Official Events: 9 [48 Official Events in total]

  • 5 x Booster Drafts: 2 x CON, 3x M10
  • 3 x Pre-release tournaments: CON; M10; ZEN
  • 0 x Release Tournaments:
  • 1 x 2HG: CON

Best Event results: 1st! [ZEN]
Best Booster Draft: CON & M10 Came 2nd in both
[20] - 5 x CON; 3 x M10; 12 x ZEN
Limited Rating: 1616 [Oct 2nd]


New Years Eve: Played a booster draft with Chris yesterday, a M10 and Zendikar mix. We had a poor few packs to be honest, but had a good few games with some of the Zendikar Traps kicking off to good effect with someone winning 5 games to 2 despite it being 2 all at one point. Expect the writeup within the next month or so.

Oh, and those sneaky Wizards of the Coast boys are at it again - that link will take you to the Extended list, but when you hover over the images of the restricted cards, guess what happens? Yes, you get an image of the card appear. Back in August this year I said about the way they had changed the way they reported their games with borders and images, then this?

Oh, and anyone that points out that I nicked the image rollover idea from another magic website clearly doesnt know what they are talking about.

Happy Magic new year!

December 29th: Bought a couple of more cards (two more M10 lands and 2 Meddling Mages) for my Extended Bant deck, so now all done this year for my magic spendup. My total for the year is within one booster pack of the £500 mark, but does not exceed it despite the price increase. Huzzah!

Not a bad year at all for my ratings, with 20 boosters won, this matches my 2006 season even playing one match less, 9 versus 10 in 2006.

December 21st: Well the Card Kitty batch for Christmas has finished, and I was very happy to get myself not one, but two cards! I did have a budget of £20 in mind, and wanted one of the Dual Lands, specifically the Glacial Fortress as it looked the best, more to do with the fact that the borders had more colour - light blue and white.

Trouble is, with a budget, the order of things meant that you either commited to one thing or the other and the GF was one of the last lands and already had strong bids up to £16 an hour before it ended. So, I stayed up watching the Anime lands, like the one below. This was at around $25 with a few minutes to go, then in the last 2 minutes it gets a few bids and ends at $41, around £25.


The next 4 or 5 of them all hit arround this much, except this next one, which shot up to $78 or £49, and finished only $10 or so less than a borderless Baneslayer Angel did!


Anyway, on to my cards. I picked up a Breeding Pool (for my Bant deck) and a Bitter Blossom (Fairies) for the brilliant prices of £25 for the pair. Yes yes, this is just over my budget but still, look at them!



Then, I get an email to say we liked your bid and I have another GF if you want one....which I sadly had to turn down. Obviously I did think about it, but with my sensible Santa hat on I emailed him back and turned down his second chance offer of $29.50.

Another time perhaps!

I doubt I will post again before Chrimble, so to anyone else stumbling upon my random updates and magic related musings, Happy Christmas, and may Santa bring you all the cards you need and even ones you dont as all they are doing are replacing the pimped up ones that you already have.


December 19th: Ooo its nearly christmas, and the Geese are getting fat and Santa has a sack brimming with Magic cards. I have some cards that I have bought as pressies, and its possible that Santa may be bringing me this, which I jolly well hope is true :p


This is the work of Card Kitty, a pair of Canadian artists who altar Magic Cards. I am sure I have spoken about them before, but if not, it was very remiss of me. Take a look at their have simple changes such as the removal of the border - and yes I know the word 'simple' does not cover things but you know what I mean. The Textless alter, the Frameless alter, the Partial alter and lastly the Anime alter for young boys everywhere.

They have a few tasty ones (all expensive cards like a Baneslayer and dual lands obviously) in the run up to Christmas that end today and I have bid on some before, but never given them the credit they deserve. I hope to bag one tonight though, as they have more than 4 that will pimp my old Bant deck just nice thankyou very much, and if Sanata does bring me a BoP, then my deck will be on its way to being the bling motherfucker of pimpness.

