think I have spent much at all on Magic in the last few months and we have not played any drafts for a good while now. I did buy one of the pre-con packs to get a Student of Warfare though.

January: £x0.00

  • £x0.00 - Worldwake Pre-release (Main event)
  • £00.00 - Folders and Sketches. (Prices offset by selling cards at pre-release)


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