Stay tuned for me crowing how wonderful I am if I do manage to bag one though...

The World Wake spoliers are slowly starting, MTG Salvation has 4 so far, one being a new Jace Planeswalker, and one a new variatant on a dual land, which is very nice (said in a Borat voice) as it is a dual, or a Blue/White Serra Angel when you need one.


Some days in between the above and below dates: Bought some magic cards from ebay, and accidently bought a Lotus Cobra that I got for £10 instead of its normal £18. Add to this the DCI versions of the Vampire wassnames (the 2/3 flyer with lifelink and Deathtouch) for no other fact other than because they are shiney. Plus some other DCI cards that may be used as presents so I cant say what they are yet, or if I feel akin to the Grinch, ones I may keep myself.

Bah Humbug......

On another day Chris came round with a new deck and played against my new Soldier deck, which performed magnificently through 10 or so games versus two of Chris's decks. Winnah = moi!

November 16th: Its was Mikes birthday and as I bought him a few packs of Zendikar we had a single booster game where you open a pack without looking at the cards, add 2 of each land and shuffle. You play with 20 life and seven card hand and each land has land cycle for 2 mana on it. I had a nice few cards, but Mikes pack was supurb, with 3 pieces of removal and a few fliers as well as some nice fatties. I obviously put up a brave struggle but was smashed dead. He was happy with his Vampire lady and the Mythic Angel as rares, so all was good!

November 9th: Had a few games with my new Vampire deck which Chris hates already because it 'has too much removal'. As far as I am concerned, those are words that cannot be put into the same sentence! Having a lot of fun with my old 'Bant' deck made during Ravnica that used the blue Knights that are like Telling time and the White Spirits that are unblockable and give life. I added the Bant lady BOPs and as my soldier deck does not have any room for non soldiers, it got my two Baneslayer Angels. Nice!

The September 19th 2HG is now up, I accidently forgot to finish it off as I started on Chapter Nine of the Castle White Rock chapters, which I then lost and then had to type it all up again. Quite.

October 29th: Got all the cards from my auctions, very happy too. I worked out that overall I saved around £10 by buying stuff in pre-release - this is obviously luck, I lost some money on some cards, while gaining it on others - I think I paid £11 for 4 x Bloodghasts that are around £5ea for instance. Zendiakr really was a money set though so its all good.

There was a thread on mtgsalvation about peoples fetch land count, so here is mine based on boosters.

Pre-release tournament 6 boosters - 1 x Fetch
Winnings - 12 Boosters - 1 x Fetch
4 Packs from a fresh box - 1 x Fetch
Fatpack - 1 x Fetch

...not too shabby, the first two I traded for Plainswalkers at the pre-release, while the last two are colours I play so will keep.

I am still working on the 19th September 2HG, nearly done now - I really did make more work for myself by adding those card images in! Myself and Mike also played a Zendikar draft using the cards from my Fatpack - better than simply opening them thats for sure. Plus it added a different twist to the draft as we didnt have to take cards due to money or adding to another deck that really needed it. Some nice games where played and it was the closest 2 player draft we have had I think....I will be swapping back to the Castle White Rock writeups though, working on Chapter 9, entitled "Hop, Skip and Chunk" before I get round to this. Sorry!

October 13th: The Match between myself and Mike is now up. Scroll down to the events for more info. Still waiting on all my Vampires from the pre-release auctions sadly - its been more than a week but the postal strike is really pissing theings up. I did get the other two Vampire Nocturnus (Nocturni?) that I ordered though.

October 5th: The Zendikar Pre-release write-up is posted now.

September 30th: The Zendikar pre-release happened at the weekend, and we all did very well indeed. I will be starting a writeup after I have finished Chapter 8 of the Castle White Rock session. I got some more Textless cards, I will upload those later as I forgot one of them, and was pleased with the other.

Wizards are releasing foil boosters in Jan next year, covering the whole 500+ cards of the Shards block, but at a gut busting $12 - expect them to be £8+? here. They have not said whether the breakdown is a normal pack (ie 1 Rare/Mythic, 3 Uncommons, 10 Common and a Land), but read the MTGSalvation thread about it, they will find out soon I reckon.

Oh, we had the 2HG M10 game as well, the pairings was myself and Rob vs Mike and Keith - some good games were had, as well as some one sided ones. Again, I expect to get to this soon.

September 17th: The days draw closer to the 2HG we have planned this weekend, as well as the new Zendikar pre-release. I have already bought some Vampires on pre-order, such as the Gatekeeper as well as some of the Rare non fetch lands in Black and White. Will they be the equivalent of the Hideaways or something else? I am not bothered too much as I only spent around £12 for 4 of each of them.

Did you see that? What do you think of it? Extra work for me obviously, but I love the effect. Ooooo Vampires, Vampires, Vampires....ahem. I have applied it to the write up for the recent 2HG game we did at Camping, which you can read all about here.

Anyway. Sadly it looks like Saturdays arranged game is just a normal 2HG with 4 players and not 6, but maybe another time we can get it arranged properly with no late dropouts. I bought all the cards yesterday, so ready to start the day!

The visual spoiler for the upcoming Zendiakr release continues here, with Uncommon Duals and a Lotus Snake based on the landfall mechanic. The pre-release is a huge fat green card called Rampaging Baloths, which along with some of the other green released recently, makes me seriously consider wanting to create a Green deck.

September 8th: Zendikar spoilers starting to roll along, MTGSalvation has 75 cards to date - how about this for instance:

Iona, shield of Emeria 6WWW; Legendary creature - Angel


As Iona, shield of emeria enters the battlefield chose a color. Your opponents can't play spells of the chosen color.


Have a look here - a new spectre for me, and a Planeswalker for Chris, should he continue to play obviously.....

September 7th: Having a good few pretend drafts here with these modifications:

  • click More Options
  • untick Default Options
  • change Number of players to 6
  • change Boosters to 4

Very helpful indeed - there are some card choices where you fail obviously, and some directions that you would not normally take. I tried to stick as close to my normal drafting, ie not passing certain cards.....ok rare whoring... and although you dont get to play with your draft, you can check the other players cards, as well as get a % score.

Only once in 10 or so drafts have I beaten the others, coming a respectable 2nd with 106%. Still doing a couple a day though, as it is helpful.

September 6th: Missed the Planechase pre-release, but at a score a box for cards that are not from the standard card pool, although with 10 lush looking global enchantment type cards, I think I will pass for the moment.

August 27th: The bitch fight that took place on the 2nd August is now up, an epic battle between Me Chris and Mike. Check the 2009 Tournament listings below.

Click the link for a full pictorial spoiler list of the Planechase lands by set. There are 4 sets all to gether to 'collect' - Elemental Thunder, Metallic Dreams, Strike Force and Zombie Empire.

August 25th: More Planechase spoilers from the Wizard site, and although the decks are spread across the sets dating back a good few years, the artwork on the Planechase cards is simply stunning:


I think they missed a trick though - they should have put a basic mana symbol on there so that people could use them as basic lands for all the freaks like me that like to pimp their decks. Then, you could get people creating a deck of a few colours and using 10 Planechase lands that corrispond with the mana colours of their deck....I know what I mean anyway.

The pre-release event for these starts at 12pm on Sat 5th September. More details here, and the Zendikar pre-release date is the 26th September. Busy busy month as we are also trying to get a 3 way 2HG match going for the 19th!

And lastly, more lovely Zendikar land....*feels all gooey and moist inside*


August 12th: On the Wizards site today browsing for info on the Planechase set when I saw some articles on the new lands from the upcoming set Zendikar, which look just beautiful!

A massive land whore, unglued lands in normal packs just gets me moist......well, very happy anyway. Well done WotC!

Based on this quote: "Ah! But what if you get your lands from a Zendikar booster pack or the fat pack? Well, then you'll get lands that look more like these!" - they are in boosters and fatpacks only. The Intro packs will (confusingly) have the normal land.



While at the WotC Magic page, I also noticed a few things about the way they have written their reports:


See that? You cant? The words 'The Cards'? In a border? Not enough for you? Well how about this then:


The words 'Game 3' bordered, info written on the game played with a picture - maybe not a card of relevance, but the image of the card instead, and then the score clearly written for all to see. Its my format! Copied for all to see and used by Wizards of the Coast by their writters! Alright, enough of the indignant talk........I am chuffed :)

Immatation is the greatest form of flattery after all....

August 6th: Just a quick thing to say that I like M10 alot. I think that they made a very good choice going with black borders back in Tenth edition along with some good card choices, and M10 has continued in that light, this time adding new cards to the mix, as well as the Mythic rares.

The card count has suffered by 60? or so cards (down from 300+ to 250), but you know that they would have been filler anyway, and so like Tenth, it gets my thumbs up.

August 2nd: Played a last minute free for all with Chris and Mike. An epic Bitch fight between the three people who think they are the best and have the sassy bitch talking to prove it. The writeup is on its way....

July 31st: Doh! I had uploaded the 2HG that myself, Chris, Keith and Mike played, but forgot to say it was up. The link below worked, but I did not announce anything. So, its here if you fancy a read...

July 19th: Pre-release M10 writeup is now up, and going through some of the older pages to remove any black text (which means the CSS script is not applied.)

July 17th: Plenty of updates as I go back over a few of the older pages to check - seems my changing of CSS scripts meant that I broke some of the formatting. I changed a few other things for reasons of aesthetics, and tidied a few other bits including the year roll ups for all the years.

July 16th: Went to the M10 pre-release, and although a very poor turnout, enjoyed it. I did as rubbish as I normally do, but who expects any better. Plenty of rules changes, and rather than post them all over again, check Brad's site - I posted them all there.

Should be playing a M10 2HG on Saturday as well, so I expect that to be up and ready for your reading enjoyment within the next week or so.

And finally, I got some more textless cards in the post:


May 26th: And the write-up for Alara reborn is now up. Click the last tournament link above, or scroll down to the Last Tournament below.

April 24th: The day before the Alara Reborn Pre-release, and all is well. The set is shaping up to be very good indeed and has some fantastic looking cards. All multicolour, and quite a high power level (not like the horrible Eventide). The Pre-release card is not too shabby as well....

Some links - Magic the Gathering Offical Visual Spoiler; Full Spoiler list; and Intro Deck contents lists.

And finally added the 3 way Shards / Conflux Booster Draft battle between myself Chris and Mike that took place a month ago on 14th March. You can read that and how and why we took the card choices we did here.

April xxth: Got my 3 Player Reward cards! Very happy with them, especially as I got my 20 pointer, Cryptic Command:


March 30th: The next writeup is up - the match between myself and Chris that happened on the 15th Feb.

Alara Reborn is the next set, and the Pre-release is due 25th April 2009. Check the spoilers here; and a new mechanic is spoiled:

Double Cast (When you play this spell, reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a nonland card with lesser converted mana cost than this spell. You may play that card without paying its mana cost. Then put all revealed cards still in your library on the bottom of your library at random order.)

March 17th: The first of mine and Chris's battles is up - the one that took place on Valentines day....ah bless. I hope to have the next one up shortly.

March 14th: Another booster draft, this time a threeway between me, Chris and Mike. We played 5 packs of Shards and Conflux and good job we did as the packs where in quite a few cases seemingly identical and full of rubbish. Writeup to follow soon as I can get it done...

March 12th: Finished the new look of the site, very pleased with it if I do say so myself, as well as posting (finally!) the very long writeup for the Conflux Pre-release. See below for details and its the first time I have written more than a page; probably becasue I did alright and stayed until around 10pm.

I have 2 more writeups to do, battles between myself and Chris which now that I have the site design out of the way I should complete a lot quicker.

I have also added a new link to the Magic Game Plan website - with Shards and Conflux detailed draft and card breakdowns, it looks a good read...

February 15th: Not content with one Conflux draft in a weekend, we go for a second, taking packs from our newly purchased Fat packs.

February 14th: What better way to say I love you than to spend the day playing a booster draft with your mate while your missus goes out. Read all about the draft between Chris and I here.

January xxth: Went to the Conflux pre-release with Keith, and joined later in the day by Chris and Mike. You can read all about it, as well as seeing my excellent sketches (yeah yeah, still going on about them) in the write up, here.

Febuary 15th: Not content with one Conflux draft in a weekend, we go for a second, taking packs from our newly purchased Fat packs.

Febuary 14th: What better way to say I love you than to spend the day playing a booster draft with your mate while your missus goes out. Read all about the draft between Chris and I here.

January xxth: Went to the Conflux pre-release with Keith, and joined later in the day by Chris and Mike. You can read all about it, as well as seeing my excellent sketches (yeah yeah, still going on about them) in the write up, here.

2009 Tournaments

Please click on the cards below to take you to the write up of the days events.

Pre-release: Zendikar

Sep 19th: M10 2HG

Sep 18th: Booster vs Mike



Aug 29th: Camping M10

Aug 2nd: Bitch Fight

July 18th: M10 2HG



Pre-Release: M10

Pre-release: Alara Reborn

Mar 15th: Booster



Feb 15th: Booster vs Chris

Feb 14th: Booster vs Chris

Pre-release: Conflux



Magic Spend

2009 Total - £498.00

Not helped by the huge increase in price across the range in Jan 09. With boosters up by a £1.00 to £3.50 my costs obviously go up. Add to this the fact that the Pre-release event prices have creeped up accordingly to £20 and £10. Then when Zendikar arrived, the booster draft went up again to £12. This time last year drafts were £7.50...

December: £67.00

  • £67.00 - Ebay again, more Presents, Card Kitty (Breeding Pool and Bitterblossom), 2 x Sunpetal Groves, 2 x Meddling Mage and DCI playsets of Path to Exile; Oblivion Ring and Vampire Nighthawks.

November: £30.00

  • £30.00 - Various magic cards as presents and a Lotus Cobra.

October: £55.00

  • £15.00 - Unsorted Zendikar Sets: 2 x Common and 1 x Uncommon.
  • £40.00 - Fatpack and 4 x boosters.

September: £51.00

  • £-15.00 - Zendikar Pre-release. Sold £50 of cards, Paid for Event, Sketch and odd cards and still had cash left.
  • £26.00 - M10 Drafts. One with Mike on 18th, one for 2HG.
  • £10.00 - Ebay (2 x Vamp Nocturus, 1 x Solider)
  • £30.00 - Pre-release Zendikar ebay auctions! Not even release day and I have spent £30 already. I hope to sell a few cards to offset the pre-release though.

August: £50.00

  • £10.00 - Camping. Got a few packs of M10 for my birthday, and needed another pack for a draft. Plus bough a few others to open.
  • £40.00 - Not sure, but probably this much or maybe more. I bought a Fatpack, and probably a few other packs - I have been good though and normally buying stuff for drafts only now, rather than packs to open.

July: £48.00

  • £13.00 - 2HG draft.
  • £35.00 - M10 Pre-release, Folder and Sketches. (Prices offset by selling cards at pre-release)

April: £35.00

  • £35.00 - Alara Pre-release, Folders and Sketches. (Prices offset by selling cards at pre-release)

March: £38.00

  • £18.00 - Draft with Mike and Chris
  • £20.00 - Uncommon and Common sets from Dave

February: £75.00

  • £22.00 - Fat Pack (Lee also bought me one which I drafted with Chris)
  • £20.00 - Draft with Chris plus a couple of extra packs.
  • £33.00 - Ebay Rare buys

January: £50.00

  • £50.00 - Conflux Pre-release (Main, 2 x booster, 1 x 2HG)
  • £00.00 - Folders and Sketches. (Prices offset by selling cards at pre-release)


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